Isdaan Fresh Catch and Tacsiyapo (Gerona, Tarlac)

  • Entry to Isdaan Fresh Catch 

Although we've been passing by Isdaan Fresh Catch for many years and have seen it in TV shows, this was our first time to stop and try eating there.  As we entered, I was surprised that the area was very big.  As the name indicates, it was a giant fishpond.  It was a hidden village in bamboo floating above the pond.  There were nipa huts with tables inside where customers could dine.  There was a souvenir store by the entrance.  There is also an area where performers would sing and dance.  There were at least two aviaries.  Children can wear life vests and ride the carts pulled by rams.   There is also a mini store selling goats milk.  They also had open kitchens.  There is also a play called "Unggoy-unggoyan".  But didn't get to find out what that meant.  There were bicycles there and rubber bouncing ponies. Beside the Isdaan there is one big hut for another restaurant called "The Singing Cooks & Waiters Atbp."
  • The food

Adobong Pusit
Manok sa Gata

Before we ordered, the waitress informed us that each dish is good for 2-3 orders so we ordered many dishes.  To our surprise the servings were big that we couldn't finish even half of them.  We didn't like the bulalo because the taste was too concentrated.  It tasted strongly of pepper and msg.  the soup was undrinkable.  We just ate the meat and bone marrow.  The adobong pusit had a thick sweetened sauce.  We had to eat it with a lot of rice just to tolerate the excessive sweetness.  The manok sa gata was the most decent dish that we ordered.  It was roasted chicken with a little hint of gata and other spices.  It was tender and juicy too.  The kare-kare was ordinary.  The bagoong that came with it was nothing special so it did not compliment the kare-kare well.  The pinakbet was fresh and sweet.  The vegetables were chunky.  We also ordered the tilapia but it tasted like mud so no one ate it.  For drinks we had fresh watermelon shake.  It was very sweet and refreshing.

  • "Tacsiyapo"

do people really hate 5/6?

Tacsiyapo is a section in Isdaan where you can purchase cup (worth 15 php), bowls (worth 18 php), plates (worth 35 php), pitcher (worth 100 php), vase (350 php) and broken TV (worth 2,000 php) and throw them at the wall to release your anger or just for fun and experience.  My cousins tried it.  They said it was fun.  I didn't try it though.  I was not the destructive type even for the fun of it.  I feel that those good quality products (nature's resource and labor along with it) were being wasted.  In fact, I think it would have been better if they just used defective pottery products which were being destroyed anyway.  We also noticed that among all the statements in the wall, the most damaged was the 5/6.  I wonder if that was true or that it was the easiest to aim for.  I also found it interesting that there are some people who actually pay 2,000 php just to throw a TV at a wall.        I think that person would either be rich, very muscular or very angry.
  • Remarks
The place really targets tourists.  The ambiance is very good.  There were groups of singers that approach you and sing for you while you eat.  I recall there were 5 groups that sung for us.  At first we were pleased but soon we realized the downside. (We had to give them tips as a sign of courtesy! so that's x5).   The food was not worth coming back for. (Perhaps we ordered the wrong dishes?)  It did not meet my expectation of bringing up the natural flavor from the fresh ingredients which most provincial eatery were able to do.  It was also pricey.   We were surprised that our bill totaled 7,000 php.  If ever we drop by in Pangasinan, we don't think we'd opt to dine here again.  The "Tacsiyapo" is something worth trying or fun for some people.  It is indeed a cool and unique idea which may bring more tourists into the place.

Isdaan Fresh Catch

MacArthur Highway,
2302, Gerona,Tarlac, 
(045) 931-2196