Blogger I missed you ~ Blogger Down and Up again!

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Blogger downtime before lunch and lasted for a few hours scared me.  Perhaps I should really learn to do back up properly... Never thought it mattered till now

This is during the down time

GIVEAWAY: Skechers 500 php Gift Certificate

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I have four 500 php Skecher's Gift Certificates Valid for Shape-Ups Original and Skechers Resistance Runner to be given away to the first four who will comply with the requirements below.  Don't forget to send us your details (Email/ Mobile) so we could contact you.

Gift Certificates Details:
Valid until Aug 30, 2011
Valid for Shape-Ups Originals Merchandise and Skechers Resistance Runner
Not to be used on sale items or with any other discount or promo
Not to be used in conjunction with other GC's
Valid in the ff. stores:
Trinoma Mall
Glorietta 5
Market! Market!
Robinsons Place Manila
Festival Mall
Marquee Mall
Ayala Center Cebu

GC will be given via meet-up at RCBC Makati only.

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Movie Review: Transformers 3 Dark Side of the Moon

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We've all watched and followed through the Transformers Series (Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen).  Surely, we can't pass this last one up right?   It is beyond doubt that no matter what the criticisms this movie will have, we'd all still watch it for visual delight.  It was our first time to watch at Shang Cineplex and it was a swell experience.  Thank you Nuffnang for the movie invite!=)
          The movies starts off by updating its audience of the main character after the two previous movies have passed.  Sam Witwicky was potrayed as a whiny frustrated kid who is forced to face the transition towards adulthood.   But of course, the movie is not all about him as the movie unleashes thrilling BOT action. 
What's the deal with the bunny anyway?
As expected a new character is introduced for the purpose of the story.  The plot is best out of the three movies.  It has some historical background blended in too.  The phasing is good.  The movie's runs time is around 2 Hours and 34 Mins. but the length is just enough for the story to develop.  Although of course, there are a lot of loopholes in it.  I was quite disappointed that the balance between the two sides were not equal.  There were some parts that you'd wonder why and if it is even possible.  I'm still shocked with the final outcome of the movie.  What about you?  Do you think about Optimus Prime and Megatron?

The movie was jump-packed with action and suspense.  That together with the neat and cool CGI animation and surround sound made it a blast!  Humor mixed in made it more entertaining too.

      The acting was not that impressive.   Understandably the movie is for men so Victoria Secret's model Rosie Huntington - Whiteley was focused with glamorous effects.  The techniques from the previous movies were adapted like long poses with waving hair to make her as seductive as possible.  
Overall, the movie was definitely worth watching.  Cool transformations and robotics, massive and explosive effects and the sexy  Rosie Huntington - Whiteley guarantees an eye-catching sensation.  The plot was also better than among all Transformers movie ever created.   As they say, "Third times a Charm".  To those disappointed from the last movie, you better not be thinking of missing this!

World Record 8,000 Lanterns Lit at Poland

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 Last month we tried the miniscule version of this at Nuffamily Day.  (see separate entry)  I guess the saying the more the merrier applies here.  The more lanterns that are lit, the more beautiful they are.  They actually look like stars when they are already far.

With Blackberry BBM interact with ease

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BBM stands for  BlackBerry Messenger.  It's the coolest application on earth!  You could customize your profiles to personalize your profile, show others what your listening or simply let them know your status.

      I've had a phase in life when I became distant to people.  I thought I was hopeless... But then I got a Blackberry phone and tried BBM.  BBM has helped me reconnect with old friends even as our lives lead us to busy schedules.  Things just got better and better for me.  A friend introduced me to a girl who I would never forget in my entire life.
      Although I was nervous, BBM made it easy for me...  Never thought I could express myself to a girl so well.  BBM grants me the power to express in REAL-TIME.
      After years of messaging and sharing pictures with each other through BBM, we finally met.  It was like we already knew each other.  She was so impressed with me everytime I fetched her on time.  Thanks to BBM GPS. =)
        Until now, I still keep in touch with my friends.  Just recently, my friend sent me a BBM message.
       With BBM, we could interact with ease with REAL-TIME expression.  This is just my story.  How about yours? 

I love BBM so much I want to upgrade to a Blackberry Bold  9780

*Names changed to conceal identity
*photo courtesy of Blackberry and Blackberry Pin Fan Page

Independence Day Event by Francis M Clothing

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Last June 12, 2011, we went to SM Manila to eat and passed by an event around 4:00 p.m.  It was an event by Francis M Clothing.  It was packed with audiences so we just decided to take a peek.  Were you there?

Pag-asa ng Buhay Tree Planting 2011~ Be an Environmental Hero now!

