KaiProtect: Effective Organic and All-Natural All-Around Disinfectant Solution

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The COVID-19 Pandemic has made changes in our lifestyles where safety and sanitation have become our top priorities.  Hence, everywhere we go, we need to carry a disinfectant.  We've long been looking for a less harsh alternative to alcohol and bleach so we're happy to have discovered KaiProtect as an effective organic and all-natural all-around disinfectant solution.

Kaiprotect HOCL Solution

As we engage in day-to-day exchanges and contact with others, we have to sanitize every ones in awhile.  Every time, we make cash payments, receive a package or sign a document, we need to sanitize.  For some time now, we've been using alcohol which makes our skin dry and causes hand eczema.   We also use aerosol disinfectant solutions like Lysol for our groceries and a bleach solution for our foot mat.  Because they were not safe for our pets and plants, we have to install them in a secure sanitation for our pets safety. 

Kaiprotect HOCL Disinfectant

We've always thought that a disinfectant has to be harsh to be effective.  But, KaiProtect has proven us wrong!  

KaiProtect is mainly composed of an active ingredient known as Hypochlorous Acid (HoCL) - same substance our white blood cells produce to fight off infection.  What makes KaiProtect reliable is that it is made in Japan and the process involved.  The water solution with 5-6.3 pH level undergoes a Redox Sanitation System resulting in the oxychlorine - hypochlorous acid.

Thus, although is 100% organic and all-natural (making it pet safe, kid safe, food safe and environmental-friendly), 100% Chemical-Free, Bleach-Free & Alcohol-Free and 100% water soluble and leaves no residue, it effectively kills 99.99% of pathogens, germs, bacteria & viruses.

Food Safe Grocery Disinfectant

KaiProtect food safe
For fruits and vegetables, we just left soaked for 10 minutes then rinsed before consumption.  It was really gentle as there was no evident smell or visible reaction with our food.

All-Around Disinfectant That's Pet Safe

Kaiprotect pet safe

Our Chinese Sharpei Dogs can roam around anywhere in the house nd their toys are littered all over the house. 

kaiprotect dogsafe
Moreover, despite those innocent looking puppy dog eyes, there chew on random things when they get excited.  Adding to that, this dog breed is also well-known for having sensitive skin. 

kaiprotect dog toys

Hence, KaiProtect is really the all-around disinfectant that addressed our needs and concern.

No Discoloration as Surface Disinfectant

kaiprotect yoga mat
For the past five years, we've been purchasing pricey organic yoga mat cleaners (essential oil-based).  All of them has caused discoloration to our yoga mats which are made of natural rubber.  To our surprise, KaiProtect was able to remove the molds without producing any discoloration.  KaiProtect is also gentle to our wooden tindalo plank floors so we're not so worried that some spray residue will destroy its natural reddish color.

Overall, we're very pleased with the effectiveness and gentleness of KaiProtect as an organic and all-natural all-around disinfectant solution.  It is available for purchase in Shoppee and Lazada.