Movie Review: The Adventures of Tin Tin IMAX 3D SM Southmall

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When I was a child, I was an absolute "The Adventures of Tin Tin" Fan.  My siblings and I used to watch "The Adventures of Tin Tin" in cartoons over and over.  As if that wasn't enough, we also have a collection of Tin Tin comic books which we have kept until now.   So when I was invited to watch "The Adventure's  of Tin Tin" on IMAX 3D at SM Southmall, I said "yes" without any hesitation even though it was not the nearest IMAX theatre from where I live.  I invited Kurt to come too but he wasn't familiar with Tin Tin so he was quite hesitant but he decided to come along anyway.

It was actually my first time to try the IMAX theatre at SM Southmall since its launch last July.  The experience was awesome!   Arriving late after the rush hour traffic, we picked up some snacks which were served in a flash.  We had our Taquitos with Cheese and a bottle of Ice Cold Nestea Ice Tea served in a snack tray.  The large clear screen, laser-aligned digital sound and 3D effects on IMAX 3D brought our childhood Tin Tin memories to life.  After watching the movie, Kurt realized that he has watched the Tin Tin cartoon series before too.

The movie is perfect for all audiences.  It is recommended for both fans and non-fans alike.  Watching it in 3D was an enhancement to the experience because you could see the characters and action being brought into life right before your very eyes.   The movie was filled with humor, action and suspense.

"The Adventures of Tin Tin"  movie is a must-watch for Tin Tin fans as the movie is very faithful to both the cartoon and the comic book.   Despite already knowing the plot, I found every scene thrilling still.

A job well done for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson for managing to make the movie as exciting and yet, sticking to the true essence of "The Adventures of Tin Tin".

Watch "The Adventures of Tin Tin" 
and go through one of the best adventures of your life!

7 Simple Tips In Finding Happiness

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This is for my friend who seems depressed.  He sleeps for more than 12 hours a day.  He always feels sad and tired.  He feels that he is hopeless or worthless and in relation to this he wants to die.  He has a difficulty in concentration.  He is very irritable.   He has unexplained headaches everyday and often on other parts of his body like his leg too.  He has a loss of appetite.  I've been watching him like this for five years.  Too bad that he and his family is in denial.  I do understand that its easy to blame others or make excuses.  But, I hope my friend reads this.

1. Be Satisfied and Thankful For The Little Things Life Has To Offer
The little things can be anything.  It can be a person , place or an object.  Remember, although they can be measured differently like based on a price tag,  you can always have your own way of giving them value.  Being rich or poor has nothing to do with this.  Always be glad for every knew experience or the things you learn.  Through this, there will never be a boring moment in your life.  

Whenever I treat my friend out for a dinner or bring him to a cool new place.  He will often shrug and tell me its nothing special.  He always tells me with a disappointed face that he couldn't eaten something more delicious if he wanted to or go somewhere better if he wanted to.  I have never seen him happy or excited about anything.  When I ask him what he thinks about something, he'd be forced to say that it's "okay".  He feels that by inviting him, I should be the one to be thankful for his attendance.  

On the other hand, I'd be happy over a scoop of cheap ice cream or even just a box of chocolates.  I could be happy just by hearing my favorite song on the radio and the like.   I'm also always eager to learn and try out knew things.   That way I could am happy everyday because there will always be something wonderful in a day. 

2. Be Optimistic

It is undeniable that there will always be something bad to happen in our lives.  But, there will always be something good corresponding to it.  Its like the common expression of the "Is the glass half empty or half full?"  My friend always saw the glass half empty.  In fact, he is always searching for the wrong or bad things that he misses out on all the good things.  Even if there is no problem at all, he finds one and makes it a big deal.  Our minds are very powerful.  We have the power to turn the outcome of our life with our mindset.  If you are not convinced then I suggest that you test it out like I did on my personal experiences.

