All Dogs Go To Heaven: Kiwi in My Dream (Pet Obituaries)

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Last October 9, 2017, my thoughts brought me back to my recollection of noticing Kiwi becoming thinner and thinner.  I started to feel a bit sad and regretful that if I brought her to check up then maybe I could have saved her. 

pet valley wake
Then I remembered the last time I saw her, the shock I had when I saw and touched her cold corpse at the vet's examination table and the time I saw her body during her wake.

pet valley wake

That made me miss patting and touching he warm and lively shaking body as she excitedly wags her tail.
pet valley wake
Pet Valley Crematory

Then I fell into deep sleep and lost track of time.  I saw Kiwi on her down and very relaxed stance.  There was like a wide beam of light as vast as the sea between us.  It was all bright and white ray like a LED light.  I called her "Kiwi! Kiwi! Kiwi!".  But, she couldn't hear me.

So I shouted my heart out and even felt hot tears trickle down my eyes as I called out "Kiwi! Kiwi! once again.  This made her look up at me.  She titled her head as if surprised and wondering what I was doing there.    (Her shiny curious eyes and tilting head is the same look she has when she doesn't understand my commands or why I am scolding her.)

Suddenly, we could communicate in our minds without using any of the five senses we use here on Earth.  She told me that she has to go but it is okay.

We were instantly transported to a new place.  It was all white with so many dogs.  They were all showing each other affection and playing with each other like our dogs do.

And then, I saw one that looks like lychee (my maltese whose with my ex).  I said, "Wow! She looks just like Lychee.  But, wait a minute.  Lychee isn't dead yet.  How can she be here?"

Kiwi said, " That's right.  Here everyone is welcome!  There is no difference whether you are dead or alive and dreaming just like you.  And, it doesn't matter where they come from either... whether far away or just in the neighborhood.  Speaking of which... you have to go back now."

Then suddenly, I smelled the scent of alcohol or a hint of the white flower oil I rubbed on my mosquito bite.  I felt the cool air from the air-conditioning touching my skin.  I can feel my presence inside the bed room.  I could feel my heart beating very fast and calming down as I could feel myself breathing.  As soon as my heart settled down, my cellphone alarm rang and I woke up.  But unlike most dreams, I could vividly remember everything... the sensation, the conversations and the visions.

My Top 8 Criteria in Choosing a Chiropractor

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After spending a lot on Acupuncture, sad to say it didn't help with my eczema. 
My eczema is still spreading as of today.  But, I don't think it is acupuncture but the skill and technique of the performer that matters.
I am now very curious to try another functional alternative medicine - chiropractic medicine.

I have been surfing the net and looking for more information about chiropractors.
And, I discovered that what they do are so broad.
At first,  I had the impression that they only cover neuromuscular disorders but no they cover so much more.
But like my acupuncture, I think one chiropractor varies with another one.
In fact, they have a broad range of technique, procedure and skills.

So its really tough to choose which one right?
I have listed a few criteria in selecting:

1. Reputation
Does the chiropractor have an established reputation in your area?
Have they been recommended by your friends?

2. Accreditation and Association
Do they have any accreditation or are they a member of a chiropractic association?  I think professionals can recognize one another better.  We us patients who have no education on the field cannot simply trust ourselves right?

3. Approach and Techniques
Do they adopt an approach and technique that you feel can address your needs?  Do they treat the root cause and not the symptoms?

4. Experience
Have they dealt with problems that are similar to yours?

5. Guarantee
Do they guarantee satisfaction for the treatment?

6. Modern equipment
Do they have modern equipment? to better diagnose your problem?

7. Recommendation
Are they open to listen about your problem and explain their criteria prior to preparing you a recommendation?  Do they advise you measure to prevent or follow through after your treatments?

8. Costs

Can you afford it?  Do they offer a flexible payment scheme for you to be able to handle the treatment expense?  Do they give you an accurate estimate prior to starting a series of treatment?

Bazket Manila: Filipino Local Market at SMX Convention Center this Oct 27-29, 2017

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This morning, we stumbled into Bazket Manila at SMX Conventional Center Manila Function Room 5.  It's a 3-day "work + shop local" from October 27-29 2017.  It's a workshop and local market in one.

The market is a mix of local products. There's innovative food products, clothes, handy crafts and more.

Maharlika Chocolate by the High School Students of Hope Christian
Check out Maharlika's Chocolate here.

Order El Mateo's Goodies here.

