Suplado Tips by Stanley Chi

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Everyone has their own different interpretation of being sexy. As some people think that being nice, having a great body and looks, being smart could show off their sexiness but for this book this is certainly not the case. After carefully reading it, I was enlightened but in a different way.  

Though the book shouldn't be taken literally as some people might assume. Stanley Chi's Suplado Tips (How  to be a snob) is a good read and is quite humorous in its own way. The jokes are simple enough and some of them are applicable in real life plainly because it shows how some of our wise crack comments could be more hurtful rather than amusing. 

Personal understanding :
Most of us could translate the jokes in our own weird way but for me the jokes were more of a lesson. I actually saw what I used to do to my friends and how a joke I made could actually mean a different thing. Sometimes answering a stupid question could be quite irritating but answering it as a jerk doesn't help anyone. Sometimes the easiest questions could be answered in the simplest way and yet most of the time we try to complicate ourselves by answering it in the most unethical way possible.

Has America Got It Right With Private Healthcare?

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With UK prescription costs rising, it's not surprising more and more people are questioning the value of a system that may lead people to ration or stop their medication altogether. In comparison to the UK's system of 'free' healthcare is the US system, in which medical care is private and paid for through private insurers.

The America Way
This approach to medical care has many possible advantages, with different companies providing a range of health facilities and health insurance. Competition between these companies drives fees down and gives a greater choice to those that may need different types of care.

The US spends a great deal on providing a range of programmes to ensure the public are looked after. The Medicaid program, for example, is state funded and was put in place for those that have little money and fewer opportunities to pay for their health care.

Of course, this type of government-led system is not for all and private health care is the most common option. If employers can't or choose not to offer health insurance as part of a contract, then it is down to the individual to ensure they are covered.

In some cases, an individual may choose to save money and not invest in reliable or fully comprehensive insurance. Or they may choose not to have health insurance at all. This leaves the nurses and doctors who treat such people with the inevitable problem of sorting out who pays the bills and if and when they should be treated.

So nursing jobs are not only concerned with the health and well-being of a patient, but the moral decisions involved in whether to withhold treatment. Those employed in the medical system, from doctors to those working in healthcare assistant jobs, are all affected, with the consequences of such decisions felt by the friends and relatives of those refused care.

In the UK all citizens are entitled to free health care and hospital treatment. The NHS is there to ensure that no one is at a disadvantage, no matter how rich or poor or whatever age they are.

Of course, this promise of 'free' care is not always so clear cut. When the government pays for a system that provides medical care, the authorities make the choice about when people can see a doctor and when a procedure can be performed.

This system has now become over-stretched and there are too few professionals and not enough money to cope with the number of people requiring assistance. Waiting lists get steadily longer.

Those in the UK may be spared the denial of medical treatment from profit-focused private companies, but they are faced with overcrowded hospitals, waiting lists and a service that can't provide operations when they are often most required.

Those that wait in hope for the privatisation of the NHS may look to the US for guidance, thinking that it has got it right with its private-healthcare system. However, it is worth remembering that although America spends more on healthcare that any other nation, it still cannot find ways to provide everyone with the appropriate medical treatment.

The UK and US health-care systems may well have their failings, but to seek a solution based solely on one option or the other seems simplistic. Perhaps a better balance of public and private health care is really the only way forward.

Mini Movie Ticket Giveaway for Senior Year in SM MOA Cinema

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Yabang Pinoy in its 8th year launches its PHmade project with a tag line "It's Worth Buying for".  It reminds us to think twice before spending.  

Also, save November 10- 11 2012 for the 8th Global Pinoy Bazaar – a showcase of Filipino products made with 100% Filipino Love and Pride.  

And lastly, Yabang Pinoy will also have a screening of Senior Year at SM MOA Cinema 4 at 4 p.m.

Get a chance to win you and your friend a movie ticket by joining my mini-giveaway!!  I'll pick a winner tomorrow at 10 p.m.

