The Complexities of Divorce

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Divorce is something we hear too often.  Divorce is the annulment of the marital bond.  It means there was a marriage but it is legally broken up.  I'm sure everyone enters a marriage with high hopes that it is going to be the happy ending they've been waiting for in life.  But, life is just full of uncertainties and risks that we have to dive in and take the plunge before we can see what's at the bottom of it.  And, it is only then do we realize that not everything is bound to be successful.  Marriages fail.  Whether we like it or not, we are left to consider the divorce route rather than living in a bitter relationship for life.

The reason why we now encounter divorce like its something usual is because it is.  Almost all countries now except for Vatican City and the Philippines allow divorce proceedings.  In fact, in the U.S. 55% of all U.S. marriages end in through divorce.  Some people even go through divorce twice.  But, even though a lot of people has gone through a divorce doesn't mean its easy.  Divorce has a lot of complexities.  

Divorce will affect your psychological, emotional and financial well-being.  If you have kids, they will have to bear the divorce consequences as well.  Since there are many complexities brought about by a divorce, it's best to consult professionals like the Denton County lawyers.    Especially since you're in an emotional turmoil, you may not be capable of deciding what's best for you and your family in all aspects. 

To find the right Lewisville divorce lawyer, search for one who agrees with your values and philosophies.  And, he or she should be experienced and skilled in terms of the divorce proceedings, other related issues and their enforcements.   Your Lewisville divorce attorney should also guide you about the process and costs to be incurred so you can stick with your budget. 

Best Cycling Events in Australia in 2013

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Australia regularly features cycling events for competitive and recreational cyclists. You can compete against people from all around the world in these exciting athletic endurance events. Your pedaling ability will be tested in new ways, and your cardiovascular fitness levels will be shown to all your fellow competitors. The entire country has plenty of cycling events that will interest all levels of competitors. Beginners and professional cyclists will both find something for them at one of these events. Australia's premiere cycling events attract plenty of cyclists no matter where they are form or what their cycling goals are.

UCI Track Cycling National Championships


If you're anywhere near Belarus around February 2013, 2013, check out the UCI Track Cycling National Championships. You'll get to watch some of Australia's most talented cyclists take center stage in a pure test of willpower and determination. This competition attracts the best cyclists in the entire country, and there's a lot of pride on the line in these events. Each cyclist is going to reach down for that extra ounce of power they need, which means that the fans in attendance are in for a competitive, exhilarating race. Be sure to check this one out if you have the time.

Oceania Road Championships


March 14th, 2013 is the start date of Australia's 2013 Oceania Road Championships. These thrilling events take place in Canberra, which is the capital of the country of Australia. Cyclists from all different backgrounds and talent levels come to these championships each year to showcase their abilities. Only a handful of the most elite cyclists in Australia are invited to an event of this magnitude. You'll have to act quickly if you want to attend or even compete in the championships, as the spots fill up fast. Many people even camp out a few days in advance to get the best views of the cyclists as they race against each other.

Australian BMX Championships


If you're in Brisbane on April 30th, 2013, you'll be able to watch the Australian BMX Championships. The talented cyclists will dazzle audiences with tricks that the average person could only dream of completing. They'll pull out every trick they have in order to have the best chance at winning those championships. You can see these BMX competitors spin through the air effortlessly as they perform their routines. They'll be doing their best to impress the judges, and the audience will benefit from their hard work.

Australian Masters Games


People in Geelong will love the cycling opportunities available to them on October 5th, 2013. The Australian Masters Games provide any cyclist with the chance to race in a competitive environment. You'll be able to test your mettle against cyclists from all over the place as you put your personal fitness training through a rigorous ride. There are different age groups for fair and level competition. You should sign up for this cycling event today so that you reserve your spot.
Written by Kelly Holmes Kelly prides herself as an active mum of three boys. Kelly works in Perth shops for bicycles enthusiasts and has recently purchased Merida mountain bikes for her boys who love cycling.

