Korean Drama Review: Baker King

Baker King is also known as King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo and Bread, Love and Dreams.  Baker Kings is another Korean Drama by KBS.  It comprises of 30 episodes.  It is a story about two boys and their quest to become a great baker.

What I like about Baker King is that it was able to give the audience a glance of the process of baking, how a baker trains and works and how a bakery is run.  But the story is not limited to only that.  It also about family, friendship, love and rivalry. 

The plot is very well written and unique.  Despite the many episodes, I kept on being intimidated to watch the next one in excitement.  Every episode was entertaining.   The characters also develop and evolve through each episode.  How the story began and how it ended was made perfectly. 

I highly recommend this to anyone.  It is definitely a must watch.  This series teaches us about of hard work, patience, forgiveness, hope and many others.  Moreover, it reveals something about life.