I-Shine Talent Camp TV Show by Promil Pre-School Premieres on ABS-CBN on June 23

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After the on-ground auditions at the Mall of Asia, Puregold and Cebu Parkmall, video entries and online voting, Promil Pre-School and ABS-CBN unveiled the 12 finalists during the I-Shine Talent Camp TV Show launch.

promil i shine talent camp tv show
Be sure to stay tune for this on June 23 (Saturday) at 9:30 a.m. as you will witness the journey of 12 adorable and enthusiastic I-Shiners:

  • Lukas - the “Acoustic Kid of Cebu”
  • Ayeisiah - the “Kiddie Diva of Olongapo”
  • Prince - the “Dance Floor Ace of Manila”
  • Althea - the “Born Kiddie Performer” of Manila
  • Gabby - the “Bibo Dancer of Paranaque”
  • Ella - the “Singing Idol of Davao”
  • Charls - the “Prince of Acting of Caloocan”
  • Icon - the “Dancing Icon of Marikina”
  • Patricia - the “Dancing Charmer of Antipolo”
  • JC - the “Acting Gem of Taguig”
  • Jake - the “Total Kid Performer of Makati”
  • Justine - the “Dance Floor Prince of Laguna
promil i shine talent camp tv show
I-Shiners with their supportive parents

Matteo Guidicelli, John Pratts,  Direk Bobot Mortiz, Direk Frasco Mortiz, Dimples Romana and Xian Lim
Matteo Guidicelli, John Pratts,  Direk Bobot Mortiz, Direk Frasco Mortiz, Dimples Romana and Xian Lim
Hosted by Dimples Romana, Matteo Guidicelli and Xian Lim, the I-Shine Talent Camp is a weekly reality TV show that where the 12 pre-school aged I-Shiners will undergo different workshops under the guidance of experts including John Prats for dancing, Karylle for singing, Luis Manzano for hosting and Direk Bobot Mortiz and Direk Frasco Mortiz for acting with the support of their parents by their side.

By watching the show, parents will get to see how talents can be developed and nurtured as the I-Shiners hone their potential.  What's good about the show is that they apply positive enforcement.  No child will be eliminated during the show.  Instead, the kids will earn stars in their quest to win the ultimate prize.  A bright future awaits the grand winner of the I-Shine Talent Camp who will receive a talent contract from Star Magic and Promil Pre-School plus 500,000 php in cash.

promil ishine talent camp tv show
Wyeth team with the I-Shiners
I'm sure you will all fall in love with the I-Shiners.  As we were introduced to them, we saw how really smart and cheerful they were.  At a young age, they are very eager to learn and become a star.  They love the camera and even pose voluntarily.

promil ishine talent camp tv show

promil ishine talent camp tv show

promil ishine talent camp tv show

promil ishine talent camp tv show

promil ishine talent camp tv show

promil ishine talent camp tv show

promil ishine talent camp tv show

Watching these kids dance before us amazed me.  They were filled with energy and with all smiles as if they were just playing around and having fun.  After their performance, they didn't look tired at all.  They just looked for their glass of Promil Pre-School and drank them real quick too.

Let's watch the I-Shine Talent Camp TV Show together! I can't wait. =D

Update: Watch the I-Shine Talent Camp TV Show online here

Gandiva Cafe Archery Range: My Attempt for a Bull's Eye

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Last week, my family decided to try our archery at Gandiva Cafe Archery Range.  The place is a bit conspicuous as it is found at the 7th floor of One Corporate Center in Ortigas, Pasig.  If we didn't see it online, we wouldn't even have a clue that it exists.  On the way, I couldn't spot any sign leading us to where it was.

The fees are charge based on the hours of play.  One hour is 600 php and the paper target is 25 php.  We were given our protective padding and our arrow belt holder.  We were then handed our bow and arrows as we were instructed personally by a guide.

The bows were quite heavy for me since I don't work out or exercise.  Towards the end, all my siblings were able to make a bull's eye.

The Gandiva Cafe is actually a vegan cafe.  Too bad we were in a hurry for dinner so we were not able to try it out.

But, we got bought some healthy chips which I have yet to try.

Overall, it was a great experience.  Maybe we'll try a shooting range next. =D

Gandiva Cafe Archery Range.
Unit 704 One Corporate Center,
Julio Vargas st. Ortigas Center 
Pasig City, Metro Manila
(02) 638-8771

Movie Review: Rock of Ages

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One of the movie we have been waiting for is Rock of Ages.  It's a movie jam packed with our favorite stars like Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta-Jones and more placed in a musical setup.

