Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

Random thoughts on why Nuffnang and Happee is FIRST CLASS! 

Despite having known Nuffnang for a short period of time,  Nuffnang is the only community that offers quality service to the advertisers as well as bloggers like me.  Nuffnang is one of a kind.  It is first class because it delivers more than it promises.    I'm now actually a Nuffnang fan!  I check their updates and surprises whenever I can.  They offer bloggers like me a chance of having something never thought possible.  Events, freebies, earnings and more!  Now, could you believe Nuffnang and Hapee will have a Special Screening?  Makes you wonder what's more to come.

Since childhood, we have been using Happee Toothpaste.  They are one of the few brands that offered kiddie flavors which I've loved as a child.  I also recall having field trips in their factory.  That's how welcoming they are in promoting the learning development of children.  Now that I'm an adult, we still continue to use Happee toothpaste.  Indeed it is proudly a first class Filipino Brand in terms of quality and price.