How I wish we knew this sooner because there are workshops lined up:

1. Basic Crochet Workshop by DMC for the 3 days at 10:30am-12pm and 4pm-5:30pm.
2.Ink scribble workshop:
Oct 27: 3pm-4pm
Oct 28: 2pm-3pm
Oct 29: 10am-11am

Check out Jacinto & Lirio's Products Here
3. How I started my social entrepreneur workshop
OCT 27:3pm-4pm
4. Green housekewping workshop by Messy Bessy
Oct 28: 10am-11am
5. Paint your tote by Andrea Mercado by Rockets PH
Oct 28:3pm-4pm
6. Basic brush lettering w/ florals by kimberly paclar of Rockets PH
Oct 29:3-4pm

7.Being an entrepreneur in the corporate world by builtable coworking
Oct 28-29 11am-12pm

8. Intro to Social Enterprise by Gk Enchanted Farm Business Development Manager Leonard Dungca
Oct 27 11am-12pm
9. First Harvest Home Made Home Grown Life story by GK Enchanted Farm
10. When Playing Rhymes with nation building by Fabien Courteille Founder of Plush and Play
Oct 29 1-3pm

Jack Ma Quote Collection And Lessons (Shared to the DLSU Students)

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1. Learn the mistake the others are making to know what to do when the mistakes happen to you.
(not how you avoid a mistake but how you face it)

2.  Do not find the best people, find the right people. 
There are no best people.  The best people is in your own company.

3. Change yourself and do not believe that you are always right.

4. It is important for small business to dream big. The big businesses should take small steps.  They should also seek to change, even slowly, in order to be more relevant to people’s needs.

5.  There should be a group of people with crazy dream, not just 1 person with crazy dream.  If it is a group dream, it will go farther.
6.  If your customer like it, your team like it, then it is a good idea.

7.  If you complain, be sure to have solution.  If you don't have solution, don't complain. 
Don't complaint to others.  Just complain to yourself.  Check your own problem.

8.  Be simple, stay foolish and no matter just continue.

9.   Where there is complaint, there is opportunity.

10.  In prioritizing, pick up things that you are passion about, things you love to do, things you can sustain.  Because the things you love, the things you are good at, it will last long.

11.  Whether study or work, you have learn.  You have to put all the knowledge into practice. 

12.  Traditional education is not matching the realties of the economy and the environment.

13.  Don't invite your best friends to form a company with you.  Don't.  I see many tragedies.
There are cases where they succeed.  But, the most fails make friends with them once they're in the company treat them. 

14.  Friendship is based on trust.  Your team trust you.  When they are in trouble spend time with them.   Business is friendship building.  Friendship is about trust building.  No friend, no business.
No trust, no friendship.

When you are 20-30 years old, find a good boss, a good boss is better than a good company.  A good boss would discipline you, train you, develop you.
When you are 30-40 years old, do something for yourself.
When you are 40-50, do something you are good at.
When you are 50-60, focus on helping young people.
When you are 60-80, spend time with your grand children.
16. You will never make big mistakes, where you don’t have money.
17. No matter how smart you are, if you don’t know how to work with people, your dreams will just be dreams.  
18. You have to change all the time. We don't care about if people say we are crazy. We care about, is this really different?  Keep innovating. 
19. I believe it is not the technology that changes the world, but the dream behind that technology. 
20.  Young people who want to do lots of things is better than young people who has lots of things to do.
21. Don't be discouraged when people don't help you.

22. Sometimes MBAs can make you stupid.

Lessons on Market Trend
  1. Data Technology > Internet Technology
  • I think he is referring to how we can use of tons of data gathered to our advantages opposed to inventing an information system
     2. 80% Online

     3. Consumer to Producer (C2P)

     4. Important to:
         a. have a mentor
         b. be money reaching
         c. be market reaching
         d. be technology reaching

     5. The importance of sales should be understood in all the processes.

Lessons on Yourself

    1. Be Unique

   2. EQ > LQ > IQ

My Eulogy for Kiwi (Featuring Pet Valley Park and Crematory)

|
R.I.P Kiwi September 26, 2017... I will never forget this day when I was just planning to head over to the vet to visit you.  But, you left us that morning...

pet valley park and crematory
I will never forget that night as I wait for Pet Valley's service to pick you up... I will never forget the next day when I took a day off from work just to prepare and visit your wake.

pet valley park and crematory
During my time at Pet Valley Park and Crematory, I wrote you this eulogy...

