Movie Review: Thor in full 3D

After seeing the trailer of Thor, Kurt and I have been eagerly waiting for the showing of Thor.  Yesterday, we finally got to watch it on its first day at Greenbelt Cinema 3.  It did not fail to please us.  The 3D effects were amazing and it was really worth it since it was in full 3D. According to my brother there were two versions of his fictional character biography: traditional (1960's) and modern.  I'm not familiar with the modern version but I am certain that the movie was not based on the traditional version.

Although I would have expected a longer fight scene, the movie had adequate pacing.  The plot was had been carefully set out.  The main characters were properly introduced and developed.  It had the right combination of hilarious jokes and drama scenes.  This would probably have another sequel and we would definitely watch it.

Despite Thor being a movie usually of interest to the guys, Chris Hemsworth's perfect body, charisma and charms will surely make this movie entertaining to the girls as well.  He and Natalie Portman really did a good job in acting out their role.  The movie is adequate for audiences of all ages.

Every Marvel movie has a post credit teaser for their next movie.  As expected, there is one too in this movie. We noticed that not all audience know that since only a few of us were left in the theater after the credits.  Well, if I were you I'd watch out for it.  It's part of what you paid for.  I don't think watching it in YouTube would be a good compensation especially since it's in 3D too.  Though honestly we do not know what the teaser means yet.  But I bet it would probably be related to Marvel's upcoming movies either Captain America or the Avengers.  Stan Lee also made an appearance as a pick- up truck driver.