Barangay 143: Philippine's Newest Basket Ball Android Mobile Game

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I have a secret... When I was younger, I used to be an addict online gamer.  Gaming opened me to a whole new experience.  As I joined guilds and attended game conventions, I was able to make new friends which I still keep until today.  I have not been updated with the gaming industry lately so I decided to go to the E-Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) at the SMX Convention Center last October 28.  I was impressed by our locally made games like Synergy 88's Barangay 143.

synergy 88 barangay 143
I was further impressed that the company is headed by a woman - Jackline Chua.

synergy 88 barangay 143
The Barangay 143 game is a prequel to the soon to be animation series with the same name.  The story line is quite interesting.  The main character  Joaquin or “Wax” Rivera is a young and inexperienced basketball player. His father is a basketball legend.  As you go through along the game, he will learn from four basketball masters and he will be challenged by hardcore ballers.  Can he make his name in the basketball league just like his father?  That is what we are about to find out in the game and in the animation series.  It will also give the gamers and audience a localized feel of how street and league basketball is here in the Philippines.  We Filipinos have always loved basketball among other sports.  It is exciting to see our love be shown in the form of an android game and animation right?

synergy 88 barangay 143
The Barangay 143 is a free android mobile game that aims to give gamers the ultimate arcade experience.  Arcade games have always been something simple yet competitively motivating for gamers of all ages.  The company also plans to sponsor real basketball leagues and hold events so gamers can engage and grow from the holistic experience.

Naiholics Pampering for a Cause As It Celebrates National Pampering Day

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Last October 17, 2017 from 10 AM to 1 PM,  all Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa branches nationwide gave out free pampering service (choices: manicure, foot spa or foot massage)  during the celebration of its  2nd National Pampering Day, in partnership with the most beloved nail lacquer brand in the world, OPI.

nailaholics sm manila
Although it was a weekday and there was a nationwide jeepney strike, it was still a huge success as there was a long line for the free service.  Well of course... it's FREE and FOR A CAUSE!  Yes, aside from getting free service, you also get to choose which of the  3 beneficiaries you want to support.  I chose World Vision which supported the rehabilitation of Marawi City.  Other two options are: Save Philippine Seas and The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).  I just felt that the situation in Marawi City is more urgent.

nailaholics sm manila
I was one of the firsts in SM Manila.

Actually Nailaholics has 3 kinds of Foot Spa.  All of them start with  a foot soak with lemongrass oil and tea tree extract.

nailaholics sm manila
Next step is the scrubbing off of dead skin.

nailaholics sm manila
What will be applied is what will vary.  Since I chose Dead Sea Mud Mask, I was scrubbed with dead sea salt.  Maybe for effect, it was color green.

nailaholics sm manila
Then, it was wiped neatly to prepare for the next step.

nailaholics sm manila
Mud mask was applied all over my legs.  It had a cooling effect.  It was left for a few minutes before it was also wiped off.  I  can now feel my skin so soft and moisturized.  The cooling effect also made me feel refreshed and relaxed.

nailaholics sm manila
Since I wanted a wholesome pampeing experience, I also availed of the Pebble Beach  Back Massage.  It cost me 440 php for 30 minutes.  I'm amazed that at the height of 5'6 inches I actually cause lay down and fit there.  What a genius space saving bench convertible into massage bed.

My massage therapist Gina was very courteous.  Although the menu indicated dry massage, she offered me to have it with oil so I agreed.  She also asked me my preferred pressure.  As usual, I liked it hard.  You may be wondering why I am having a massage in a nail spa.  I  just wanted to try to see if it had advantages over a purely massage spa and it did.  Since they have not been massaging all day, you can count on their full strength and dedication during your massage. 

Aside from the free service, they also offered the Argan Oil at 50% OFF so you know what happened next... how can we resist such a huge saving right?

Thank you  so much Nailaholics for the pampering treat!  Hope to join again next year!

Why Car Seat Check is Important

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When buying a car, we have so many considerations.  We feel that we have everything figured out.

We check the:
1. Brand
2. Model
3. Year
4. Color
5. Engine power
6. Fuel type
7. Seat capacity
8. Size
9. Price
10. Payment scheme
and many other criteria.

But, we often neglect the safety features.   Or, if we didn't are we certain that we've done enough to ensure that we have availed of the best safety measures we can?

Like when it comes to car seat, is just purchasing and installing enough?   Of course, not!  We have to choose which one is best for us.   There are so many types to choose from such as Infant seat, Convertible seat and Booster seat.  And, we have to install it properly.

Did you know that in the United States where car seats are popular, 3 out of 4 car seats are being used incorrectly?  That's a safety measure failure right there!

One of the main cause of that is the false belief that they installed it correctly because they had their car seats checked at the Police Station or the Fire Station without making sure that the person checking is a certified child passenger safety technician  or certified car seat technician.

Imagine that!  They have gone through a rigirous process of selecting and purchasing a car seat but it isn't at all useful just because they did not have a proper car seat check.  So I would say, it is the car seat check that is vital in ensuring your child's safety!