Birthday Party at Racks Magallenes. Best ribs in town?

Tonight, we got invited to my cousin first removed (Just discovered the phrase after googling the term for Son of my cousin) Yeuri's 4th birthday.  It was at Racks  Magallanes.

We arrived at the venue around 8:00 p.m.  As we entered, we were lead to the second floor.  We saw our relatives already eating.   So we got a plate and lined up in their buffet.  I was surprised that Racks offered a buffet style set up.  I haven't eaten there for quite a long time.  So I got a plate and let the buffet servers fill my plate one dish at a time.
As I got seated,  the first thing I did was to put some of their Racks Original Regular Barbecue Sauce on my Beef Ribs.  The ribs were still tender but no longer hot since we arrived fashionably late.   It was great because it was meaty and has no fats at all.  But I'm not sure if this is the best ribs in town.  Do you think it is?  The Carbonara was good too.  Sometimes, I find some carbonara's either bland or too tiring to eat ("nakakaumay").  But this one is tastes just right.  The Ceasar Salad was okay.  The mash potato was tasty,smooth with just a dash of salt and pepper just the way I like it.   The Cheese with Brocolli was good too.  Perhaps because I love both the cheese and brocolli=) 

In a party, the meal isn't the main attraction.   Yeuri then blew his candles and distributed the cupcakes to everyone in the room.   Being so excited with his gifts, he opened them all.  As expected, almost everyone gave him "Cars" toys and items because that was his favorite.  Initially, I also had the same idea.  Actually, this may sound funny but what everyone gave him has also crossed my mind (except the mp3 player that plays Katy Perry's Fireworks but I do agree it is a good song).  But I wanted to risk it and give something different.  I'm pleased that he liked it.  We spent an hour in Toy's R Us just deciding on what to buy.  

Overall, the party was great.  The food was great and it was good that everyone had a chance to chit chat with each other.

It has occurred that we have been spending birthdays together since we were little kids.  Although there was a phase in my life where I used to miss a lot of it.   During those times, I thought it was okay because there are more to come.  But then I realized that in life, it is not how rare things occur or not how valuable things are that make them special.  It is the value you put in them that make them special.  As I assess my life, it has occurred to me that I do value simple meals with family like this=)

Racks Paseo de Magallanes
South Park Plaza, Paseo de Magallanes
Pres. Sergio OsmeƱa Highway
Makati, Metro Manila
(02) 854-6622