Top Patio Party Ideas To Consider When Organizing a Party

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The patio is considered to be one of the most versatile places in a home, as it can be a family area, an unwinding area, and even a party area. And since we are talking about parties, the patio area is easily the most practical party venue - with some imagination and a few tweaks, you can throw a glamorous party right in your backyard, letting you save on money on venue rental in the process. But planning for a party is not easy. You have to think of a theme and know how to apply changes to match the theme of the party you are considering. If you are thinking of throwing a party on your patio, here are a couple of cool ideas.

Sweet Summer

patio party

The Sweet Summer look is of course made as a party idea during the summer. Basically, all you need to do is serve summer drinks and consider buying summer looking decorations such as beach balls, a portable swimming pool (if you don't already own one), and a nice light torch. You really want to create the entire summer essence and that can only be done with the right decorations. You could also consider buying an umbrella to block the sun and to also complete the summer look.

Elegant Castle
patio party

The Elegant Castle look is also a really great party idea that you could consider doing. Basically, all you need to do is purchase portable glass tables and chairs along with elegant white lights and white balloons to really achieve the superior elegant look. Also consider creating or purchasing your own personal mini castle to really get that cute castle look. This idea is perfect for people in all ages as the entire castle with an elegant look can suit anyone's party. Be sure to also purchase a white canopy to really get that elegant appearance.

Pretty In Pink
patio party

The Pretty In Pink style is obviously the party theme for girls, especially for young girls who adore the color pink so much. Basically, all you need to do is purchase these decorations such as pink balloons, pink portable chairs, pink beanie chairs, pink pillows, and simply everything pink. This type of party is made for girls, so you could consider inviting only girls to this type of patio party. You could also have pink plastic plates and pink silverware to really get the pretty in pink essence. Also have your guests to wear pink so the party really is super pink in photos.

Outdoor Theater
patio party

The Outdoor Theater party theme is a more sophisticate theme that teenagers and young adults would like. All you need to do to create this unique theme is have beanie chairs on the ground, along with flat couches with pillows to replicate the look of actual public outdoor theaters. After that, place a television or projector where all the couches and beanie chairs can see it and showcase all types of movies on it. You could also place a long table near the couches and beanies and serve snacks on them so that they can really enjoy the movies you show.

Garden Party
patio party

The Garden Party is the perfect theme for adults, as gardens are known for being very sophisticated. All you need to do is buy a couple plants and flowers to decorate the entire patio with. Simply place flowers on the chairs and tables to really get the perfect garden look. Also consider placing a couple flowers on the umbrellas of each table and at the sides of the entrance to the patio.

Carnival Theme

patio party

If you have kids who want to go to the carnival at their birthday, then instead of spending so much money bringing all their guests to carnival where food and games are so expensive, you should just bring the carnival to them. You need to hire a clown, a cotton candy stand, dunk tank, and make really fun carnival games such as coin toss and pie eating contests. This type of party theme will really be like no other carnival your child has been to as it is their own personal carnival without having to wait in long lines or pay expensive game fees.

Of course all patio spaces are not complete with some kind of seating for your guests to set and enjoy the party. Check your local big box like home depot of target for some great deals or for a longer lasting outdoor furniture look online for where you can find the perfect brand for your style and use.

No matter how cool these hip patio party ideas are, know that they are just a good starting point. The best idea is one that you personally imagined and realized. Good luck with your party!

Facebook : Hidden Special Emoticons Part 1 : 9gag memes

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Facebook, A site most of us are probably using right now has been around since 2004 and yet there are still a few things we still don't know about it like let's say the Special Facebook Emoticons / Hidden Facebook Emoticons.

Here's a few samples to get us started.

The emoticons above are mostly memes popularized by 9gag. From the Me Gusta troll face to the ever popularized Yao Ming Bitch Please meme.

