Girlstuff Nail Polish Bar: Trying Nina on My Nails Do-It-Yourself (DIY) style

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I'm kind of a late bloomer.  Despite being in my late twenties, you could equate me to teenage girl in terms of beautification.  I have to confess that I have no knowledge in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) nail art so I usually seek professional help to get my nails done and it is quite costly.

girlstuff nail polish bar

Recently, I stumbled in a booth with lots of women (to my surprise not girls) gathering with excitement over "Girl Stuff Nail Polish Bar".  Being shy I waited for the booth to clear up a bit and glanced over their craze worthy products.  The nail.polish variants are neatly organized into different colors and shades.  The staff was as enthusiastic as I was as she explained to me the different types of nail polishes they had available which were imported from France.  She also added that they were non-toxic.

girlstuff nail polish bar

girlstuff nail polish bar
According to the label, Girlstuff Nail Polish are  formaldehyde free, toluene free, DBP free, quick-dry (proven by my experience), streak free (yup! easy to use even for beginners like me) and durable.

girlstuff nail polish bar
So here are the items which I got. Since we are five women in the family, I got enough for all of us.  I'll try to share them with you as I get to try them. =)

girlstuff nail polish bar nina
Nina on my fingers
I love Nina!  The color and sparkles of its glitter looks really good on my light colored skin.  I've been taking care of my nails and so far its been two weeks and it's still in good condition.  It seems durable as promised!  Will check if it causes no yellow soon too. 
girlstuff nail polish bar nina
Nina on my toes
Here's Nina on my toes. Pardon the crude application.  I honestly had a hard time! >.<   I'll probably get used to it more when I apply the other colors. 

Girlstuff Nail Polish Bar
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Girlstuff Nail Polish Bar
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Also available at:
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The Moon That Embraces The Sun: My Korean Drama Review and Favorite OST

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It's been awhile seen I watched a Korean drama again.  I discovered "The Moon That Embraces The Sun" through its OST Back In Time by Lyn on You Tube.  "The Moon That Embraces The Sun" or "The Sun and the Moon" (해를 품은 달 / Haereul Poomeun Dal) is a 20 episode drama shown on MBC.  It is based on a novel with the same title.  It has a romance and fantasy genre. 

The revolves around the two casts Lee Hwon, a fictional king of Joseon, and Wol, a female shaman.  Yes, there's a shaman, magic spells and poison but I like how the fantasy part doesn't appear to superficial for the plot.  You can still feel a sense of realism through the emotions and twists in the story.  The two accidentally met, perhaps by fate symbolized by a yellow butterfly, during their childhood when Lee Hwon was trying to escape to see his brother.  But jealous enemies made Wol forget her real identity as Heo Yeon Woo, the daughter of a noble family.  The story relayed how powerful love and longing could be.  And, it also displayed values such as sacrifice and forgiveness.  I sensed that there were too many unnecessary deaths though.  

The 15 year old Lee Hwon was excellently played by Yeo Jin Goo while the 13 year old Heo Yeon Woo was also well-played by Kim Yoo-jung.  I really loved the chemistry between the young artists during the early episodes of the show.  They also appear during flash backs too which makes the unfolding of the series a bit more interesting. 

Most of the story too place when they two are reunited as adults.  Kim Soo Hyun was the perfect cast for Lee Hwon.  He did a great job as Song Sam Dong in Dream High but he acted better here.  He also looks better too.  It appears that the clean cut and everything soothes him.  They couldn't have chosen a better actress for Wol's character other than Han Ga In too.  I really liked her since I've seen her in "Super Rookie", "Witch Ma" and on one of my favorites Korean Movies about first love of all time, "Architecture 101" .  Hmm... I wonder if its because the story is about royalty, but all characters are good-looking in this series.  

Check out this OST of Back in Time 시간을 거슬러 by Lyn

Aside from the excellent casts and plot, the  music is captivating with meaningful lyrics too. 