3. Learn to Let Go
This is the counterpart of being optimistic.  You should always learn to let go.  A lot of people are afraid of optimism because it can result to disappointments and annoyance.  Well, why would you let those things irritate you or make you waste your time and energy?  Sometime, we even let them anger or let us hate them.  You already know that it will do no good so when bad things happen learn all you can from it and then throw it out and forget it ever happened.  Some people like my friend find it difficult to let go.  He even reasons his pride as an excuse.  We should learn to forgive and forget.  Some ask "How can I forgive when it hurts so much?"  Truth is, it hurts more when you hold it in and don't let go.  

4. Share the Blessing and Build Relationships
If you have learned to value other, share your blessings with them and feel the happiness twice by making them and yourself happy.  The more people you help and share with, the more it will increase your self-worth.  A simple way of sharing happiness with others is simply smile or greet them and notice how many of them will respond positively.  It's better to be fooled than be fooled.  So try to trust others and show sincerity.  Through this, you can build relationships with others and they can help you whenever you are in need.  No matter how alone you may seem, I'm sure you have your family to start with.

My friend never understood this.  He was always expecting something in return in every action he did.  He could never understand and feel the joy of simply giving.  It is because he never learned to recognized the value of others around him.  

5. Navigate Your Life, Keep Yourself Busy and Be Productive

Always do something with your valuable and limited time.  Make a goal for yourself and feel the happiness it will bring once you achieved it.  A lot of people look at work as negative when it is actually something good.  It is by setting our goals and reaching it that we find meaning in our lives and we learn to value ourselves.  Moreover, by being idle, you are letting your body depreciate.  It also allows a lot of negativity to flow into your mind.  Being productive means trying our best and getting read or blames and excuses.  It's so easy to escape from responsibilities or our mistakes by blaming others or making excuses that we never learn from it.

6. Have Faith
Remember to keep the faith.  Always pray to thank and ask for guidance whenever you are lost or confused.  We are not perfect and we will always need divine intervention.  

7. Reflect and Meditate
Always take time to appreciate and recollect your life experiences.  Sometime, you can find similarities and differences in each occurrence.  Take note of them and acknowledge your actions and mistakes and learn from them.

Perhaps, you have more tips on finding happiness? 

Is Google finally Getting Social Networking?

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Google Wave
Unleased on May 2009 is the Google Wave.  Google wave was a real-time messaging, email and collaboration platform.  It was difficult to understand so I didn't bother with it. But, it was predicted by others to replace email or even Facebook.  Surprisingly, it didn't become successful and was instead shut down after a year.

Google Buzz
Launched only in February 2010, is Google Buzz.  Google Buzz is a social messaging platform where you can share status updates, photos, videos, and links with friends through Gmail.  This service is also about to be terminated and by Google+.  Honestly, I never even used Google Buzz.  Do you use Google Buzz?
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Google Friend Connect
Google Friend Connect is allows you to turn your website into a social networking site by adding Google Friend Connect widgets on your site.  Although Google Friend Connect has a lot to offer.  For example, you can message your readers and followers.  I feel that I am not able to tap into it entirely.  Actually, I only use Google Friend Connect to follow blogs and read their regular RSS updates.  Three days ago, Google just announced that Friend Connect will be retired for all non-Blogger sites by March 1, 2012.  They are now encouraging users to use Google + Badges and Pages instead.
Google Plus
There was initially a big fuss over Google Plus.  I even made a review about it (see separate entry)  But, I don't know if you've noticed but it didn't become such a big hit as it was expected too.  My Google Plus is always so silent and boring.  Sure!  Most of my friend have Google Plus but none of them are actually using it.  

I was expecting people to use Google Hangout because its an excellent FREE service but people are still using Skype and other alternatives they are accustomed to.  Should we expect Google Plus to be replaced again like all the other Google Services above?

6 Reasons To Date A Girl Gamer

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Dating a girl gamer can be quite a hassle for some guys but it is actually fun. There are a lot of reasons why going out with a girl gamer can turn out to be a good experience and can even help your noobish game know-how.

1. Your Date Will be Dead Simple

One of the reasons why you should not back out on a date when you find out that she is fond of games is because the date nights would be quite simple. Sure, you will have to treat her for a night out but she would actually prefer a night in with video games. Order some food and have some drinks as you play those entertaining video games.

