Easter Sunday Morning in Sagada (Day 4 Part 1)

  • 5:30 a.m. Easter March

               We woke up early to attend the Easter Sunday mass.  We didn't expected the inconvenience of having  a single restroom for 8 people.  I got my jacket and went out.  It was so cold and the area was misty.  It was already 6:30 a.m. when I reached the empty halls of St. Mary's church.  I still went inside to pray and pay my respects.  When I went out, I saw my relatives coming towards me.  They told me that the mass was not at St. Mary's but at the other church further uphill beyond the cemetery grounds.  They said they too were not able to attend the mass.  They also visited the church and paid their respects and then we went downhill to search for a place to eat breakfast.

  • Early morning walk
        We walked downhill and noticed that some of the shops were closed because of the Easter march.  We were also told that some store would open late because they were tired out due to the influx of tourists during the holy week.  We saw jeepneys getting ready to leave with both locals and foreigners.  
  • Breakfast at Maferre Country Inn & Restaurant 
         At 7:30 a.m., we decided to eat breakfast at Maferre Country Inn & Restaurant.  There were a selected breakfast variants.  Mainly either omelette's or pancakes.  All of us ordered ham, cheese and mushroom omelettes which came with wheat bread and a slice of mango.  We also had their native coffee (worth 20 php same price as their instant coffee).  It wasn't as aromatic as I expected it to be.  The coffee we had in Kafalig Coffee shop on the way to Sagada even tasted better.