 Back in Time by Lyn Korean and Romanized Lyrics

구름에 빛은 흐려지고

gureume bicheun heuryeojigo

창가에 요란히 내리는

changgae yoranhi naerineun

빗물소리 만큼 시린 기억들이

bitmulsori mankeum sirin gieokdeuri

내 마음 붙잡고 있는데

nae maeum butjapgo inneunde

갈수록 짙어져간

galsurok jiteojyeogan

그리움에 잠겨

geuriume jamgyeo

시간을 거슬러 갈순 없나요

siganeul geoseulleo galsun eomnayo

그 때처럼만 그대 날 안아주면

geu ttaecheoreomman geudae nal anajumyeon

괜찮을텐데 이젠

gwaenchanheultende ijen

젖어든 빗길을 따라가

jeojeodeun bitgireul ttaraga

함께한 추억을 돌아봐

hamkkehan chueogeul dorabwa

흐려진 빗물에 떠오른 그대가

heuryeojin bitmure tteooreun geudaega

내 눈물 속에서 차올라와

nae nunmul sogeseo chaollawa

갈수록 짙어져간

galsurok jiteojyeogan

그리움에 잠겨

geuriume jamgyeo

시간을 거슬러 갈순 없나요

siganeul geoseulleo galsun eomnayo

그 때처럼만 그대 날 안아주면

geu ttaecheoreomman geudae nal anajumyeon

괜찮을텐데 이젠

gwaenchanheultende ijen

흩어져가, 나와 있어주던 그 시간도 그 모습도

heuteojyeoga, nawa isseojudeon geu sigando geu moseupdo

다시 그 때처럼만 그대를 안아서

dasi geu ttaecheoreomman geudaereul anaseo

시간을 거슬러 갈수 없나요

siganeul geoseulleo galsu eomnayo

한번이라도 마지막일지라도

hanbeonirado majimagiljirado



Back in Time by Lyn English Translation Lyrics

As the light dims by the clouds

The memories that are as cold as the raindrops that are pounding down the window

Are grabbing onto my heart

*Sunk in the longing that gets heavier as time passes

Can I travel back time?

If you hug me just like you did before

Then I will be better

I follow the wet and rainy road

And look back to our memories

The blurry rain reminds me of you

And you fill up in my tears


It scatters – the times you were with me, the memories you were with me

Can I travel back time and hug you just like before?

Just for once, even if it’s last

I’ll be better

Overall, "The Moon That Embraces The Sun" is a must watch!

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler: My Book Review and Reflection (Spoiler Alert)

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I'm obviously not much of a book reader.  But my book worm little sister has eagerly suggested that I read Daniel Handler's book called "Why We Broke Up".

I'm obviously beyond that target reader of this book.  The pictures and the language indicates that it is for leisurely reading among young teenagers.  But, it involved a bit about sex too.

I begins with the main cast Min writing a letter to her ex Ed.  The writing style is quite unique because she repeatedly tells him the reasons why they broke up us the story unfolds.  Her letter which states "Ed. I'm writing this letter, the whole truth of why it happened. And the truth is that I goddamn loved you so much." is already a foreshadowing.  You already know from the start that she will end up with a heartbreak and that she really loved her ex.  But, the questions is how and why did they break up?

I've always believed that people enjoy reading stories that they could relate too.  Of course, they are the ones that move us the most and thus, they are more memorable than the rest.  I also think that you could  tell the personality, experiences and beliefs of a person based on their favorites, whether its music, books or movies.  So, this book is all about first love.  I'm sure it's a pretty common experience for most of us.  The casts are around the age of 15.  I must admit, I've had almost the same experience at that age too.

