Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides on FULL 3D

We've always been a Pirates of the Carribbean fan so we couldn't miss its fourth movie.  We purchase large Wasabi popcorn from Taters (95 php) and 3 Jumbo ice tea (40 php each).  Then we found out that each Robinson's 3D Cinema Ticket (300 php per ticket) comes with free regular sized popcorn and regular sized softdrinks.  (Lol imagine how much I was munching/sipping durign the movie)

The movie started with its full 3D effects.  The plot was okay but there were some parts of it that made no sense to me.  The story was now centered at Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp.  He's act and jokes are consistently entertaining still.  Other than that, there were less action and comedy in it compared to the others.   Mermaids, Blackbirds magic sword and the fountain of youth combined and yet it has failed to please the crowd.

      Spoiler Alert (in white ink)!  These are the parts of the plot that confused me.
  1. Why would the Spaniards even wipe the chastise clean if they intend to break or drown it anyway?
  2. How did the clergy man know that the mermaid Syrena has a name?
  3. Why did the Syrena give the chastise?
  4. Why did the Syrena kiss and drown the clergy man?
I didn't think that 3D was an integral part of the movie.  There were swords swinging, burnt ashes flying, water bubbling, barrels rolling and more that were enhanced by being 3D.  But what I wouldn't feel that I missed something if I watched the movie in 3D.

Based on the post-credit scene, I would say there will be another movie.  Would I still watch it?  Yes.  I would still!