2. Gamer Girls Are Techie Beings
Since these girls love games, they know their way around technology. Try setting up a sound system with her or just let her help you out with RCA, HDMI and Component cables. She surely knows the differences between these things. Even if they may not know what they are, they are not afraid to learn what these things are.

3. Girl Gamers Know Their Way Around

A girl who loves to play online games can be like your tour guide. She might already have her experience with a lot of dungeons or in beating an evil mage. She can introduce you to a lot of stuff and might even share you some walkthroughs.

4. Girl Gamers Are Good At Solving Problems, Including You or Yours

If those are not yet enough, here is the fourth reason: they are great at solving puzzles. Whether it is a crossword puzzle or simply a game of survival where you need to solve a puzzle, she can give you just the help you need.

5. Girl Gamers Are Easy to Please

Now, if you have dated a girl long enough, she will surely give you amazing presents. You might want a game accessory or shirts and hoodies that display your love for games. Apart from that, another reason is that these girls will never be too grossed out whenever there is a movie about zombies or dead people walking. If you love to watch such gore movies, you will never be alone.

6. One Love

These girl gamers understand you as well as your love for games. While some would be too annoyed that you hog the computer for hours, girls who play online or video games will support you all the way. Whether it is about a new game that has been released or if it is an all-nighter for a particular launching of a game, she will always be by your side.

Girls who are great in real gaming (outside of lame cooking games realm) are really rare to the 99th power. It's a sexist world out there, but with these traits, you wouldn't mind that, would you?

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Is Generation Y's Direction Towards Self-Actualization Good or Bad?

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Generation Y are those who are born between the 80's and the 90's.  The Generation Y are currently aged at around 20 to 30's.  I myself below to Generation Y.

Have you ever wondered why those in their 40's or 50's never bothered to shift from one work to another.  Most of them, have spent their lives working in one company for more than 10 years.  They don't mind working and working as long us they are rewarded.  But, I noticed that in our generation, the Generation Y, people are seeking towards their self-actualization or self-fulfillment.  People are not afraid to shift from one job to another, to study again or to spend for travelling and exploration.  I bet a lot of you are already looking for cheap holidays.  Working and living is more than just being able to eat and pay the bills.  People are not ashamed to leave their jobs and wander off to where they can find happiness.  Generation Y has a high self-esteem.  We value ourselves more than loyalty.   Our biggest worry is finding a happy and stable job before we become 30.

Is Generation Y's Direction Towards Self-Actualization Good or Bad?
While many may see Generation Y' traits as negative, I beg to differ.  I think it can be either good or bad.  Sure, it may take some time before they find a suitable job where they can be happy.  Some may even think that their endeavor is foolish and risky.  There may even be those who get lost in searching.  But, once they find the right job for them,  they will be more than willing to compete and fight for it.  Thereby making they're strong natural drive for self-fulfillment their source of limitless motivation, productivity and other possibilities.

Is Buy To Let Mortgage A Good Investment?

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A lot of people think that investment is only for those who have extra cash.  When actually there are ways to invest even when you don't have the cash right now.  How?  Well, there is the buy to let mortgage where you can purchase a property through mortgage and lease it out to earn rent.

So Is Buy To Let Mortgage A Good Investment?
I'd be straight and honest with you.  All investments has its risks but as they say the higher the risk, the higher the return.  Therefore, your buy to let mortgage can be either a good or bad investment.  So how can it be a good investment?  Well, just remember the simple formula.  The rent should be able to cover for the mortgage payments.  In order to do so, you should look for those offering a reasonable mortgage plan and the location of where you intend to purchase should have a good target market of lessees.

How Crumpylicious Got From PR 0 to PR 4 of Page Rank In A Month

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Last month, I was talking about having to start over because of our change in domain.  Our Page Rank was back to PR 0 when it used to be Page Rank 1.  Our Alexa became 1,500,000 million when it used to be 300,000.