Everyone has their own interpretation so here's mine.  I've taken note of the time Min mentioned the reasons for their break up:
  • "You know I want to be a director, but you could never truly see the movies in my head and that, Ed, is why we broke up." - Min has a different world and dream from Ed.  And, even if Ed is for the moment excited to enter her world, in reality, they don't really belong together.
  • "I was a good guest, Ed, and you didn’t even say bitter birthday to your host and give a present, and that is why we broke up." - Min and Ed are opposites in terms of attitudes, personality and they also have different set of friends.
  • " I gave you an adventure, Ed, right in front of you but you never saw it until I showed you, and that’s why we broke up." - They see things in a different perspective.
  • "Up in smoke I wanted everything, up in smoke I wanted you, although in a movie that wouldn’t work, even, too many effects, too showy for how tiny and bad I felt.  Cut that fire from the film, no matter how much I watch it in dailies. But I want it anyway, Ed, I want what can’t possibly happen, and that is why we broke up." - Deep inside she was unhappy and uncontented but she tried to fool herself as she dreams and hopes for more by lighting each match.
  • "Undeveloped, the whole thing, tossed into a box before we really had a chance to know what we had, and that’s why we broke up." - Their adventure was fun and exciting at first but they couldn't continue to grow together and finish what they started.
  • "I'd ruin any day, all my days, for those long nights with you, and I did. But that's why right there it was doomed. We couldn't only have the magic nights buzzing through the wires.  We had to have the days, too, the bright impatient days spoiling everything with their unavoidable schedules, their mandatory times that don’t overlap, their loyal friends who don’t get along, the unforgiven travesties torn from the wall no matter what promises are uttered past midnight, and that’s why we broke up." - Although there were wonderful moments during their relationship which made her want to hold on, in reality it was also very destructive to both of them.
  • "We weren’t going to sneak off to the movies instead, just talk anywhere, someplace else. Not the co-captain, not that night, not with me the new girlfriend, and that’s why we broke up." - Min didn't have the same passion as Ed in terms of football as Ed didn't feel that same about Min's passion for movies.  
  • "Like fate, was the feeling I had as I stood beaming breathless in the shop with this in my hands. Now, of course I see it differently, that it was not fate but fatal, fatal and wrong that we read the recipe and got excited and I shared with you all my dreamy plans. Outside it cleared up, as sudden and magic as a vampiric Portuguese sunrise with plumed birds and harps on the sound track. It didn’t last, it wasn’t clear for much longer, and that’s why we broke up, but when I close this book to give it to you, I don’t think about that, just us holding the book in our hands to buy it and take it here with us, because damn it Ed, that’s not why we broke up. I love it, I miss it, I hate to give it back to you, this complicated thing, it’s why we stayed together." - This is the only quote in the book which she mentioned that "is" and  "is not" the reason for their break up.  She didn't exactly describe it as love because now that they've broken up, she's uncertain what it was.  It made her too excited, happy and and hopeful that she could not distinguish what is real.  Soon, the illusion faded and she got hurt.  But, she didn't want to remember the pains and instead she wanted a nice closure between them with the good memories and the feelings they had then which made them stay together in the first place. 
  • "I thought it was one thing but it was the other, it was zero zero zero alone on the bus, while you slept in the room I had to leave, and that’s why we broke up." - Min was lied to and driven away by Ed's sister and Ed has failed to comfort and accompany her.  
  • "Beautiful she was, beautiful in the rain and her clothing. The file clanked against me,my stupid idea nobody would have gotten had I ever done it. You even wouldn’t have gotten it, Ed, I thought, watching her go. It’s why we broke up,so here it is. Ed, how could you" - This is a literal clue in the story of why they broke up.
  •  "You took my hand and you said you’d take care, you said it, Ed, of everything. You said you’d already found an extraordinary place, and I believed you. I believed you because look at this water, bottled in a place that sounds made up, the odd icons on the label, the way it tasted like nothing, but some kind of better nothing. What does it mean? Where does something like this come from? How can you find it ever again, just what you wanted at just the right time? Never, probably. It’s empty and nothing now, I don’t even know why I kept it, and I’ll keep it no more. It’s why we broke up, Ed, a small thing that’s disappeared or maybe was never really in my hands in the first place" - Boys and their empty promises.  Sadly, I've had a lot of these too =(
  • “'I love you too,' I remember saying, so it must have been a reply, you must have said it first, but even now, looking at this shirt, I try not to think or picture anything at all. I wore this, Ed, is what I think, like shelter and skin, that night alone on the roof of the garage. The bed felt too empty to sleep, so I was out in the night lighting some of those matches, Mayakovsky’s Dream feeling decades ago, the tiny fires dying out in the wind as soon as they left my hands. Cold, for no reason. Hot, for no reason. Smiling, crying, nothing at all, this shirt my only company that night and so many nights after. I wore it, this careless thing you don’t even remember giving to me from your bag.It wasn’t a gift, this thing I’m returning. It was barely a gesture, almost forgotten already, this thing I wore like it was dear to me. And it was. No wonder we broke up." - Min was disappointed and regretting that she gave it all to Ed who probably doesn't or won't even realize it.
  • "Our sketches are messy, but Al and I can read it, can picture it moving forward. The NewYear will make me feel, I don’t know, like those huddled happys at the large wooden table, not my favorite movie but one that’s got something, according to me. You wouldn’t like it. Why we broke up is that you’ll never see it, never a picture like that. The tremble of the soup pots, that crazy bird that pecks at the seeds in the saucer, the way the love interest sneaks up on you, several scenes before you even know for sure he’s in the story. Shutting the box with a wooden shuffle, exhaling like a truck pulling to a stop, thunking it to you with a Desperada gesture. I’ll feel that way soon, any sec now, friends or loved or content or what not. I can see it. I can see it smiling. I’m telling you, Ed, I’m telling Al now, I have a feeling." - The future for Min after the break up seemed hopeful.  As one part of her life ends, another begins.  Although it is uncertain, she is moving towards her dream.  It is a dream that Ed would never want or understand.  It's also a hint that her close friend Al who is in the friendzone could move out of it...
I actually enjoyed the book because it reminds me how I was when I was a teenager.  As a young girl, being with someone who is different from me seemed exciting.  I was so happy every time he gave and took them as a romantic gesture and a proof of love when in fact it was a clear indication of incompatibility. As logically one can expect though, it wasn't long until he got tired of it and felt suffocated and everything went downhill from there.