pet valley park and crematory
Eulogy for Kiwi
Dear Kiwi,
I don't know why you chose me as your master.
In the first place, I didn't choose you.
I was never a dog lover.
Yet, your eyes light up with my every word.
You'd wag your tail as you welcome me home.
And, you'd wag your tail even more as I call your name.
You'd obey and trust me even when you are whimpering in fear...
whether it be a visit to the vet, taking bitter medicines or walking side by side jeepneys.
pet valley park and crematory
You have been my most loyal companion. (for 9 years...)
You're much of foodie and an explorer as I am.
No one else but you would come running to the kitchen...
and just happily lay there sniffing the scent of my dishes.

pet valley park and crematory
Whenever I go down freshly bathed,
you look at me with the most adorable puppy dog eyes...
and tilted wrinkly head asking me to take you for a short walk.
You know I couldn't resist that as you wag your tail in excitement.
Thus, we've gone out on hundreds of short walks.
Yet, how I wish we had more of those.

pet valley park and crematory
Wherever I'd go you'd lay nearby.
Each night you'd lay by my footside.
My bed isn't big or spacious...
so each night you'd be careful to grant me
as much legroom as you can.
And, each morning you'd wake and lift your head up...
just for a pat on the head as I go on my way to work.

pet valley park and crematory
We humans think we are far more superior and wiser.
But the truth is, I only taught you to do tricks for the first few weeks.
You're the one who taught me a lot more.
You can do two things no person I know can ever do.
1. Love unconditionally
2. Sustain positivity, grace and happiness
Even during your last days, you were still overflowing with love and care for others.
You never neglect to groom the other dogs...
even when you are wobbly for your own balance.

pet valley park and crematory
I used to be so weak as my energy and mood fluctuated
and I let myself be shrouded in doubts, fears, anger, and negativity.
I was fortunate to have you as my consistent source and pillar of light.
With your gleaming eyes, smile and energetic tail wagging,
you made me feel that everything will be alright.

pet valley park and crematory
You showed me that it is not the number of years we live..
But, how fruitful we live that matters.
You showed me the true power that comes from within.

pet valley park and crematory
You were never the strongest or the healthiest.
But, you're the pack leader because...
you have the greatest heart, soul, and spirit.
You are a being that is overflowing with goodness.
You don't need brute or force to gain respect,
your mere presence is enough to make you shine.

pet valley park and crematory
You opened my heart and showed me the value of empathy and connection.
Just by your eyes, the tilt of your head and the vibrancy of your tail wags,
I have learned to understand you.
And, I'd like to believe you understood me too.

pet valley park and crematory
Whenever I am sad or sick, you are instantly by my side.
Wherever you are not feeling well, I'd instantly know...
by the way you caress and surrender your head on my leg or
the palm of my hand for me to brush through your head.

pet valley park and crematory
During those times, you made me feel as if my touch was so powerful
as you close your eyes calmly and comfortably as if having a great relief.

pet valley park and crematory
Till the very last moment, I wished that was true...
I tried my best to be so strong...
so I could lend you some strength.
And, each time you made me believe...

pet valley park and crematory
I vividly remember the very last time...
You were the very fast and the first among the dogs...
to  welcome me with the same bright eyes
as your tail wagged trying not to make me see you limping
kiwis wake
I know that is how you want to be remembered...
To me, you will always be bright and strong...
And, I promise I will be too...
I know that's how you want me to be.

When Eating Healthy Is Not Enough

|
Aging is a privilege. With aging comes experience and wisdom, not to mention senior citizen’s discounts. But with aging also comes the onset of aches, pains and age-related conditions. Such is why older people try to adopt a healthier lifestyle – something you might have observed from your parents, grandparents, or older friends (or which you find yourself doing, if you consider yourself old). They try to keep themselves moving by doing zumba, for instance, and they become more watchful of what they eat. Eating healthier food is not just a trend among older adults – it is a norm. We know this is a good practice, but as we age, eating healthy food may not be enough. That’s because even if you eat healthy food, there’s a chance of you not getting all the good nutrition from it, which may happen if you are deficient in digestive enzymes.
You’re probably thinking, “Digestive enzymes? I remember hearing about that back in the day during Science class. What do digestive enzymes have to do with me getting good nutrition?” Digestive enzymes are responsible for breaking down the food we eat into a form that can be easily absorbed by the body. It’s not the food itself that gets absorbed – it’s the nutrients from it.

But how exactly does it happen?