I'm happy to say that after a month of observation, our page rank is now Page Rank 4.  Our 1-month old food blog which we made at the same time is now Page Rank 3.  I guess, it pays to wait and see the changes.  In terms of Alexa Rankings, our rankings now is in the 650,000 but it's okay.

So how did we do it?

A lot of people may think that achieving Page Rank 3 or 4 requires website knowledge or Search Engine Optimizations (SEO).  I can honestly say that we didn't know anything about that.  We just wrote what we felt like posting.  We had fun expressing what we wanted to say.

What Page Rank means
We used to envy blogs with high page rank but now that we have it.  It feels like an accessory that you can show but it means nothing.  It doesn't equate to traffic which really matters.   In fact, our new food blog Tsinoy Foodies doesn't have much visitors yet and is currently suffering from low traffic.

Wanting traffic doesn't mean that we write for traffic.  Having traffic simply means that what we write is being useful to our readers and of course its easy to write to please ourselves but it is like accomplishing a challenge if we are able to write to please others as well.  What do you think?  Is this logic reasonable or not?

Where to Buy Cheap Window Dressings

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The house has been built up and cleaned, the furniture is carefully arranged, but the windows are still left plain and empty. You may be tempted to rush things, but good results are achieved when things are carefully planned.

Having a dilemma on which window dress to choose is not a common problem anymore. Many home owners are having a hard time selecting the appropriate window dress design that will blend to the color of their furniture and room. With the availability of internet nowadays, a lot of window dress ideas can be followed or purchased. Whether the design is simple or complex, one should consider that it will affect the appearance of the entire room and it can either enhance it or make it worse to look at. The question now is; where can we buy cheap window dressings?

Perhaps the very first thing to do before dressing the window is to choose the appropriate design for it. When you have selected a design already, you can visit a local department store nearest to you. Window dressings such as curtains, roller blinds, vertical blinds, and honeycomb blinds can be found mostly in the home section of a specific department store. Select the color or dressing type that best suits to the windows of your house. Of course, never forget to look at the price tag attached to it. If you find it quite expensive, you can hop to another store and find the best bargain for your needs.

For people who cannot find time to go out and shop for their window dressings, worry no more! There are options other than seeking window dressings in the department store. Newspapers, magazines and online websites are good sources of information regarding window dressings. Some store owners publish advertisement in newspapers and magazines so people can have their window dressing at their own convenience. With just a phone call, they will deliver right away the items you need. Cast out your orders and verify your mode of payment to make the transaction smooth and easy. Meanwhile, online shopping can also be done to shop your favorite window dressing design. The good thing about shopping online is that there are a lot of websites in the internet that sells cheap and nice window dressing. Purchasing a window dressing will not be hard as it is because with just few clicks, you can cast your order already and receive the item days after the transaction. So easy, isn’t it? But be careful with online scams. Make sure to order the items in reputable sites only. Ask for evidences that the online website really ships the items or you can read reviews about their products and website.

Article contributed by Herbert of  Locally Made

Gadget Review: Galaxy Tab 10.1 Upgrade From Rooted Nook Color

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A few months ago, I shared with you all how excited I was with my Barnes and Noble Nook Color.  (see separate entry)  I was able to root that Nook Color and transformed into a useful tablet.  With it, I was able to read my law cases, tweet, check-in with four square, surf the net, chat in Facebook, play angry birds and cut the rope, blog practically anywhere.   So you might wonder why am I upgrading?

Well, its actually just for personal reasons.  My mom wants a Nook Color so she could read magazines and online recipes.  Unlike all of us, my mom is not that techie so I fully support her step towards innovation.  And, I can't by pass our schools proxy using that Nook Color so I can't use the FREE WiFi.   The Galaxy Tab is easier to configure as I've seen from my classmates.