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2 ways to be an environmental hero and help fight against climate change:
  • Be a Volunteer - Sign up now and be assured of a
  1. reservation on a seat in the bus
  2. certificate that will be given after the activity
  3. decorative name plate that will be attached to the tree that you have planted.
Pick-up place: (Where the buses will pick-up volunteers)
        Trinoma Mall
        Ayala Avenue, Makati
        SM Mega Mall Building A Open Parking
        Sta. Lucia Mall, Cogeo
Time: exactly 6:00 am. on July 16, 2011
Contact Person: Ms. Rose Cardoniga – 09062472765

  • Adopt-a-Tree Program
    Adopt a tree by donating $10.00! We will name the tree after you as recognition for supporting our cause! Thank you so much for your support!       
For more details check: Pag-asa ng Buhay Assoc. Inc.


My Top Most Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 Picks

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It's only been a few months since we started blogging actively.  I recently encountered a project called "Top 10 Most Influential Blogs for 2011".  It is a project of Ms. Janette Toral.  

It aims to help promote new bloggers like us.  Each year there are a lot of new blog that are popping out and have no idea on how to go through with things.  To be honest, we have been wanting to blog for many years now but we never had the heart to pursue it.  If we have not had the chance to attend the Blogger's Fest last April 18, 2011 (see separate entry), this blog would never have existed.  This entry is for all new bloggers out there!  Hope we all can improve and grow!

Here are my picks:

1. Mommy Survival 
  • About
    • Mommy Survival Blog offers tips and advices about parenting, home management, wifely duties and all and any of those stuff that mommies and wives may think and worry about including shopping, self-care, relationships, and more - based on my noob experience and some research from the web.
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • Well-written
    • Useful tips and advises with great rationale
    • High viewer interactivity shown by comments
2. Cebu MD
  • About
    • CebuMD is a site where doctors especially those who at one time studied or trained in Cebu can get updated about what's happening in the medical community here in Cebu. They can scan through the news headlines, visit websites made by their fellow alumni or drop by linked websites which may prove to be useful for them.
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • About Cebu
    • Connect with other Physicians
  • About
    • A travel blog of a 100% boholano who likes adventure,traveling and taking pictures. 
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • Informative travel guide and tips
    • detailed photographs
4. Tottering Mama 
  • About
    • A blog about being a mother to a son and a daughter and a loving wife to her husband.
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • Sharing family experience
    • Updates on family events
    • Guides and tips in parenting
5. Sleek in the City 
  • About
    • SLEEK IN THE is the Guide for Sleek Folks to the Best of Manila + Beyond created by Mark Joseph Delgado last December 2010. After a short study program in Shanghai, Mark returned to Manila with the primary idea of writing about his travels, favorite dishes,fashion, inspirations and etc. After a while, the blog expanded its topics until the author found himself writing about other things such as events, style and grooming. Through his blog, the author wants to reach out to the people of his age and showcase everything that is new, unique and exciting in the city.
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • Interesting posts
    • Large FB fan base
6. Harmony Thoughts 
  • About
    • A blog about a digital artist who makes art, lives her dreams and inspires others.
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • creative and fun art works
    • inspirational and meaningful messages
7. Me Likes Art 
  • About
    • A blog about Will, a literature graduate, who feels that he does not know art, but he surely likes it.  
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • witty reviews on different forms of art
    • news about films, literature, theater,television and more
    • fun and amusing to read
  • About
    • A blog about a Filipino Muslim OFW in United Kingdom
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • interesting and unique contents
    • clear and easy to follow
9. Dabawenyong Maniniyot
  • About
    • A photoblog of a freelance casual photographer from Davao City.
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • great photography about everything around the photographer
    • witty captions
  • About
    • Blog meant to chronicle the adventures of the author and his partner in crime, the beautiful RinaZ's, as they explore different cuisines, trying to find food that suits our taste
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • captivating photos
    • informative

50% OFF All-Day Pass to any Global Gutz Paintball Park w/ Full Gear

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I recall trying out paintball at Global Gutz a few years back with my cousins and siblings.   In case, your missing some paintball action, you can purchase the 50% OFF All-Day Pass to any Global Gutz Paintball Park w/ Full Gear.  It's now only 250 php instead of the regular rate of 500 php.