From the start, the show begins with music and it continued until the very end.  Loving the song of the 80's, I can't help but go along with all the music and emotions portrayed.  The movie isn't purely musical as they is also a good humor in it.  The plot may not be deep but it really brings one back to the past.

All the stars played their roles well especially Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx.  His charisma never fails.  The tandem of Julianne Hough as Sherrie Christian and Diego Boneta as Drew Boley was awesome too.

Overall, Rock of Ages is a must watch!  It's an entertaining show where people can feel nostalgic as they listen to the music of the 80's.  It's also a great way for the youth to recognize the music of the past.  It's the type of movie I see myself enjoying despite watching over and over again.  To those who have young children, there are a bit of lustful scenes to portray the era of rock n roll and sex so parental guidance is needed.
Watch Rock of Ages!!!

Keds: Status Earthly Delights Party at Skye Lounge

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Last Saturday, I was invited to the Status Earthly Delights Party at Skye Lounge by Keds.  I decided to drop by and check out the fun.  

keds status earthly delights party
There was an overflow of food and drinks!

keds status earthly delights party
VIP Section
DJ Fashen was rockin the house with his awesome mix of music.

skye lounge
Our table
Despite the rain, we didn't mind as we seated cozily here.

skye lounge
The view at Skye Lounge is beautiful don't you agree?

Status Earthly Delights Party
There's a photo booth and unlimited Magnum Ice Cream (see separate entry).  I had the chocolate truffle and the magnum classic.  Yum!

Status Earthly Delights Party
I love the creativity they put into the table decor.

Status Earthly Delights Party
Did I mention it was a wet and wild party?  There were water guns in every table.  Party peeps were chasing and squirting one another.

Status Earthly Delights Party
What's a wet and wild party without a pool?  The rain and cool winds did not stop the crowd from taking a dip in the pool.

keds auctioned Status Earthly Delights Party
Of course, the main purpose of the party is helping others.  Keds auctioned a couple of custom sneakers designed by CJ De Silva and Soleil Ignacio for the benefit of our co-earth dwellers everywhere.

keds auctioned Status Earthly Delights Party
The Keds sneakers were auctioned at a starting price of 1,600 php.  Too bad I didn't get to watch the end result because I had to leave for a family dinner.

keds auctioned Status Earthly Delights Partyharibon foundation
Keds sneakers were hanged up for display.  The Haribon Foundation has also set up a booth to selling seeds and help populate the planet with more flora and fauna.

Taylor Dayne & Edwin McCain Live In Manila: Our Experience at SM Arena

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Last week, we got to watch Taylor Dayne & Edwin McCain Live In Manila courtesy of Ferds.  Despite being a rainy night, we were all hyped up for it.  It was our first time to watch at SM Arena too.  

Taylor Dayne and Edwin McCain Live In Manila
We were seated at the front center lower box so we had a really nice view.  The show time was supposed to be 8 p.m. but it started at 9 p.m.  SM Arena doesn't allow food and drinks from the outside so we bought at the Snack Centers inside.  A lot of people assumed wrongly that they'd be allowed to bring in the Starbucks drinks they bought form the Starbucks along the SM Arena so the baggage counter was filled with a lot of them.

Watch Edwin McCain Shooting Stars

The show begun with songs from Edwin McCain: Shooting Stars, I'll Be, Couldn't Ask For More, Walk With You, Beautiful Life and more!

After the intermission, the King of RnB Jay-R sang a few Filipino songs.

Then the show went lively as Taylor Dayne performed her famous disco songs.  They were some heartbreaking pop songs too like Love Will Lead You Back, I'll Always Love You, Can't Get Enough Of You Love, Prove Your Love and Tell It To My Heart.

The concert is a clash of two genres and from artists from a different musical era.  But somehow it worked.  We had fun! =D

Cleverbuy Closed: Beware of the Clever Scam

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Deal sites have gained popularity as consumers as an offer to save seem irresistible.  One of the bigger group buying sites is Cleverbuy.  They have simultaneous deal offerings everyday.  Last February, they even emailed me an invite that their Affiliate Marketing Program at 7th High Bonifacio High Street.  It was party I didn't go to because I don't drink but I heard it overflowed with food, drinks and they even raffled of f travel packages

So when I saw that they had an offering for Paul Calvin's Deli, I took the bait and bought six vouchers for the family.  We were planning to use it this June since the deal is valid until June 30, 2012.  But, when we called Paul Calvin's Deli, we were informed that they are no longer honoring Cleverbuy vouchers since Cleverbuy failed to reimburse them for the previous ones they accepted too.