Believe it or not.  In 24 years, I have never spent anything on myself as expensive as this.  Second to this is the Nook Color of course.  Well, the third is embarrassing to admit since its a multi-level marketing item I bought through a relative lol.
Upon opening the box, I had the impression that it looked like an iPad.  Even the cable and adapter looked like an Apple accessory except that its color black.  I've been with my Galaxy Tab 10.1 for two days non-stop and I could say it has exceeded my expectations. Here are the specs:

  • Processor: 1GHz Dual-Core
  • RAM: unspecified
  • Display: 10.1 inches, 1280 x 800, capacitive touchscreen w/ multi-touch
  • Internal: 16 and 32GB
  • Expansion: n/a
  • OS: Android 3.0 Honeycomb
  • Connectivity:
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth: yes
  • 3G: yes
  • Camera:
  • Rear: 8-megapixel w/ LED and autofocus
  • Front: 2-megapixel
  • Ports:
  • HDMI: n/a
  • USB: n/a
  • Audio: 3.5mm jack
  • Dimensions: 246.2 x 170.4 x 10.9 mm
  • Weight: 599 g
I'm quite surprised that it was very thin and very light.  My nook color at 7- inch had a weight of 442 grams.  This powerful tablet at 10-inch is at 599 grams.  Not bad eh?

The battery is long lasting.  I haven't charged it in two days after the initial charging.  It's very fast despite the many windows I keep open.  It comes in HD and stereo sound so I can enjoy watching movies.  Too bad I have no time to play games anymore.  

But, there is a downside.  It doesn't have expandable memory.  So powerful and yet no expandable memory?  Even the Nook Color has a micro SD card.  What a let down! =(  Plus, you have to reboot every time you change SIM cards.

Good news is they just released an SD Card Adapter which you can plug on the cable port.  It's sold for almost $20 in Amazon.  Would you want to spend more when you've already invested so much?  I guess the answer is yes! Because you've already spent so much that you can't  replace it just yet.  However, I don't think I'll be buying one of those SD Card Adapters yet since I don't think that I can maximize the 16 gb internal memory with my school files.  I'm currently eyeing on the leather casing with Bluetooth Keyboard Case.  That would enable me to have a more handy companion than my 15-inch laptop.  Hope, I get to buy that right?  =) 

Lunch Buffet Date at Corniche Diamond Hotel

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Last Month, Kurt and I decided to try Corniche at Diamond Hotel.  We've been curious about it since we opened but we have not yet heard any feedback about it.  Despite that, we decided to try it out.

The place was had an elegant and exquisite ambiance.  It was very solemn and cozy.  Kurt and I had so much fun trying out their offerings.

Check out how many plates we had...

We were so stuffed.  Check out our food review at TsinoyFoodies.Com

We even witnessed a birthday celebrant being sang a song by the Corniche staff.

p.s. We saw a lot of aged couples having a date there too.  I began to wonder if someday I will get married someday and I would still go on a date even when our hair turns white.

Lost in Translation

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I'm always fond of watching Asian drama and other foreign films.  I've always wondered if I'm missing something out.  Have you tried watching TV and a person will say something long in a foreign language and then the interpreter will say it in a short and quick sentence?

We are in a generation where globalization is bringing the world together.  But, I think we cannot deny that they are still language barriers that are preventing us from fully understanding each other.  I've always wondered how about the business transactions that are taking place.  I bet a simple misunderstanding would cause them a lot of money.  Then, I came across London Translation.  Apparently, there are reliable translating services we can avail for businesses too.

New 7 Wonders of Nature Contest Is A Money Scam?

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I'm sure all of us voted for the Puerto Princesa Underground River after it was advertised on our Local TV news, newspapers, blogs and more!  My family even texted to join the contest.  Everyone was even proud the the Puerto Princesa Underground River was declared as one of the winners.  

Then suddenly, a shocking news reveals that the New 7 Wonders of Nature Contest is a Money Scam!  Uh-oh! How did that happen?  Many countries were involved in this too right?

They even showed that they are supported by UNESCO.  (Check out this link)
Yet, UNESCO stated it wasn't.  (Check out this link)

Who is under the contest?
  • Bernard Weber, a swiss-born now canadian film maker, aviator, and adventurer.  Founder of the two companies below:
    • 7 Wonders Foundation, a non-profit organization to show that no one is really profiting from this thing.
    • New Open World Corporation (NOWC), a for-profit company, established to run the voting campaign.
How does the money transfer work?
Simple, the money is transfer from the non-profit to the for-profit company as payment for its service.