Since the book was through Min's perspective, we could see how she was depicting Ed to be perfect when in reality he wasn't.  She was all-praise for Ed in terms of his popularity and equated herself lowly as compared to him.  And, she always says that Al is a good, good person but never considered him.  I see this as the common application of "people dating who they think they deserve".  The good and special Al seemed to be too good for Min so she goes for Ed who is a jerk.  Recently, I've just learned that the "people dating who they think they deserve" stupid and flawed.  Since what's perfect for one is different for another, then there's no proper gauge of what's too good or bad for us.  It all boils down to compatibility.  We shouldn't go into a relationship if we cannot accept the person entirely and hope or take on it as a challenge to make them compatible for us.  So basically, girls end up with jerks because they either learn this too late or it just so happens that it's usually the wrong guy who steps up first. 
It was also clear that her close friend Al, whom she never took notice of, loves her and even their friends could see it but she couldn't.  As I was reading their interaction, it made me curious why the two never actually tried it out when they get along so well.  I initially thought that Al was valuing their friendship which is what I have chosen if it were me too.  But, I was disappointed that it was all because Al realized his feelings too late so he actually gets what he deserves?!?  Because of that, he placed their friendship at risk and caused tension and awkwardness between them.  Had he confessed sooner, he could have spared Min from a bad relationship too.   How typical for someone as young as Min, Ed and Al to make mistakes those right?  But, in the end Min realized that perhaps it was meant to be.  Only upon going through that and ending it can she could move forward with her life and see things brighter than before.  It's cool that Al and her are still friends again but they will have to overcome obstacles still.

Overall, it's a recommended must-read book even for adult and young at heart.  Love the writing style, but not so much on the massive descriptions. 

The Third Eye Wellness Center: Chakra Balancing Session Through ThetaHealing®

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After learning about charka a few months ago at The Third Eye Wellness Center, I finally decided to avail myself of the Chakra Balancing Session through ThetaHealing®.

I went there with really no idea what I was getting into.  I had neither hopes or expectations.  Thee receptionist made me sign an information form and led me to this room.  I was told to sit and wait on their soft plushy chair.  The arrangement reminded me of the psychiatrist sessions.  As far as I know, it is not as popular here in the Philippines yet so I've only seen them in movies.

By the side of thee room is a book shelf with book relating to ThetaHealing® being displayed.  My glass of water was also there.

Soon, my ThetaHealer Ishilta came in and asked me if I had any issues to resolve.  I was a bit puzzled since I kind of depicted the Chakra Balancing Session to involve crystals and something metaphysical perhaps?  He told me that he will soon  ThetaHealing® to balance my chakra since it is an quicker and more effective way.  He explained that Reiki which involves using crystals would take longer and it would not resolve my issues so I'd only be temporarily balanced.

I shared the issue I've been burdened with as long as I could remember.  And Ishilta asked clarificatory questions too.  Basically, my issue is really something mentally related.  I always pressure myself to strive harder because I want to be an efficient being who carries the people around me other than vice versa.  I am aware that it is not a good mentality but I go on anyway because I rationalize it by having something positive, the thought that I can be more efficient when I pressure myself.

Ishilta oriented me with the muscle test wherein he would asked me to keep my index finger firmly intact with my thumb.  He would ask questions and if he can break it, it meant that my body is in disagreement with my answer.