Imagine yourself eating a piece of bread. As you chew the bread, you are starting to digest it already. From your mouth, it passes through your esophagus down to your stomach, where it further gets digested. From the stomach, it goes into the small intestine where digestion gets completed. Enabling the digestion in your mouth, stomach and small intestine are your digestive enzymes. These enzymes break down your food into nutrients so they may be absorbed into your bloodstream and transported to every cell in your body. Such is the crucial role of your digestive enzymes. Healthy food provides the foundation for optimal health, but even the healthiest food is of little use if it is not properly digested and absorbed.

The thing is, as we get older, the digestive enzymes naturally produced by our bodies become depleted. Digestive enzyme deficiency is thus something older people may experience – and they may not even be aware of it. But how will you know if an older loved one such your mom or dad is deficient in digestive enzymes? If they constantly have digestive complaints like gas, bloating, or abdominal pain, and / or if their bowel movement is irregular, they could be suffering from digestive enzyme deficiency.

Good thing, Unilab has the answer to digestive enzyme deficiency. Introducing Enzyplex – a digestive enzyme supplement that helps promote healthy digestion. It has a unique combination of digestive enzymes, which break down food so your body gets the nourishment it needs. It also helps one avoid indigestion symptoms such as gas, bloating and stomachache. 

Aside from digestive enzymes, Enzyplex has vitamin B-complex which helps enhance the digestive process and aids in the conversion of food into energy to support normal body processes.

With Christmas nearing, why don’t you give your loved ones (or yourself) the gift of healthy digestion and optimal nutrient absorption? They’ll need it, especially with all the festivities! Buy a box of Enzyplex today and let them absorb life to the fullest!

Know more about Enzyplex and nutrient absorption! Visit and like the Enzyplex Facebook page (Enzyplex Philippines) and check out the Enzyplex website (

#AbsorbLifetotheFullest with Enzyplex!
Enzyplex is available in Luzon branches of Watsons, South Star Drug and St. Joseph Drug .

Maskape Barako Gold: Coffee and Sugar 2 in 1 Coffee Mix

|
Whether it's at home or at the office, there's one thing we can't live without - coffee!  We've tried so many coffee mixes and the recent one is Maskape by Might and Strong Foods Corporation

maskape barako gold
There are already many existing coffee mix brands in the market.  But, this is the first time I've encountered a Barako Gold variant.  I chose this variant because I always opt for the less sugar and more coffee for an ultimate caffeine kick.

maskape barako gold

Especially around 2 or 3 pm, my workmates would feel bored and sleepy so we need an extra boost...
I brought them some Maskape Barako Gold and indeed the bitter-sweet flavor and caffeine strength gave us a powerful jolt of awakeness. 

For the very cheap price of P5 SRP, this is one of the best options at such price range.  It definitely has sufficient coffee taste and in this variant, it only has 6 grams of sugar out of the 11 gram serving.  They have other instant coffee mix variants.  I also tried all of them but I found the blend of sweetness too much for my taste.  This one is best suited for those who want a strong coffee taste but on a budget.

St. Francis Natural Healthcare Center by Sr. Regina a.k.a Shengrong Liu: Acupuncture for my PCOS & Eczema

|
After my short recovery from eczema, I discovered that I had more health problems.  And, because of that I wanted to try acupuncture once again.  I have read a lot online about St. Francis Health Clinic by Sr. Regina a.k.a Shengrong Liu

st francis health clinic
First, let me elaborate on health problems... Last December, I was suppose to jog with friend when I had a really bad case of  Dysmenorrhea.  Because of that I just had to go and have it checked.  I went to my sisters OB at Healthway who suggested that I have an ultrasound and blood test.  I already knew it was bad news when the sonographist  and assistant were discussing at how odd my uterus is.  Upon receiving the result, it was stated that I had septate uterus.  The OB also discovered that I had PCOS.  She told me not to worry as my issues can be fixed.  She referred me to Dr. Joan Tan Garcia who she says specializes in PCOS.  Dr. Joan Tan Garcia advised me to exercise at least 4 hours a day and lessen my carbs.  She also required me to have a more extensive blood work.  As regards my septate uterus, she said I don't need to address it yet until I get married.  I got really sad and depressed and together with my busy schedule of work and exercise (yoga and indoor cycling), my eczema recurred by my leg and as of this moment it is getting bigger and bigger and spreading...

st francis health clinic
When my cousin heard about my PCOS issue, I discovered that it is common in the family so they suggested an OB.  I intend to go there for second opinion too.  But before that, I decided to try Sr. Regina Liu first because having so many issues, I wanted to check first a more holistic approach. 

