Foreign News: Two Women dead from mystery virus in Korea

Out of 8 hospitalized pregnant women since April at Seoul, Korea, two women are already dead.  The death was cause by an infection from an unknown virus.  The first woman who was nine months pregnant died on May 10.  While the second 36-year old woman who first visited the hospital April 21 was diagnosed with pumonary fibrosis (early flu symptoms and breathing difficulty) died yesterday.

Despite two patients being positive for the common cold virus (type-53 adenovirus), health official could not find directly link between her illness and the virus.

But let us not be alrmed yet, since according to Yahoo News "Considering no similar case has been detected in an investigation covering 43 university hospitals nationwide, health officials said it was unlikely the virus would be infectious....The hospital also started studying a paper on deaths of young children aged 2-5 with similar symptoms over the years. It was investigating the possibility that the mothers could have been infected with a respiratory disease from their babies."

Sources: The Healthland and Yahoo News

What do you think?  Should we not take precautions with a mysterious virus on the loose?