How do they collect the money?
  • Entry fee of  $185 
  • Charging contestant sponsorship Fees/licensing Fees worth hundred of dollars
  • NOWC partnered up with numerous telecommunications companies around the world to offer voting by SMS or text message which charged a cost.  (2.50 php per text here in the Philippines)
  • Online shop for merchandises and certificates as proof for voting
So what do you guys think?  A brilliant scheme for a money scam or not?

My Reflection After Watching Something Borrowed

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Watching the main cast Rachel reminded me of myself.  She is a 30 year old lawyer who is way past her birth bearing age and doesn't love her job.  She always gives in to what other think or say.  She likes a guy but didn't feel confident that she could have him so he gave him up.  She always let her best friend win and she has a cool guy friend.

I realized I'm exactly like her.  I'm not sure whether I really want to be a lawyer.  I'm probably wasting my youth just studying for it.  I never want to decide on my own.  When people ask me, I always say "ikaw bahala" (you decide)  I always think that if I could sacrifice fo others its better than regretting not giving or doing enough for them.  I'm actually comfortable in succumbing to what others want.  I never speak up.  I guess that's why I'm not confident enough to have any relationships.  I don't want to expect, wait or fight and be disappointed.  I hate those complexities.  Perhaps, I lost my chance when I walked out on one a long time ago and I could never have the chance back again.  In terms of friendship, I've always let my best friend win.  Although admittedly,  my guy friend may not be as cool as Ethan in the movie but he used to be way more cool.  He just totally forgot about it.  I miss that coolest best friend though.

Funny, it was like watching myself.  Hopefully, my life is not yet on a dead end too.  Maybe, I would someday have the chance to fight for what I really want too.  Although right now, I'm not sure yet.  All I know is that I want to have a meaningful life and I feel happy when I help others.  I believe that life is really short and meaningless and when I help others, I feel like I get to live on in their memories even when I am away.

It got me thinking though.  Isn't Dex the jerk?  But the movie was presented like Rachel did all the wrong moves.  If it was me, I would've chosen the cool Ethan.  Imagine what Rachel did for Dex and the movie ended with them just like that. has concert tickets for The Midland by AMC  the midland by amc tickets
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My Lunch Buffet at F Restaurant at the Best Western Premier F1 Hotel

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Last Friday, I was invited to taste F Restaurant to try their new buffet offerings.  I decided to give it a go and drop by just before my Torts and Damage class in Makati.  During the time I received my invite, F Restaurant actually had a promo deal at Ensogo and my family was very eager to purchase the coupon.  They were asking me for my opinion.  Unfortunately, the deal ended before I couldn't tell them anything about it.

I underestimated the number of jeepney stops and arrived late compared to my other blogger friends. The place was packed when I arrived.   But, they quickly attended to my needs and prepared my seat.
So I got started...
My first plate
My Lentil Soup
My Roast Beef
My Dessert
My Apple Crepe with Mango Syrup
What did I think about it?  Check out my full review at Tsinoy Foodies.

After our satisfying meal, we had a tour at VIP Lounge and Rooms of Best Western Premier F1 Hotel.

A Joyful Stroll at SM Mall of Asia MOA Christmas Village

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As a kid at heart, I've always loved Christmas.  Wonderful memories of Santa Claus, Christmas feast and Christmas presents always gives me happiness.

Yesterday, I was on my way to meet with fellow bloggers at Tokyo Cafe and passed by a new attraction at SM Mall of Asia.  There was a crowd gathering to appreciate the new SM MOA Christmas Village .  Its a sure hit to shopping families.  The kids were having fun!  Although I was already late, I couldn't resist the temptation to look around and have a short stroll.
There was a choir singing christmas songs.  
Biscuit House
Santa's House (FREE to take picture inside but Santa is missing)

Santa's House

Life-Sized Snow Globe (50 php/person)
Snow Machine
The is also a photobooth service which you can avail for 100 php.

