Markdown Madness up to 70% off sale @ The Enterprise (May 2-6 2011)

Kurt has been intending to buy a sandals after his outdoor slipper was chewed by our maltese "Lychee".  We decided to go to the sale up to 70% off at the 12th floor of Enterprise Building for brands:
  • Skechers 
  • Ecko
  • Zoo York
  • Pony 
  • Merrell


When we came in at around 6 p.m., the place was crowded.  It was swarming with employees who just came from work.  We heard sale persons carrying a shoe an shouting "Bili na kayo 800 php nalang" and the like.  There were jackets, T-shirts, caps, blouse, rubber shoes, skate shoes, sandals (Merrel and Skechers), bags (Skechers and Ecko), slippers (Skechers and Merell) and watches (Skechers Time).  The watch section sold watches at 30% off.  Most of the items on sale were foot wear.  The prices range from below 800 to 2,000 php.   Unlike other footwear sales we've been through, most foot wear still have various sizes available.   But you have to hunt for their boxes in the large racks or ask the sales personel in blue shirts to find your size.  There were foot wear for both kids and adults.  

Unfortunately for us, only the Merell brand carried sandals and there were only two styles available.  Kurt did not like the feel of both of them.  So we went home empty handed.