Arrival at Sagada and dinner at Yoghurt House (Day 3 Part 2)

  • Route to Sagada
After a few hours, we finally saw a sign to Sagada.  We followed the sign into a dangerous dusty, rocky and steep path.  It was so narrow that I couldn't tell how it could be a 2 way road.  Outside our window, we could see how we could fall into abyss with just a slight mistake in driving.  After an hour, we saw a green wooden board sign "Welcome to Sagada" but it was only 20 minutes after that we entered the small town proper.

  • St. Joseph Rest House

It was 5:20 p.m. when we arrived at St. Joseph Rest House.  We had already reserved our stay for two nights for two cottages (similar structure) with the capacity of 8 persons each (worth 7,000 php x 2) two weeks ahead.  They have been texting us since 1 p.m. and were eager for our arrival.  We immediately entered into the uphill vicinity of the rest house.  We went to the reception area and were told that we were just in time since the receptionist had to leave by 6:00 p.m.  
  •  Stauton Cabin
We were guided to Stauton Cabin were we left all our belongings.  We were impressed how the cabin looked.  It was a two-floor cabin with four queen-sized beds.   It had a table on small dining area at the first floor.  It also had a sala on the second floor.  There was only one restroom but it was clean and the showers had heaters.  The cabin was cold even with the windows closed and without any airconditioner or fans.  

  •  Sagada Tourist Register
We were informed that tourists should register at the Sagada Tourist Register so we went there.  We looked at there tour packages posted therein and decided we wanted to try the cave connection (duration 4 hours)  It was too late to try anything because it was nearly evening so we were advise to register and go on a tour the next morning.  

  • Sagada souvenir shops

While my other companions searched for our dinner place, some of us went to visit souvenir shops.  All of the souveneir shops and eating places there were along the downhill road from the municipal hall and tourist register.  There were jams, caps, t-shirts, tea, peanut brittles, lengua de gato, wines, magnets, key chains, woven products and more.  I bought a T-shirt for Kurt for 160 php.   After having free tastes, we also bought large size of blueberry jams (worth 85 php) at "Gabay Fruit Wines".  We also passed by their market where my aunt bought fresh strawberries and passion fruits.  It looked like a an unfurnished two-story building.  We also passed by a cafe that says "Cosmic tea" and it got us curious but we never got to try it.

Do you know what is cosmic tea?
  • Yoghurt House

We ate dinner at Yogurt House.  The place was busy and packed.  They even had to decline foreigners who come in to eat.  Some of my companions ate at the second floor while we ate at the first floor.  The place was nice and simple.  It has a cozy western feel to it.  Foreigners prefer to drink their tea at the second floor balcony.  They are very friendly and greet all those who pass by.  While waiting for the food, some of us bought first their souvenirs.  The orders took so long that even after others went shopping, their food still hasn't arrived.  We also had to go to the counter to have additional orders and do follow ups since the waitresses were too busy to pay us any attention.  

Chicken in Basil Pasta
I ordered chicken in basil pasta (worth 130 php).  First thing I noticed is that it had lots of cheese.  It was delicious since the basil was not overwhelming.  It was perfectly blended to add flavor to the chicken.  I also enjoyed the chunks of fresh tomatoes which gave a sweetish sour taste.      All of their dishes (average price of 130 php) were delicious.  They serve their local red rice and their vegetables are fresh. 

Beef Salpicao

Vegetable Fried Rice
Roast Chicken on top of Potato Rosti (potato hash)
Breaded Pork Chop
Strawberry, banana and granola yoghurt
For dessert, we ordered Strawberry, banana and granola (all the toppings possible) greek-style yoghurt (worth 90 php).  I really liked it.  It was sour and the texture was just right.  But my relatives didn't like it as much since they were unfamiliar with the sourness and the texture.  

Mountain Tea
The mountain tea (worth 40 php) is very good too.  The leaves are only available in Sagada.  It tasted somewhat lightly minted and herbal.  It was very soothing.  


Being tired from the long travel, I was so sleepy I wanted to go back to the rest house as soon as I finished eating.  I forgot my small blue bag hanging in the seat that night.  It had all of my essential belongings even my camera.  I only realized that I forgot it around 2 a.m.  From then, I had a hard time sleeping.  The next morning, I knocked (despite them being closed) and the store keeper opened the door and I asked about it.  Luckily, it  was still hanging at the chair.  The keeper said it a good thing no one noticed and took it.  I felt so relieved as well.  

*Photos by: Jewellyn, Angeli and Krizia