Thanks to the guides in the internet, I was able to find St. Francis Health Clinic which had no signage from the outside.  All you have to look for is a green gate with number 19 along Panay Avenue (near the corner of Roces Avenue).  It is beside Japan Home Centre's warehouse (next to Mandarin Sky and BGC Hostel).  The small gate is already open and the guard is already expecting customers to come in.

st francis health clinic
My appointment was supposed to be at 1 pm but because it was raining and traffic, I got there at 2 pm.  Good thing I was accommodated because booking had to be 2 weeks in advance because slots are already full. 

Upon entering, I can't help but notice that the place is reeking with smoke.

St. Francis Natural Healthcare Center
But, I still focused on answering their 3-page questionaire.  I seated on the waiting area along with older Chinese women and Filipino married couples. 

St. Francis Natural Healthcare Center
This is my second time to try acupuncture.  The first one didn't involve answering an extensive medical chart like this...  I think this is better because they want to be able to address all your issues as much as possible.  Although I am aware that Sr. Regina Liu focuses on fertility and reproductive problems.

fertility acupuncture
I decided to seat outside because of the smoke.  There were a couple of young Filipino couples there too.  After around 15 minutes, I was called in by the receptionist and let to cubicle 4.  There were 12 cubicles in all.  While waiting, 2 nurses passed by asking me to wait as Sister will be coming anytime soon.  While waiting, I can't help but notice the room had photos of children (noticeably Filipino-Chinese with chinky eyes just like me).  Some of the photos had a thank you letter for Sister Regina Liu.  At first, I was struck with hope.  But, then I thought... it took me two months to book here.  There are around 15 people signed up on the log when I signed in.  So if there are 12 cubicles with 8 baby photos each then that would sum up to only 96 right?  But, Sr. Regina has been treating for almost 10 years with around 20 clients per day...   The odds aren't that great if you think that way right?  My thought was broken when the 3rd nurse asked for my name and shortly after Sister Regina came in.

fertility acupuncture
Sr. Regina seemed calm as she checked my Medical Chart.  Then she said, "So you have Septate Uterus.  Most of my clients have Septate but have successfully given birth." I said, "But, my doctor said I will need surgery." She said, "Yes, surgery may be needed depending on how centered it is.  But, with or without surgery... many have become pregnant."  I appreciated her assurance somehow. 
Then she asked how often my menstrual period was, how long and when was the last time.  She also asked if I had to take pain reliever during my period.  I told her no.  The pain is usually mild especially since I exercise.  She also asked who my OB was.  I told her I only visited once so I forgot.  She also asked if I was taking Metformin and I told her No.  She also asked the areas of my eczema and acknowledged my poor digestion issue which I've written on the form.  She told me to avoid drinking cold.  I told her I always feel cold.  She asked me what time I slept at night, I told her around 11 to 12 am and she said very late.

She then said, so you want to try acupuncture huh?  Then, instructed me show my tongue as she pointed me to lay on the bed.  She quickly began putting in needles on me.  The first one is the only one I felt.  It was on the left side forehead.  The others was painless.  I had some on the scalp, left lower arm, right lower arm, stomach area, and both legs and foot.  After placing the needles she left and I didn't see her again.

As soon as Sr. Regina left, a nurse came in placed a heated lamp on my stomach and asked me if I could handles the tingling pressure.  She also place a moxa next to both of my lower leg.  She asked if it was my first time.  I said, it was my first time there but second time for acupuncture.  I told her the first time had very few needles.   She then told me well, this time it's a lot as I have 21 needles in total.  She told me that the session will take 30 minutes. She left and and came back half way to check.  During that time, I just took a nap... not minding that the smoky smell of the moxa which I didn't like prior to the session.  After 30 minutes, another nurse removed the needles.  She wasn't as smooth as Sr. Regina so I felt the needles being removed as opposed to not feeling anything when they were put in. 

I then went to the reception.  The woman before me paid only 1,100 php so I was expecting an amount roughly like that too.  But, turns out mine was 2,210.  No receipt or any advise was given expect okay na so I just left. 

I now wonder if I need to go back for more sessions... But, let's see first if my issues will improve...

St. Francis Health Care Clinic
Address: 19 Panay Avenue, Quezon City (very near Panay cor. Roces Avenue)
Directions: Along Quezon Avenue (heading towards Circle), turn right at Roces (you will see SOGO Hotel). Turn right at Panay. Pass by BGC Hostel, Mandarin Sky, Japan Home Center's Warehouse  then you will see a big green gate with 19 in green.  The small gate is on the right side. 
Call first for appointment: (02) 373.5503 (0917) 541.5464