He then asked me to close my eyes and give an affirmation to his statements if I approve.  So he touched my hand and asked a lot of questions like "Do you believe that you can... with the power of God in the seventh Plane?" which are the obvious solutions to my problem which in this case is to not pressure myself etc. and I'd answer "yes" all the way till the end.  While he was asking, I just couldn't stop my mind from wandering off in thought.  I had a lot of questions like:
  • What is he doing?  
  • Can he really do something by merely touching?
  • Can I really be changed just by answering yes to all his questions?
  • Do I feel anything different?  It doesn't feel like it.
He then performed the muscle test by asking me the solutions and if I agree with them.  He then tries to break the firmness of my fingers.  I noticed that the muscle test places an important role in this session.  It;s role is to convince me that I have changed and the I can change my belief system.  He explains that once I change my cognitive thinking which is my belief system, it will affect my emotions then body and my chakras will be balanced.  I told him about my eczema the past few years when I was in a lot of stress from my past relationship and pressure and medication couldn't heal it but once I began to be more balanced psychologically and with proper nutrition, it disappeared.  He said that is the proof that like the muscle test, our bodies cannot lie.  It will show our problems.

I also asked if he needed to really touch me to do the healing and he told me "No".  They could already sense our chakras and perform the healing even at the distance but its more intimate and effective on the side of the patient if he is connected with the healer.

Being a skeptic, I was fully aware at how I can control my fingers.  I know when I can firmly hold it or let loose.  I also observed that the way he breaks it if he wants to is different from the way he does it if he didn't want to.  I'm not convinced with the muscle test.  My body can definitely lie because my mind can control it.  And, I know that giving approval will not instantly change my belief system.  Like the way I control my fingers, I too control my mind, my cognitive thinking and my belief system.

So once the session was over, he asked if I feel better.   I honestly told him that I didn't feel anything different.  But his solutions made me realize a lot of things.  Some of it I already know but I am used to my belief system that it became my comfort zone.  He said that is true.  We have negative belief systems because we comfort ourselves by rationalizing its positive effects.  I have to agree with that.  I drank my water and realized on my way out that I felt better.   I had a tiring week.  I lacked sleep that day and I was actually contemplating to go to a spa for a massage instead but was reluctant to cancel my Chakra healing appointment.  I'm not sure if its the ThetaHealing® per se which made me feel better or that I was able to discuss and confront my issue with someone like a psychiatrist session type of way.  Either way, I'm glad I've resolvd my issues and feel much better without the pressure and burden I've imposed on myself.

Choosing, Changing and Prioritizing

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Moments in our lives can easily pass us by.  I could hardly remember my childhood.  If only I knew what was up ahead, I would have held on to the fun and care-free sensation I had back then.  In school, I was a lousy and lazy student.  I which I appreciated back then the opportunity to build traits that would have made me more productive.  At home, all I did was watch TV and play.  It was even more laid back on summer days.  Our schedule would be breakfast, play, afternoon nap, go for various lessons such as swimming, piano, guitar, dancing or whatever and then play and watch TV until bed time.

I became more withdrawn during high school.   By this time, everything felt repetitive to me and I had no idea what the purpose of my life were.  I spent most of my time in silence and filled with thoughts.  My solitude continued until college. 

My first job is probably my first exposure to the real world.  I worked in a corporate set up where people came from all walks of life and with various educational backgrounds.  It was definitely not as I imagined and not what school prepared me for.  Career advancement does not necessarily correlate with length of time served or the passion they had.  I began to realize that only you can choose the rewards you want in life.  You have to decide in every step of the way where you want to go and there is no right and wrong answer.  And, no one other than yourself will even care. 

I really didn't want to be in the field where my educational background should lead me.  I was bold enough to get out of it despite my mom's disappointment.  Soon, I had a relationship and we built it around our goals of having our own business.  A lot of years of my youth was spent on it and then came the truth...  I was the only one pushing for it because I was the only one who wanted it.  So, we packed up and went out separate ways.

I'm in the age where most of my peers are already settled.   My female friends and classmates are getting married.  I have to admit, the reason why I worked so much for my first relationship is because I thought I was supposed to follow that path too.  At my age, my mom was already stable and had my older brother.  If I could go back, I probably should've spent more time on myself.  But since I can't, my search for solid ground continues.  I don't know how others do it.  How do they simplify things that are so complex?  How could easily be contented with what they have and stick with it.  For me, the more I observe, the more I tend to stop, think, choose and change. 

People are so diverse that you'd be amazed at how they prioritize things.  Once you decide on what you want, you have to develop time management to squeeze them all in your limited time.  I know it sounds easy but I still haven't got a hang of this.   I'm determined to make a list of my priorities soon!