CBTL's Espresso & Cream Ice Blended ~ My Kind of Coffee!

A few days ago, I wrote about CBTL's Espresso & Cream Ice Blended Open House (see separate entry).  The promo was from 10 a.m to 12 n.n.  We arrived at CBTL Robinsons Place at around 11:50 a.m.  There is a poster of the CBTL's Espresso & Cream Ice Blended Open House outside and beside the counter.  

There were no lines when we came in.  (Unlike the last month's blockbuster line during the 50% Starbucks promo which we gave up on=p) The cashier asked us for our order and then I told her we were for the open house.  She asked how many and if we'd like it with whip cream or coffee jelly (add 30 php).  I said with whip cream only.  With all smiles, she asked for my name and issued our receipt.  I actually thought that there is a charge for the whip cream but it turns out its free too.=)
We sat while waiting for our order.  We noticed that despite having an open house and FREE coffee, there were many vacant tables.  I browsed the crowd and only found a few availing it.  There were empty ones left at vacant tables.
After around 5 minutes, my name was called and we got our order and left.  I noticed that people may differ in the way they enjoy their ice coffee with whipped cream.  For me, I sip the coffee first before mixing it with whip cream to appreciate its full flavor.  

While sipping, I had a random thought.  Cold drinks are more difficult to formulate than hot drinks because if its hot, the drinker can just add more cream or sugar as much as he pleases.  But with cold drink, you can't adjust it once it has been served.  With each person, having their own taste preferences, it may not please everybody.

This coffee with or without whipped cream is my type of coffee!  This is what I expect from an espresso.  The coffee is aromatic, thick and strong.  One sip will bring you bitter sweet goodness that lingers for a few minutes.   My family and Kurt loved it too!  Do you love this coffee too?
Drank till the last drop
I love CBTL's hot drinks especially their teas.  They have a wide variety of them.  Now I have something to order cold too.  They also offer good incentives for CBTL Swirl Rewards Card Holders.  Aside from the points you earn which can be used for purchase you can also use their WiFi for FREE.  It's also an ideal hang out because seats are often available.  How about you have you tried CBTL?  Share us your experience.=)

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
2/F Midtown Wing, Robinson's Place Manila
Pedro Gil cor. Adriatico St. Ermita
Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 567-2004