I can really feel the Christmas Season coming now.   Like many, I want to take some pictures too or try the snow globe when I'm with a companion.  It's not much fun when you're alone.  

How about you?  Have you brought your kids to the Christmas Village yet?

The Net and my Overcuriosity

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Whenever I go online, whether to read the latest news, blog entries or forums, I always find myself being caught in my own curiosity.  I always research more on what happened, how to avoid such an incident or learning more on how others were able to do their accomplishments.  Its like the internet web has trapped my curious mind into gaining more information than I really need.
*credits to contentlab
Is there such a thing as surfing addiction?  If so there is then I probably have it.

Show Me the Money! My Financial Reflection

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Watching my favorite show segment Suze's Orman "Can I Afford It?".  She would always ask show me the money.  People would explain their financials in these terms:

  • Income
  • Expense
  • Debts
  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Retirement Fund
*credits to Ronald De Los Santos
People don't really feel comfortable talking about their financials so I learn a lot from the show.  Now, let me share mine.  I'm a full-time student at the age of 24.  I still have three to four years to go.  Sadly, I have no income and I'm spending quite a lot.  I have yet to build my savings, investments and retirement.  The thing is I always hear Suze explain that as you reach the age of 45, you need to have $ 1,500,000 or (64,000,000 pesos) on you're retirement at least.  Do you think that applies to the Philippines as well?  I'm really worried if I can catch that amount.  So how about you?  How are your financials?  

Another thing I learned about the show is that couples should first talk about finances before getting married.  A lot of lies are built and disagreements between partners occur because of financials.  As if culture and a other criterias in selecting a soul mate is not enough right?  I have yet to meet someone who agree with my financials ideals though.  I think the chances are slim.  I guess, that's what fate is for. 

Breaking the Continuity

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With so many things going on with life, I often find myself trapped in the continuity of time.  For the past five years, I felt like life was just passing by me.   I've lacked sleep or not had time to eat for what?  Well, I'm done with the pointless struggles, failures, blames and regrets.  It time for me to break the continuity and reassess where I stand.
*credits to Andrea Gerencser
It's too bad I'm not exactly where I want to be or have not live my life the way I wanted.  But, I'm glad I managed to remember to break the continuity and know where to go from here on.  Hopefully, I'll remember to do this every once in a while.  How about you?

My Footprints in the Sand of Time

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The world spins around me as the sand of time continuously drops.  How I missed those days when I could fool around or fall so hard and rise up again.  I miss laughing at my silly stunts or not caring about being idle as if there's each day was forever.
*credits to Arit Ghosh
Where has my youth gone?  I sacrificed my time, my love, my passion to the things I thought I could hold on forever.  Yet, right in front of me, they shattered in dust going back to their true form.

Should I wish to go back?  No.  What's past is past.  What's lost is lost.  What's gone is gone.  All I have to do is move on.  It may be too late but I'll never know.  As long as there lies a path ahead, no matter how rough, no matter how coarse, I'm moving on.  Life may be too short but there will always be endless opportunities for me to leave my footprints in the sand of time.

P.S. I hope you don't mind me talking in riddles for awhile.  My mind is in a state of confusion and struggling with options with the people I love, the things I want to do and where life leads me.

Good Bye Mr. Lonely

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Have you ever met a person whose negative energy just sucks the life out of everyone around him?  I understand that we humans are emotional.  But, we are rational beings and our feelings can go both ways.  Being positive consumes less energy and results in greater productivity.  So, I hope Mr. Lonely puts a stop to his everyday I'm-in-a-bad-mood state.
*credits to Donnie Chu

Truth be told, I had my depression period once too.  But, I managed to leave it all behind eversince I realized the power of self-control.  We have an infinite potential that we have yet to untap.  I am challenging you and Mr. Lonely to start your day with a smile and track your progress.  If it doesn't work then you can leech out and drain my life's energy out of me!