We were surprised as we watch the news at ABS-CBN that there is a wide-scale fraud going on.  Up to date, there are over 100 consumers filing a complaint to the DTI.

And sadly, there are also many who are unaware of their schemes as their site is still up and running with consumers availing of their deals.

Of course, I want to be compensated so I did my best to investigate about this issue.  First, I checked their Facebook page and they were so many comments worried clients like me.  

Here are some relevant information I've gathered:

                                                  See Chris Aranyez and David Stautigel Here
  • Chriz Arañez (09175143733) was the former country manager of Cleverbuy.  During his management, Cleverbuy executed a travel deal from TripToe (managed by Ms. Leah Ramos) which had many consumer complaints since last March, 2012.  Chriz Arañez forwarded advance payment to TripToe who they failed to execute their part of the bargain.  
    • TripToe Travel and  Cashmere Travel and Tours both based in Iligan are owned by Amielyn Madale Limbona who is currently facing an estafa case
  • Edgardo Garcia replaced Chris Arañez as country manager and he is expected to appear on June 8.
  • David Stautigel is the general manager of Cleverbuy and representative of the owner Christian Bayer who is now in Germany. He is also the Czech Republic's Country Manager.
  • Ronald Rodriguez and Marissa Topacio are the  Sales Manager and Channel Sales Manager respectively.
  • Cleverbuy and J2 Travel and Tours are sister companies.  Both  are closed since May 29, 2012
  • Cleverbuy is part of Webix Business Solutions Inc., which develops websites (dating sites, porn sites...) for European clients which are legal in Europe.
  • Yesterday (June 5, 2012), Cleverbuy closed its China Bank account.  Thereby making all their checks bounce (criminally liable for B.P. 22)
So what to do now?
The only we can do is file a complaint and hope for the slim chance of being reimbursed or getting our moneyback.

Join other consumers in reporting them!
  • What to bring: 
  • Where to go: NBI Anti-fraud Division, 5th floor, NBI Taft Avenue, Manila on June 8, 2012 2 P.M. to file a complaint along with other victims
    • Wear at least smart casual

Korean Drama Review: The Greatest Love also known as Best Love

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There seems to be a lot of Korean dramas that involves Korea's Entertainment Industry.  Following the trend is a recent Korean comedy and drama called  "The Greatest Love" a.k.a "Best Love".  However, what sets it apart from other dramas is that the stars are middle-aged.  Do you think they pulled it off?

The love team is composed of Goo Ae Jung played by Gong Hyo Jin and Dokko Jin by Cha Seung Won.  The main casts had a great chemistry together.  The acting is superb too.  Together with Kang Se Ri casted by Yoo In Na and  Yoon Pil Joo casted by Yoon Kye Sang, every episode of "The Greatest Love" is entertaining.  Well, the last episodes seems a bit dragging but it was still okay.  The humor and drama felt natural and moving.  This is a feel good drama that anyone can enjoy.

A once famous female singer and a super popular actor falls in love with each other.  Will their love prevail over their careers?

Watch The Greatest Love !!!

Fuelling Your Body for Cycling

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Keeping your body in optimal shape is essential to perform at your best as a cyclist. Exercising regularly, weight training and building up endurance is necessary for every cyclist. Improving your nutrition, however, is just as important. There are many foods that will help you stay in shape and keep your body operating at its best.

Green or Black Tea

Scientists have discovered that the extract from black and green tea leaves help alleviate soreness in athletes and helps speed muscular recovery. If you are cycling in intervals, drink unsweetened black or green tea just before a ride to lessen the pain and soreness that many cyclists feel after a ride.

Add Carbs for Energy

While many cyclists load up on carbs for energy before a race, nutritionists suggest against a binge on carbs in the hours leading up to a racing event. They suggest increasing carbohydrates in the days before the event for the maximum impact. Besides the carbohydrate favorites such as pasta, cyclists can enjoy high carbohydrate foods such as fruit, yogurt and chocolate milk.

