Korean Drama Review: Dream High

Dream High is an inspirational drama series produced by KBS totalling of 16 episodes.  The story is about six aspiring youths on their way to making international stars.  It starts from their lives before entering Kirin Arts High School towards their training and then the outcome.

This drama is very entertaining and suited for all ages.  The plot has a proper balance of romance, comedy and drama in an art school setting.  It gives the audience a glance of what stars in Korea have to sacrifice to reach their dreams.

The show not only relates to those who have passion for arts but appeals to anyone who have hopes and dreams.  It teaches moral values of friendship, forgiveness, acceptance and hard work.  It also focuses on character development.

Through this drama, I was able to realize that making mistakes is not the end but the beginning of redemption.  We can still continuously change and improve ourselves.  We should not be dragged down by others who ridicule us and repetitively remind us of our mistakes but we should believe in our will to change because it is really ourselves who define what we are.  As an individual, I can relate to the main female lead well.

Have you watched this yet?  If not I highly recommend that you watch this and let me know what you think.  This is the sort of drama that you leaves you with something even a long time after watching.