Matsuri Eat all you can Japanese Cuisine at Tomas Morato

Last January, we were able to avail the Ensogo Promo of 50% off on Dinner all you can at Matsuri for only 295 php for each person.  As we have read in a newspaper article, the operated by the son of the Triple V restaurant owner so we were eager to try it out.  We were supposed to buy for many for my birthday but when I was about to purchase only two coupons were left.
On February 10, 2011, we decided to use the voucher.  We made our reservations at 6:00 p.m. and arrived on time.  We were asked for our vouchers upon being seated since they have to verify them first.  After being verified, we were given their Eat-all-you can menu.  This style was similar to Red Kimonos style of eat-all-you can.  It was ala-carte style with limited choices.

Salmon Sashimi
Aspara Kani Maki
Philadelphia Roll
Crazy Maki 
Chawan Mushi
Ushi Ebi Tempura
Miso Soup
We begun by ordering appetizers Salmon Sashimi, Makimonos : Crazy Maki, Aspara Kani Maki  and Philadelphia Roll. The Salmon Sashimi was naturally sweet and freshly sliced.  I loved it!  (Kurt doesn't eat anything raw but we ordered this twice=p)The Makimonos were not that special but worth trying.  We then ordered Miso Soup.  I liked it because it had mushrooms aside from tofu and seaweeds.  Of course, let's not forget everyone's all-time favorite Ushi Ebi Tempura.  It was better than most out there so we ordered this twice.  Then we ordered Chawan Mushi (steamed egg).  Their version was topped with green onions and bits of mushrooms.  Usually, when Japanese Resturants serve Sanma (Seasoned Pacific Saury/Mackarel), customers expect it to be a little to expensive for its price.  So we were quite surprised that it was included in the menu.  This was the most disappointing dish for the night.  It was only a local fish called "Gigi".  It was mostly bitter because the intestine were uncleaned.
Kamameshi Mix
Tofu Steak
Chicken Teriyaki with Asian Pesto
Salmon Teppanyaki
Seafood Teppanyaki
Yakitori Teriyaki
Tartufo Spaghetti
Our Mix Kameshi came together with the tofu steak.  This marked the beginning of our sweetened dish adventure.  The Kamameshi rice had the usual ingredients and used authentic japanese rice which was short and sticky.  But it was overpowered by sugary sweetness.  The Tofu Steak had some cripsy batter on top and had a sweet soy-based sauce with mushrooms.  We thought the Chicken Teriyaki with Asian Pesto sounded unique so we had to try it out.  It was good.  The sweetness of the Teriyaki sauce was balanced out by a hint of asian pesto.  We then tried the Salmon Teppanyaki and Seafood Teppanyaki.  It was the usual teppanyaki but a little sweeter.  They were also a bit overcooked and dry.  They have failed to draw out the unique taste of the Salmon fish which we were longing for.   Next came the Yakitori Teriyaki.  It was chicken grilled with teriyaki sauce.  It was not too sweet and the chicken was tender.  At this point we were already full and all the Teppanyaki and Robatayaki dishes has already maxed out our sugar limit for the day so we decided to order just one last dish before desert.  Wondering why a pasta dish is included in the menu, we tried the Tartufo Spaghetti.  It tasted like ordinary carbonara.

Muscovado and Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee
Chocolate Ice Cream
For dessert, we ordered Muscovado and Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee and Chocolate and Mango Ice Cream.  The Brulee actually tasted like leche flan with a hint of vanilla.  Although I usually like desserts, it did not appeal to my taste. 

Overall, the service was good.  Two waiters served us with out most attention.  They also made their recommendations and advised us on what to order.  The food came out fast except for our last orders.  But it was understandable since a large group of  people came and they became more busy.  We also noticed that they were attentive with our empty plates.  But they were very strict in terms of their no left  over policy since they do not collect our plates until we ate the vegetable side dishes.    We were also quite disappointed that some of the dishes in the menu were unavailable like the Manhattan Panko Roll and the Creamy Chicken Ragout.  

This was our first time to use a voucher and it was worth it.  In fact, we couldn't believe that we don't have to pay for anything extra that we confirmed it with the waiter before we left.  

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233 Tomas Morato extension corner E. Lopez Street
Quezon City
(02) 376-6351