  • Play with your friends at  5 different locations: Philippine Army Gymnasium at the Fort, Global Gutz Paintball Field at CCP Complex, "The Jungle" @ La Mesa Ecopark in QC, Clarky Adventure Park at Holiday Inn (Clark) and at Splash Island
  • Full gear and equipment included: Mask, Vest, Gun, CO2 refill and 50 bullets (good for several games)
  • Experience tactical teamplay and endurance
  • Gather your friends/family/colleagues and enjoy a very thrilling day
  • Pure excitement, fun and action!
The fine print
  • Redemption period: July 1 until Aug. 1, 2011
  • Additional paintballs for just P2,50 each
  • Please call for reservations with your MetroDeal voucher
  • Price is Net (includes VAT)
  • Voucher is transferable and can be given as gift to family and friends
  • Buy as many vouchers as you want

Here are my tips for you:
  1. Don't play during/after the rain unless you want to enjoy the mud and have fog on your googles
  2. Conserve your ammo and take aim before you shoot (like real war bullets are scarce and expensive!)
  3. The more the merrier so invite more friends
  4. Protect you hand and elbow, its a pain to get hit there!
  5. Wear long sleeves and maong pants because you have no protection at the lower part of your body
  6. Expect bruises

Reflections On Running as a newbie runner

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Let me share a quote with you by Compay Segundo: 
 I am a scholar of life. 
Every night before I go to sleep, I analyze every detail of what I did that day. 
I evaluate things and people, which helps me avoid mistakes.

        Times sure flies so fast.  It's only been a few months ago that a friend invited me to my first race at the Greentennial Half Marathon (see separate entry).  I joined the 5K category.  I could still feel the excitement I felt as the race started.  It was such a good feeling running along hundreds of people you have never met before.  Although the sun was brimming at us, we didn't mind the heat nor the sweat.  I could feel my breathing getting louder, my heart pounding louder, my body feeling heavier as I got further.  I almost felt like giving up but as long as there is a runner in front of me, I kept running.  I ran until I finally reached the finish line.  It was one of the most fulfilling moment of my life.  I was so proud to receive my finisher's medal.  
Start off
Run under the sun
My First Finisher's Medal
      During my second race at Run for Fun Lung (see separate entry), my body wasn't fully recovered from the first run so I only entered at the 3K category.  When the race started, I ran as fast as I could.  After a while, I felt pain.  It slowed me down.  I managed to reach the finish line but it was not the improvement I was looking forward too.  When I got home I researched about what had happened and learned that I had "side stitches"(sharp and intense pain under the lower edge of the rib cage caused by a muscle spasm/cramps of the diaphragm).  They are usually experienced by novice runners who breath quickly and more shallow.  At least I learned about it sooner than later right?
Reaching the Finish Line
       My third race was during the AKTV Run (see separate entry)  I was surprised that we have to attach something called the D-Tag to my shoe.  Kurt and I were both beginners so we knew nothing about it.  I called our friend and I'm glad she was there too and she helped me attach it.  She has been running for over a year so she knew more than we do.  We all ran for the 5K category.  I told myself that this time I have to do it right.   I started the race at the right pace.  My breathing was synchronized with my running.  However, when I was nearing the finish line, I felt pain in my shin.   I was able to finish faster than my first two races.  But the pain was bothering me.

D-Tag and Race Bib
Running at my pace

1 KM Marker
       I told Kurt about the pain and he said it was because I step too heavily so the impact is too much for my shin.  He also suggested that we get the opinion of our friend.  

       Our friend told us that it must have been my worn-out shoe.  She recently bought her shoe in a store where they had to make her walk in a treadmill and observe her foot.  I confessed that my shoe was 2 years old and it was on sale.  She recommends that I get a new shoe that is fit for my feet.  I agreed with her suggestion.  Better than the reason that I was running too heavily which I can't control right?

       I was in search for a shoe best-suited for my feet, a female size 8 or 39.5.  Surprisingly, I stumbled on a video that talked about my problem.  Apparently,there were many runners who share the same problem as I do.   The solution we've all been looking for is "On-running".  "On" shoes are used by world champions!  Can't wait to use one for my next run.  

Open You Hearts and Support Pencil Project

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Everywhere around us we see poverty.  Most of us blame overpopulation.  But I believe it is because of lack of education.  Look at the news and you see public school students cramped up in one classroom or worse tent with holes.  

I recall my professor in Corporate Social Responsibility say that the act of helping should be continuous.  So I am always looking for ways were I can offer my help.  Fortunately, I discovered Pencil Project.  

      Hotelwithheart .com (HWH) in partnership with Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) launches its HWH Pencil Project Signature campaign which aims to provide pencils for underprivileged children being taught by DTC. By signing up on the HWH Facebook Page, HWH will donate 1 pencil to DTC for every signature collected.  They are hoping to raise 10,000 pencils to be donated.  So please support the campaign by simply signing up here  A few seconds of signing up will help a lot in the educational development of a child.  The campaign will run only until June 30, 2011 so sign up now and spread it to every one you know.

Here are the steps for signing up:

  1. Like
  2. Fill out the form in its Pencil project tab 
       3. Once you receive a confirmation like the one I had above, share the campaign
       4. If you're a blogger please blog about it too.

See press release here: