Ace Water Spa Pasig Grand Opening Buy 1 Take 1 Experience

The other night, Ace Water Spa announced in facebook  that their second branch in Pasig will be having its Grand Opening Buy 1 Take 1 promo.  This means that for their normal price: Adult 550 php and Children (below 4 ft.) 250 php, you will be receiving two tickets.   Initially their promo was only for May 21 and 22, 2011 but due to public demand, they extended it until May 31, 2011.

On May 22, 2011, after our tiring Greentennial Half Marathon Run (see separate entry), it was a good opportunity for us to relax at Ace Water Spa.  So what to bring?
  1. Towel
  2. Comb/Brush
  3. Fresh Clothes
  4. Entrance Fee
Ace Water Spa Reception Area
Ace Water Spa Cafe
Ace Water Spa
We follow the map posted in facebook and arrived at a constructed building.   As we entered the driveway towards the parking, we were instructed to go park at the fifth floor.  The reception area was crowded.  There were a lot of people availing the ticket.  Adjacent to it was the elegant cafe area.  Through the glass window, you could view the spa area.  There was an area where you could place your towels just at the entrance.

We bought our tickets and were handed our locker keys with key chains indicating our locker number: red for the girls and blue for the guys.  We headed towards the stairs beside the reception area were the shower, fitting and rest rooms were located.  As we submitted our tickets, we were asked to deposit our footwear in exchange for a rubber slipper which could be used only in that area.  After showering ourselves, we went to the spa area.

We first visited the herbal pool area.  There were four herbal pools: mint, jamine tea, lavender and the other we havn't tried because it was too crowded.  The herbal pools were warm and soothing.  Each part of it massages different areas: back, foot, legs and the butt.  I wanted to try the sauna but as I opened the glass door, I felt it was extremely hot so I changed my mind.  I tried the steam bath next to it with the temperature of 61 degrees for 5 minutes instead.  According to the instructions, we had to dip at the cooling area afterwards.  It was icy cold! 

Skipping the kiddie area, we tried the other types of hydromassages.  It was surrounded by an artificial river where kids can float with their green floating boards.  (I tried this too it was fun!=p) There was a high pressure shower, an artificial water fall, bubble bath and many more.  Each covered different body areas from shoulders to toes.  Each system had a button which you had to press for it to start.

Overall, the experience was definitely worth it.  The price was affordable.  The place was well maintained and their systems were one of a kind.  I loved the herbal pool.  It was also good that they had different systems for soft, medium and hard pressure massage. 
Ace Water Spa Pasig
United St. cor Brixton St. near Pioneer
Pasig City