Jacob's Shawarma at Sapphire Road Ortigas

Last night, we went shopping at Robinson's Gallerias midnight sale.  We got tired and hungry so we decided to eat at Jacob's Shawarma.  After a block away from Robinson's Galleria, along Sapphire road, we reached the doors of Jacob's Shawarma.  

As we entered, the lady in the counter asked me what I wanted to order.  I told her we wanted two 12 inches Beef and Lamb Shawarma (200 php each).  We were asked if we wanted wheat (just add 5 php) and I told her we are fine with the ordinary pita.  She also asked if we want it spicy and Kurt said he wanted that.  She then informed the man in the food counter, just next to the cashier's counter, about our order.  

We then placed ourselves at the middle table.  We noticed it was a small cozy place with high ceiling.  It has four small tables covered in red and white stripes. Turkish music was being played.  Pictures of Turkish food and a map with Turkey on it were hanged on it wall.  There were also scribbles of red permanent markers on the white wall next to the food counter.  Intrigued by it, Kurt read some of what were written and said some of them were green jokes.  

While we were waiting, the customers from the next table to our right, leaving us with only Jacob, the owner surfing on his laptop at the the left table by the entrance.  The table had on top of it, the lemon sauce, trash bin, napkins,alcohol (since the place has no wash area this was very useful) etc. at the near end and the menu at the center.  As we browsed through the menu, we decided to order drinks: Home Made Ice Tea Mint (50 php) and Turkish Yogurt Drink (50 php).  


According to their menu, they also have a schedule of which shawarma to serve.  Lucky for us, we could order beef and lamb shawarma even though it was a friday night.
Soon, our beef and lamb shawarma came.  We took our first bite.  It was delicious.  The pita was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.  Because an electric griller was used, it was consistently crunchy and soft all through out.  The entirety of the shawarma was perfect because the meat was accented by the herbs, onion, tomato and the pita.  But we didn't taste any lamb.
Home Made Ice Tea Mint (left) Yogurt Drink (right)
Our drinks were also served in stainless steel mugs.  Jacob even reminded the server to give us straws with it.   The Home Made Ice Tea Mint was cool and refreshing.  It was not sweet at all.  Perhaps it is one of the best iced tea, we have ever tasted.  The Turkish Yogurt Drink was tangy and not sweet too but a bit bland for me.  I expected a yogurt drink to be a bit thicker and more tasty.  But it was okay.  

We ate our shawarma by applying lemon juice in every bite.  It was a heavy meal, I almost couldn't finish it.  I wanted to try the Baklava (50 php) because I was tempted by the big image of it by the wall.  But I was too full to consider ordering anything.  Then on our way outside Kurt said I should've tried it pointing the Baklava to me.  It was just a miniature.  A square-sized piece around 2 x 2 centimeters.  
Overall, the meal was great.  The shawarma was one of the best we have ever tasted.  Have previously tried the Salmon when my sister brought it home but it was already a bit soggy then.  Both the Salmon and the Beef are good.  As for the drinks, I'd probably choose the Home Made Ice Tea next time.   It's also great that they are open on mondays to saturdays for 24 hours.  It's a good place to chill whenever you just want a chill with friends.   While we were there, someone also passed by to order a take out.  

Jacob’s Shawarma
115 Unit AIC Grande Tower, Sapphire Rd. 
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
(02) 227-7686