3 Essential Tools to Handle Most Video-Related

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Tasks nowadays most people tend to encounter videos on a daily basis – either as part of their work or personal life. Even if you aren’t actually creating videos of your own, you’re undoubtedly going to be handling video files and watching or storing them on your various devices – which is why having the right tools can go a long way to help you out.

1. Video conversion software
If you’ve ever encountered a video that you were unable to play then that is exactly why you need video conversion software. Essentially it will allow you to convert any videos to a format that is compatible with your devices, and as an added bonus you can even optimize them at the same time too.

2. Video editing software
While you may not be interested in creating videos and publishing them online, having at least basic video editing software will open up some useful possibilities on a day to day basis. Imagine being able to ‘cut out’ the parts of the video that you’re interested in and save them rather than having to store a lengthy clip when you’re only interested in a small section of it.

3. Screen capture software
Being able to record your screen will also be useful in more ways than one. With screen capture you can record streaming video, save Skype calls, webinars, and much more.

As you can see, these tools will come in handy in various ways and you can find all of them as part of the Movavi series of video programs. Assuming you’ve never tried to edit, convert, or screen capture in the past – the Movavi software should be perfect considering it will simplify the process and make it easy and straightforward.

Whether you want to convert your videos from one format to another, record your screen, or edit your videos – you’ll find that the Movavi software encompasses numerous different features and specializations. All you need to do is pick the one that relates to the task you’re trying to perform, and you should be able to get it done in minutes – at most.

By exploring the Movavi software and the features they provide, you’ll soon start to see firsthand just how useful they can be. In fact, you may even begin to wonder how you ever managed to get by without having them at your disposal.

Ball Pit Manila: Philippines First Adult Only Play Park

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Everyone secretly wishes that they could go to the playground once more.  Now is your chance because Ball Pit Manila is coming this March 2016.

This time only adults get to play because it's for adult only!

Prepare to dive into 80,000 white orbs.  See if you can still do your tricks on the monkey bars or simply jump and have fun on the trampolines.

Gather up your friends and enjoy some freedom and guaranteed childish fun.

For only P299 as the promo price (from P499), you can book this one of a kind experience with

FREE coffee to boot!

Opens by March 2016 in Makati from 11am to 10pm.
Book now at our website: www.ballpitmanila.com.