Salmon and Tuna

Salmon and tuna are not only great for energy, but they are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which aid in muscle building. Omega 3 fatty acids have been known to increase blood flow, which helps to remove toxins from the body. Canned tuna in water is also a great source of energy that will fuel your cycling workout. Avoid meats with high fat content that will slow you down and make you sluggish during your rides.

Eat Small and Often

Sports physiologists recommend eating small meals often to keep energy levels high and to stave off hunger. Cycling requires a lot of energy from the body. If you go too long between meals, you will be tempted to eat larger portions of unhealthy foods. Eating a small meal just before and after a ride causes your body to use the food instead of your muscles for energy.

Berries and Cherries

These antioxidant foods are essential for rebuilding muscles and repairing small muscle tears after a workout. Berries are naturally low in fat and calories and provide you with energy without compromising your waistline. Berry juices like Acai berry have been known to aid in digestion and flush toxins from the system. Add berries to cereal, smoothies and yogurt for a healthy treat.

Colour Your Plate

Experts advise cyclists to aim for a rainbow when planning their meals. Red and pink foods such as tomatoes, grapefruit and watermelon contain compounds that protect the skin against sun and cellular damage. Green foods like spinach, kale and broccoli are high in folic acid that protects the joints and spine. Orange and yellow foods such as carrots, squash, bananas and sweet potatoes boost the immune system, allowing you to fight off illness that will keep you from cycling. Improving your diet for cycling requires knowledge of how the body functions and what foods keep it at its peak. By adding in healthy foods, you will enjoy optimal nutrition to fuel your rides.

Darren is a Professional Cyclist and Manager of one of the best bicycle shops in Melbourne, Australia. Being a professional cyclist, he knows the importance of getting your diet right for cycling.

African Mango Diet

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According to Dr Oz,  Irvingia Gabonensis also known as wild mango, bush mango or pure African mango is a super-potent fiber.  The high fiber content from the fruit extract helps to suppress the appetite. It is shown to be one of the best leptin regulator in keeping leptin levels at the right mark thereby reducing hunger pangs and cravings.  It can also lower blood sugar levels because it contains substances like adiponectin, which increase insulin sensitivity of the body cells that allows greater fat tissue breakdown. In addition, it can also lessen the conditions of inflammation and it also contains potential anti-cancer agents.

Thanks to our science and technology, we don't need to go to Africa to gain access to African Mango.  We can now purchase pills online easily at our own convenience.  In pills form, intake is simple and hassle-free.  You can enjoy an African Mango Diet anytime you wish.  The effects are fast too.  Try it out and see for yourself.

The best part of having a natural diet like the  African Mango Diet is that they have no negative side effects.  We all know that fruits are natural sources of vitamins and minerals.  It is a gift of nature wherein our bodies are made to respond too.  So why go through the risk of trying artificial and chemically formulated diet pills when you can go through a safe and natural way through  African Mango Diet?

Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

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With a known producer Joe Roth (Alice in Wonderland) and Sam Mercer (Sixth Sense) plus a great cast and marketing, I'm sure a lot of audience have put Snow White and the Huntsman in their must watch list.  Is it?  We were so glad to watch it in an advance screening courtesy of Star World Philippines, Surf, STIOishi and Goldilocks.  
The story sets in medieval times where witches, trolls, fairies and kings existed.  The plot is basically the infamous fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves with an added twist such as a handsome and hunk huntsman casted by Chris Hemsworth, mixture of familiar sound effects (see if you can recognize some) and more.  Yet I find the mix bag insufficient to sustain my full attention.  I found some of the scenes too dragging and boring.  The movie begins in a narration and in the end becomes an action film similar to Joan of Arc but in short length.

Ravenna starred by Charlize Theron and Finn casted by Sam Spruell were great!  The roles were played well as the duo drew the attention and emotions of the audience.  The huntsman played a weird role in the movie.  Up until the end, I'm still wondering what he was there for.  But, Chris Hemsworth played well especially in the action scenes.  Kristen Stewart as Snow White failed to prove herself as the fairest of the all throughout the movie.

Overall, the movie is watchable but my expectation were clearly not met.  This is just another movie.
Watch Snow White and the Huntsman!