Was the Royal Wedding of William and Kate worth watching?

         Everyone I know curiously watched the Royal Wedding but no one ever said why.  It made me wonder why.  I have thought of several reasons:

  1. To witness something that will be part of history 
  2. To have something to critic about
  3. Use it as a model for their own wedding
  4. Just watch in admiration a wedding only royalties can have and how grand it could be
        Because I didn't want to be left out, I watched it too from a YouTube video coverage.  It wasn't as grand as I imagined.  But I really liked it.  It was very solemn and pure.  For me, it was similar to all other weddings except for the audience and choir size perhaps and the exit by carriage.  It was simple and beautiful just as weddings are suppose to be.  It is the taking of the vow that matters in a  wedding and that should always be the climax of the event.  

        Kate's gown was simple yet elegant (surprisingly costs  £250,000).  Though many could critic that she could have dressed more in order not to be outshone.  I personally believe that a bride is special on her wedding day because the event was prepared for her and not because she has to win a fashion contest.  
       It made me wonder though was it due to their tradition that they did not kiss publicly at the church?  Instead they did it at the balcony after.  I noticed that Prince William event blushed at the first kiss.  If you watched the wedding at the church and missed this out.  Here is the video.