Our Lazer Xtreme at Market! Market! Experience and Guide Tips

When we were young, my cousins and I used to play lazer tag often at Shangri-La Mall's Q-Zar and Megamall's Laser Quest. I remember, I even asked Santa for a Lazer Challenge toy set but he never gave me one=( I really loved playing it as a kid. So I really had to convince Kurt to play with me because everyone else thinks its too childish for my age. After years of persuasion and Cash Cash Pinoy (I already purchased in advance!), I finally got Kurt to try it >:) Kurt was surprised I bought for 4 games hehehe!

So one summer day, we had the long commute from Taft to Market! Market! in Taguig. First we had to take Pedro Gil to Guadalupe Jeep (14 php) then from Guadalupe to Gate-3 (10 php). We then found Lazer Xtreme at the 4th floor.
Personel Collecting Tickets to the Orientation Room
       Upon entry, we went to the counter to get our game tickets for the next game.  We placed our belongings at their locker (200 php refundable deposit required).   Then we entered the orientation room.  We were squeezed in with a group of call center agents.  We were the only first timers in the group.  When we watched the introductory video, I then realized that lazer tag was not how I recalled it. There was a rule that no running was allowed. I don't recall such policy when I was young...

Orientation during our 3rd Game
      From the video here are the basic we learned:
  • No running, no climbing, no lying nor crawling on the floor, no covering of opponents’ pack sensors, no physical contact,no rude language and based on the video you can't duck either
  • You may be aimed at the front (200 points), back (150 points), shoulder (50 points) (also learned after our 3rd game that you could also get hit in the phasor or your gun)
  • You can destroy a base (200 points)
  • Game lasts for 15 minutes
  • You get disarmed for 3 secs. where you get hit 
  • You need to hold the gun with 2 hands or it won't work (Usually those with low scores commit this mistake)
Selecting out gears
Stacy Gearing up
Kurt Gearing up
Everyone in the Gear Room
We were then asked to gear up. Kurt and I chose the color RED.  Soon, the door to the game room opened and we were given 10 seconds to secure our safe spot.  We thought we were divided into 2 teams as the guide said. But as the game started, I was being shot by my own team mates. What was going on? When the scores were showed, we soon found out that there were 3 teams: 11 GREENS, 7 REDS and 4 PINKS. The pinks had the highest score. That's when we figured that they were not friendly fire but actually pinks. How ignorant could we be right? But somehow it felt weird that the teams were a bit uneven.

After the first round, I still didn't understand a lot of things:
  • Whose base is whose?  I guess I was accustomed to the game play wherein each team has their own base and they have to defend their own base.  I guess there is no such system here.  There were only 4 bases regardless of the number of teams.
  • I always get hit but I can't find who is hitting me.  (We found out after our 4th game that if you are above, you can easily shoot players below like sitting ducks and if you are below your laser beam can't reach those on top)
  • Why do some players vest change color?  (We realized after our 3rd game that the vest color changes to the color of the attacker when a player is disarmed)
  • How come I was hit twice before being disarmed? (We realized after our 2nd game that sometimes when you get hit at one part of your vest the others still light up and can get hit at before you get disarmed and Kurt says that the vest and gun vibrates if you get hit at but I don't feel it at all)
After skipping one game round and having cold ice tea from the snack bar, we decided to play again. This time we were playing with kids and their dads and we lost. We knew the color rule this time but we lacked team work and navigation. Kurt wanted to move, I didn't. The family trio kept on ambushing us lol=p There was also a little boy who had the vest until his little shoes, he was too cute to shoot but his vest light was always off though.


On the third game, there were 4 teams composing of kids to teenagers mostly chinese.  BLUE (5 players), RED (6 players), PINK (5 players), CYAN (Kurt and me).  We still lacked coordination.  The REDS were ambushing us in the lower middle while the the PINKS and BLUES target us from the upper left and upper right grounds.  We were like sitting ducks in an open field.  Defenseless and always disarmed.  But we learned something during the game, if you shoot players consecutively, your phasor makes sound remarks like " Well Done or Good Job".  Here's our score cards showing how much of a loser we were.  As usual though, Kurt had a way higher score than me. In this game we were beaten by a little kid who ran around fast.
Kurt's Scorecard as Flash
Stacy's Scorecard as Archer
On our last game, we were squeezed in with a group of 15 high school students.  We were divided into two teams:  PINK for the 8 girls including me and BLUE for the 9 guys including Kurt.  During this game, I was in a solo flight.  I was always on the move.  I roamed around several times up and down.   After learning from the 3rd game that even phasors could get hit, I abandoned my old tactic of hiding and shooting with only my phasor exposed.  We felt that of all games we played, this game had the most even distribution.  My score also got higher after all the other rounds we've played.  After a few minutes wait, we were given our scorecards.  I noticed my card has "Mine Tagged You 4".  So I asked what does it mean.  We were told that there are random spots in the game where there are sensor mines and if you come across such, you will get disarmed even if no one hits you. 

Kurt's Scorecard as Lithos
Stacy's Scorecard as Falcon

We realized that game play and team distribution has a lot to do with the game.  The strategy of placing yourself above or below also has its ups and downs.  Like if you are below, you are like sitting ducks from those above but if you are above, players can easily see you and ambush you.  

The guns now are lighter and I could see actually see the lazer beams.  The Lazer Xtreme venue is cool to have two levels to play with.  It was very safe and easily visible even in the dark. 

During the game, I have to admit, I sometimes accidentally clashed in with other players.  (Guess that's what the rules were for) When I was a little kid I recalled the Q-Zar or Lazer Quest grounds to be bigger.   Perhaps because it only had a two teams and only a few player capacity.  But it was okay since confrontations is a practice of reflex.  ts a race towards the trigger and whoever gets disarmed loses though sometimes both of you get disarmed and its a draw.

Overall, the game was fun.  Although, paint ball was more challenging because of the bullet restriction (you'd conserve your ammo or drain your cash).  For a trigger happy and pain-sensitive player like me who is on a tight budget, lazer tag is the best option.  Lazer Xtreme game rates: 170 php on weedays and 190 php on weekends.  We will probably come back for more!   They have a new branch at Alabang Town Center (ATC).  Any idea if its bigger?  If it is we will probably try it out despite the distance=)

While we were there, there was also a party going on in the function room.  Perhaps for kids, having a party at Lazer Xtreme is an awesome and unique idea too.  Think about it... You can shoot your peers and tease them about it haha! 

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