Now if you want to message your friends these emoticons just copypaste the following text below:

[[164413893600463]]              -             Megusta
[[149333368464171]]              -             Bitch Please
[[116616581692281]]              -             TROLL Face
[[145768898802324]]              -             FUUUUUs
[[189637151067601]]              -             LOL
[[106043532814443]]              -             Y U NO
[[214457085240151]]              -             Nothing to do here
[[129627277060203]]              -             Poker faces
[[160723207280093]]              -             You Fucking kidding me?
[[100002752520227]]              -             Okay
[[170815706323196]]              -             Cereal guy
[[160723207280093]]              -             U FCUKIN' KIDDIN' ME?
[[143220739082110]]              -             ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME
[[169919399735055]]              -             NOT BAD OBAMA
[[177903015598419]]              -             FOREVER ALONE 
[[100002727365206]]              -             CHALLENGE ACCEPTED
[[100002752520227]]              -             OKAY
:poop:                                   -              POOP

 there's a few other options for you to choose like like Konata Izumi of Lucky Star, Pikachu of Pokemon , Sonic the Hedgehog  , Angry Birds , Hello Kitty and a few other more.

[[249199828481201]]              -               Konata Izumi
[[250128751720149]]              -               Domo Kun
[[223328504409723]]              -               Gintoki Sakata
[[236147243124900]]              -               Pokeball
[[326134990738733]]              -               Pikachu
[[155393057897143]]              -               Doraemon
[[224502284290679]]              -               Nobita
[[144685078974802]]              -               Mojacko
[[334954663181745]]              -               Spongebob
[[196431117116365]]              -               Shin chan
[[138529122927104]]              -               Pedo Bear
[[269153023141273]]              -               Poring
[[332936966718584]]              -               Hello Kitty
[[252497564817075]]              -               Kerokeroppi
[[297354436976262]]              -               Santa Claus
[[157680577671754]]              -               Angry Bird
[[132045620187428]]              -               Piglet
[[120219704713360]]              -               Sonic
[[batmanlogo]]                          -               Batman
[[123363421035031]]             -               Winnie The Pooh

There are also a few bigger icons and also a personalized icon as well like the "So Hardcore" Meme and also my profile picture.

To send your profile picture as a message just simply check your username or your friends username like mine above and type [[username]]. 


Now the bigger icons requires a longer code, 
To send the 

So Hardcore Meme big icon
[[204956799595520]][[204956816262185]][[204956829595517]][[204956846262182]][[204956856262181]] [[204956872928846]][[204956889595511]][[204956906262176]][[204956919595508]][[204956929595507]] [[204956946262172]][[204956969595503]][[204956986262168]][[204956999595500]][[204957009595499]] [[204957056262161]][[204957076262159]][[204957092928824]][[204957102928823]][[204957172928816]]

Here's a few other big emoticons to send to your friends.

Me Gusta Meme:

[[293955833972970]][[293955850639635]][[293955873972966]][[293955920639628]][[293956017306285]] [[293956043972949]][[293956060639614]][[293956087306278]][[293956100639610]][[293956107306276]] [[293956117306275]][[293956127306274]][[293956147306272]][[293956220639598]][[293956283972925]] [[293956303972923]][[293956327306254]][[293956350639585]][[293956370639583]][[293956450639575]] [[293956570639563]][[293956620639558]][[293956677306219]][[293956710639549]][[293956767306210]]

Cereal Guy Meme:

[[293997730635447]][[293997767302110]][[293997777302109]][[293997787302108]][[293997790635441]] [[293997800635440]][[293997810635439]][[293997820635438]][[293997837302103]][[293997863968767]] [[293997870635433]][[293997897302097]][[293997913968762]][[293997943968759]][[293997960635424]] [[293997973968756]][[293998003968753]][[293998027302084]][[293998043968749]][[293998113968742]] [[293998137302073]][[293998150635405]][[293998163968737]][[293998197302067]][[293998213968732]]

Jackie Chan Meme:

[[204343836323483]][[204343846323482]][[204343862990147]][[204343869656813]][[204343882990145]][[204343892990144]][[204343906323476]] [[204343919656808]][[204343929656807]][[204343939656806]][[204343949656805]][[204343956323471]][[204343976323469]][[204343982990135]] [[204343996323467]][[204344009656799]][[204344022990131]][[204344032990130]][[204344042990129]][[204344049656795]][[204344059656794]] [[204344069656793]][[204344079656792]][[204344089656791]][[204344096323457]][[204344102990123]][[204344109656789]][[204344129656787]]

This will be the part 1 of the hidden emoticons hopefully you'll enjoy using them as much as i did.

They can only be used through facebook chat and they cannot be used as a comment or as a status.