My First Ever Baguio Experience

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Being four hours away from Manila, Baguio was my first out of town vacation ever!  I was around 10 years old when I went to Baguio with my aunts, uncles and cousins.  Back then Baguio was surrounded by pine trees.  It was so cold that when we were near the top of the beautiful plateau, we would turn off the air conditioning and open the windows to enjoy the cool breeze.  You could see cold mist and fog surrounding the area.  My cousins would fool around and breath in the air and see if fog would come from our mouths.
credits to the owners of the photos
We went to so many places on a single day.  We tried boating at the man-made lake in the middle of Burnham Park.  Back then, the lake looked so big and wide to me.   After that was my favorite activity, pony riding at Wright Park Circle.  I can still recall that the pony I rode was color brown.  Some of my cousins were afraid to ride but that was ridiculous since we were assisted by staffs and we couldn't even make the ponies gallop faster.=)  We dined at Camp John Hay during dinner and shopped around the city before hit the sack.  It was the first time I ever saw "ukay-ukay" shops.  We also saw lots of interesting native products and word works like the barrel man.
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The next day, we visited Mines View Park.  The view was so nice.  We also ate "pinipig" being sold on the streets.  My aunts also went to the market.  They came back with boxes of FRESH vegetables and strawberries.  I love strawberries!  The strawberries in Baguio are so fresh and sweet I ate to my hearts content.  We also visited Good Shepherd to buy peanut brittle and strawberry jam.  On the way home, we also purchased brooms.  It was so much fun!

So why am I reminiscing?  It's because Baguio City is celebrating its 102nd year.  Happy Birthday!=)

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My Top 3 Dream Philippine Spots

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Our country is so beautiful that there are so many places I want to go to.  But I never had the chance because I'm still don't have the budget so all I can do is dream away until I graduate. 

I want to share with you my top 3 dream Philippine spots.

1. Bohol

I want to meet the Tarsiers, Bryde's whale, flying lemur and dolphins.  I want to visit the chocolate hills,Mahogany man-made forest, Loboc floating restaurant, Alona Beach, and Busay Falls.

2. Puerto Princesa, Palawan
I want to observe the crocodiles at the croc farm, the birds from Rizal Park and dolphins at Puerto Princesa Bay.  I want to explore the beautiful beaches and the Underground River.  

3. Bellarocca Island, Marinduque
I want to relax and enjoy the serene views at Bellaroca Island Resort Spa.  I can imagine myself lying down sipping some drinks while enjoying the cool breeze of fresh air.  I also would love to go kayaking or swim at the infinity pool or beach.

B.U.M. equipment Darkside Cosplay Competition

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Everyone has their own little devil deep within but we are too ashamed to show it. Now B.U.M equipment, one of the most well known emo and goth apparel is currently holding a cosplay competition where you can finally show what you've been hiding and where it will be appreciated rather than judged.

The rules are simple. Simply dress up as your favorite anime, rpg, movie character but in an emo/goth way while showing the bum logo. Your friends also plays a big factor in this competition as it is a facebook liking contest.  But rest assure that all entries will first undergo a screening process so you still have to be the best in order to be eligible to compete.

Some of the cosplayers during the bloggers night:

And of course, it wouldn't be an B.U.M event without the presence of Mr. Dino Imperial and Ms. Empress Schuck.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join B.U.M. equipment's "My Dark Side" Cosplay Competition.

Deadline and submission of entries must be received not later than 11:59Pm of October 15, 2011.

To know more about the event visit :

Changing Lives by Efren Penaflorida

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Today, we're celebrating National Heroes Day so we've decided to show you one of our very own present day hero here in the Philippines. He is someone who created a small ripple that eventually became a wave. He is a person who showed us that you don't have be to special to make a big change.  He is none other than the Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) Founder Mr. Efren "Kuya Ef" Penaflorida.

Efren Penaflorida

Last 2009, Kuya Ef won the CNN Hero of the Year.  Up to this very day, he is still continuing what he started in 1999. Though their efforts might seem small to some, they are still making a significant difference in people's lives. The purpose of "Kariton Klasrum" a.k.a. Pushcart Classroom is to give the under privileged children of the slums FREE education, better hygiene and love. Having seen their efforts, the DTC is now accredited by the DepEd as an alternative learning system giving the children a brighter future.

After winning the CNN hero of the year award, Kuya Efren and DTC's voice had reached a lot of hearts that wanted to become a part of the wave they started.  Now, DTC has a school that provides for over 150+ students.

Efren PenafloridaEfren Penaflorida

Efren PenafloridaEfren Penaflorida

Efren PenafloridaEfren Penaflorida

Efren Penaflorida

Wanting to create more smiles around the Philippines, the Dynamic Teen Company has partnered with Golden ABC Inc., a company who's advocacies fall under categories such as support for education, environment, community building, and arts & culture though.  They're known for their brands: Penshoppe, Oxygen, For Me, Memo, Regatta, Tyler and its direct selling subsidiary Red Logo.  They have been actively involved in various foundations for over two decades and has branded its corporate social responsibility platform as "GET UP".

Efren Penaflorida

Let us follow Kuya Ef and Golden ABC's example and start changing lives today.

To find out more about GET UP, Please visit                                        :
To find out more about Dynamic Teen Company, Please visit                :
To find out more about GOLDEN ABC,  Please visit                             :

Doggie Love: Shih Tzu Seminar for a Cause and Dog Grooming Tips (pics+grooming video)

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Right after our Earth Run 2011 (see separate entry), we went straight to Mercato Centrale to participate in the Doggie Love: Shih Tzu Seminar for a Cause.
dog grooming
dog grooming
Ensure Trivia sponsored by Ensure
The FREE seminar covered several topics such as:

  1. Breed standard (power point presentation with trivia) (9:00 -11:00 a.m.)
  2. Basic dog show system (11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.)
  3. Daily maintenance grooming (12:30 p.m. -  1:30 p.m.)
  4. Health and nutrition (Q&A format)  (1:30 p.m. -  2:00 p.m.) 

dog grooming
Shih Tzu Trivia with Prizes
dog grooming
Kurt's prize compliments of Doggies' Choice.  Thank you!
dog grooming
My prize sponsored by  Thanks!

The hosts Wendell and Ardy were very entertaining so despite our lack of sleep from our early morning run, we didn't doze off.=)  I also loved the way the breed history and standards were presented.  I was able to understand more about the Shih Tzu breed.  Even though Kurt has been a Shih Tzu owner and lover since he was 7 years old, he admitted that he didn't know some of the facts too.
dog grooming
Representatives from SAWS and We Dogs
At the same time, the organizers were accepting donations in kind (at least 1 Kg worth of dog or cat food) to be donated to SAWS (Strike Animal Welfare Society) in Cavite.  Another beneficiary is "We Dogs".  

The substantial part of the seminar was the dog grooming.  Let's start from the basics...

Here are the dog grooming tools you should have for your shih tzu:
  • pin brush
  • small Sanrio bands
  • tail comb
  • metal comb
  • band cutter (sorry I forgot the name)
  • conditioner spray (for moisture)
dog grooming
Grooming Tools
dog grooming
Best in Show 2011 Model Dog "Taka"
dog grooming
Top Knot (Model Dog: Tara)
Here are the live video demonstration by Orion Kennel on their Champion bitch Tara (other videos to follow)

There were so many cute attendees.  Look!=) 

dog grooming
Owners and their pets
dog grooming
Thank you Royal Canin for the giveaways=)
dog grooming
A big thanks also to Mercanto Centrale, the hosts, Silk Creations,Doggies' Choice,,Pet Express,Good Dog Magazine and Auntie May's

Our Earth Run 2011 BGC Experience

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A few weeks ago, we attended the bloggers night at Chris Sports (see separate entry) and we were given complimentary race kits to Earth Run 2011.
earth run 2011

Kurt belonged to the 5k category while I belonged in the 3k category.  It was a dark and cloudy day so we were expecting that it would rain but it only drizzled for a short while during the race.  The pavement was a bit wet but we didn't mind.  It was so much fun!  The temperature was just right for running.
earth run 2011 

earth run 2011

earth run 2011
There were adequate way points and signs.  There were also sufficient water stations.  I also noticed several ambulances stationed along the way.  However, I was wondering why other transportation were able to enter the running track and runners were not informed to give way to them.
earth run 2011
I was out of shape since I was so busy with school that I had stopped training.  Kurt finished slightly ahead of me.  Kurt saw his high school classmate during the run.  We also saw my cousin.
earth run 2011
After the race, there was a Pocari Sweat tent distributing cold Pocari Sweat.  I've actually learned to love the taste of Pocari Sweat.  Its sweet and refreshing after runs.=)  There was also a Maynilad water truck that showered passing runners who want to cool off.

earth run 2011

earth run 2011
We went to claim our baggage and our finishers kit.  There was a long line for the claiming of the 3K giveaway kit.  The line took some time before it moved too so it was blocking the entrance towards the tent areas.  The giveaway kit's contents depends on the race category.  For example, I had the baller while Kurt had a Ceres Green apple juice.  There were FREE fans given away by Deloitte.  There were also Cherifer Premium samples being handed out.  The organizers were very generous with raffle prizes.  Among the prizes were Ideal Vision optical glasses, Phil Care "We Care" and "Yes" cards and Solomon gift certificates.  The winners are so lucky.
earth run 2011

On the downside, the tent area is too far from the starting point or finishing line.  The area was also too small that it could not cater all the runners.

earth run 2011earth run 2011

earth run 2011

earth run 2011
Kudos to the guy who honestly returned someone's fat wallet.  I seem to have forgotten his name which he mentioned when he was called on-stage.=(

Overall, it was a good and organized run.  However, I think the post-race organization could still be improved.   I would also like to commend the immediate release of the results.=)

I really love to run.=)  Its now my favorite sport.

After the event, we walked to Shih Tzu Seminar For a Cause (see separate entry).

My Slimmers World Diamond Peel Experience

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Remember the FREE Slimmers Gift Certificate we got last time at the Run for Fun Lung? (see separate entry)  Last month, my little sister and I used it to try the diamond peel at Slimmers World Face and Skin Clinic Adriatico.  It was our first time to try Diamond Peel.  Although my face is not flawless and may have some occasional acne and pimples, I try not to make my face dependent on facial treatments.  

I was taken to a small room with a single bed.  I was asked to lie down and then the staff proceeded by cleaning my face first with a towel.  
diamond peeldiamond peel
To my surprise, the diamond peel is like a mini vacuum that would be rubbed all over your face to gather all the dead skin cells.  Perhaps, I was misled by the word "peel". =p It was light and painless to the skin.  It lasted for about 3 minutes and it was over.  
diamond peel
Saw this on the way out... Oops!
When we were over, I asked my sister if she noticed any difference and she said "none".  I thought the same for her too.  How about you?  How effective was diamond peel for you?

We met the Slimmer World skin consultant and we were informed that to see the effects of diamond peel, we had to take several sessions.  Their price for diamond peel is 1,500 php per session but you could save more if you purchase their through their current promos and packages.  Both my little sister and I decided that we don't need it though.

Slimmers World Face and Skin Clinic
6/Flr Pan Pacific Hotel, 
Adriatico Square, Gen Malvar cor Adriatico, 

Easy Step by Step Guide on How to Renew a Passport from the DFA

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Even if we don't intend to travel, its better to always have a passport at hand.  So when my passport got expired, I had to go to the DFA to renew it.  This was my first time to renew.  To familiarize you with the process, I made this simple guide.

Step 1: Go to > Consular Services > Make an appointment 
Step 2: Go to Gate 2 around 30 minutes before your scheduled date and time of appointment 

dfa passport
  • Bring the following:
    • Print the Email from your appointment on a long bond paper
    dfa passport
    Photocopy inside DFA is 3 php/page
    • Photocopy Your Old Passport (front and back)
    • Bring birth certificate (if you have foreign sounding surname)
  • The guard requires you to present these documents upon entry
Step 3: Go to the Appointment Verification Desk and have your documents verified and stamped.

dfa passport
Step 4: Look for your scheduled time and fall in line by the benches.

dfa passport
Step 5: Once your schedule time batch is called, enter the processing area. (Note: schedule time is posted by the door so you'll know if its your turn to enter)

  • You will be asked to sign in and your documents will be inspected after which you will be issued an invoice.

dfa passport
Step 6: Wait until you get your chance to sit on the front row and the guard will assign you to the number of a vacant counter.
dfa passport

Step 7: After exiting the processing area, go to the next entrance and proceed to the second floor. 
dfa passport
Step 8: Give your invoice to the cashier and pay the passport fee. (950 php without delivery)
dfa passport
Step 9: Approach the personnel giving your queue number and wait for your number to be assigned to an encoding officer as shown by the monitor.  (NOTE: This may take hours of waiting)
dfa passport
watch the screen
dfa passport
Check where the assigned officer is in this board
Final Step: Approach the encoding officer, hand over your receipt, smile on the camera and place your thumb mark on the thumb mark scanner.
dfa passport
That's it!  Just await for your passport or pick it up on the given date of pick-up.  Hope this helps!=)