5 Facts to Know About Red Light Camera Tickets

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California law enforcement processes thousands of red light tickets every year. For police, these tickets are easier than ever to issue with the assistance of red light cameras that clearly identify a car’s license plate and driver’s face. If issued one of these citations, getting a traffic attorney California is very helpful for there are many ways to fight back on this.

1. There Are Red Light Ticket Scams

Some Californians have received letters that look official but are actually detailed scams designed to trick unsuspecting citizens to pay someone who is not a courthouse. Most of the time, the letters will tell you to pay the fine over phone or online. That never happens with a real ticket. Red light ticket lawyers review documents that look suspicious.

2. Car Triggers the Camera If It Enters Intersection

The way the camera is set up, it takes a picture if a car enters the intersection. If your car is in the intersection while the light is still yellow, the camera will not activate. In many cases, people believe they can make a yellow light in time so they pick up the speed in order to do so. However, their luck is not always on their side and the signal changes before they are through. If this is the case, a California speeding ticket attorney is extremely beneficial to get this kind of ticket dismissed.

3. There Will Usually Be Signs

There could be red light camera signs anywhere between 10 and 500 feet back from the traffic light. However, some cameras may not have any signs posted. Some cameras signify their presence by painting extra lines within the intersection.

4. It Can Be Incorrect

While it is rare, sometimes cameras show incorrect pictures. For example, on a rainy or misty day, police may be unable to adequately read the license plate and issue a ticket to the wrong driver.

5. You Can Fight a Red Light Ticket

There are numerous ways to fight a ticket. If the license plate is obstructed, then you can use that to your defense. If there are multiple vehicles in the intersection, you can argue the other vehicle distorted the view of your vehicle and that it is not actually you. There are numerous ways to fight these tickets, and you need to contact an attorney from Ticket Clinic to help you with your case.