Movie Review: Marvel's The Avengers

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We've been waiting for Marvel's The Avengers since last year after watching Thor (see previous entry).   I'm glad all the hype and anticipation was rewarded.
Marvel's The Avengers is jam-packed with action from start to finish.  The effects were awesome.  However, it is expected that not all the members gained the same amount of limelight just the same as in the comics.  The so called trinity of Ironman by Robert Downey Jr., Captain America by Cris Evans and Thor by Chris Hemsworth gained more focus in the movie.  It was the right move because they are the crowd favorites.  Hawk Eye by Jeremy Renner and Black Widow by Scarlett Johansson also made a great debut.  The Hulk's new actor Mark Ruffalo gave the character a bit more character.  The movie also did not fail to make us laugh.  The jokes were surprisingly witty and unexpected.

The Marvel tradition continues as there is again an appearance by Stanley Chi near the end of the movie.  I wouldn't exactly call the teaser after-credits this time because it was shown in the middle the the credits.  But, I certainly look forward to the next movie!
Watch Marvel's The Avengers!

Start Here Art Gallery In Podium

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Everyone in our family has their own specialty.  Yet, the arts side is quite rare in the family.  Only one of us ventured in the field of arts.  Having absolutely no talent in any forms of arts like photography, graphic design and even as simple as a color coding scheme,  I'm so fortunate that I have a talented sister who will soon graduate from the Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts Degree at the College of Saint Benilde.   Who else do you think made all our blog logos and stuff? =D
start here art gallery

start here art gallery
One of her last requirements is for their batch to hold a gallery of their best works.  My little sister dedicated a lot of her time in organizing the gallery called "Start Here" so we're all proud of her and we went there to show our support.

start here art gallery

start here art gallery
The gallery set up is pretty organized.  The artist each have there own space.
start here art gallery
There are a lot of art works yet each output is a display of different art techniques.

start here art gallery
My sisters artwork
Here's my sisters work.  What do you think?  If you're interested, it's still available. =D

I Fancy Beads Jewelry!

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We all have a desire to mark our identity.  We try to personalize and define who we are in the way we do things and what we wear.  It can be through our hats, coats, shoes or jewelry.  In fact, most girls use jewelry to accent their style.

Recently, my schoolmates and I have been hooked in Beads Jewelry.  Why?  Because the designs you can make through a Beads Jewelry are endless.  The price per bead is also very affordable which makes it appealing to anyone.  The beads have a wide range of prices so you can decide according to your budget.  You can also decide the number of beads you want to include in your jewelry.
What makes the  Beads Jewelry appealing is that you can make your jewelry more meaningful.  For example, last Christmas, I gave my sister a bead bracelet with a guitar and a music note bead because she is a music lover.  She loved it so much that she wears it everyday because she knows its really "hers" because it defines who she is.

Image from
On the other hand, being an abstract person, I prefer things that are simple like a charm with my birthstone.  I also dig the letter charms.

Have you tried creating your own  Beads Jewelry?  I bet you'd enjoy it because of the wonderful selection of trendy beads.  I hope you get to try making one.  Aside from using it personally, it's a great keepsake item to give as a gift too.

Multimedia Player Review: Brite View Cinema Tube Mini (BV-5005HD Mini CT)

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So after buying an LCD TV (see previous entry), we felt that we needed a multimedia player to watch High Definition movies.  We were offered a Brite View Cinema Tube Mini (BV-5005HD Mini CT) at a really affordable price of 4,000 php. It is a full 1080p HD media player/streamer/torrent downloader.

We were so excited that we examined it as soon as we went home.

It had only a few components so it was easy to install and use.

Everything looked sturdy enough.  The side is compact with dimensions of 4 X 1.4 X 5.5 inches which makes it very portable .


  • It supports multiple Video formats and multiple Audio formats. 
  • It can play media files off USB and eSATA storage devices (up to 2TB in NTFS, EXT-3, FAT and HFS+) or on computers connected to the same network.
  • It has built in UPnP support!
  • It supports ISO files, so you can navigate the DVD menu and watch your videos like a regular DVD.
  • With built-in bit torrent support, you can share/download media files on the Internet and enjoy them on your TV, PC free.
  • Built-in Flickr support lets you keyword search for pictures allowing you to show off your online albums on the TV.
  • It can decode 1080p video formats in MPEG1, VCD 1.0/2.0,SVCD, MPEG1 (DAT/MPG/MPEG), MPEG2(MPG/MPEG/VOB/ISO/IFO/TS/TP)/M2TS, MPEG4 (MP4/AVI/MOV), DivX 3/4/5/6,Xvid (AVI/MKV),H.264/AVC(TS/AVI/MKV/MOV)/M2TS, VC-1 (TS/AVI/MKV/WMV)/M2TS,WMV9 (WMV), Real Video 8/9/10(RM/RMVB) up to 720p, FLV (M-JPEG:640x480x30,FLV(H.263): 352x288). 
  • Subtitle support includes Unicode (UTF8), Simplified Chinese (GBK), Traditional Chinese (BIG5), Western, Turkish, Central European, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, SE European; "Subtitle Menu" to support "Subtitle Encoding", "Time Sync", "Color", "Size", "Offset" functions.

It had all the feautres we need.  But, when we tried to play a movie, it took a long time before it loads.  It also hangs and lags from time to time.  If we forward or playback, it freezes.  We were so frustrated that we brought it back to the store the next day.

Wearing Work Clothes in Style

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Gone are the days where people used to wear boring labor clothes that made them look downgraded.  It's now time to look good and be proud of what you do.  How can you not wear work clothes in style when you work almost every single day for a living?
Image from Engelbert Strauss

I feel ashamed that I only realized it recently that I have failed to recognize the hard work that my man has been during for me.  The least I could do for him is make him wear work clothes in style by purchasing work clothes from Engelbert Strauss.  Now, every time I see him coming from a tiring day at work, I can't help but admire how cool he looks.  Who could have thought that the simple act of wearing work clothes in style can bring a positive impact on me.. on us and on every one.  Everyday seems brighter now.  Even my man is so proud whenever he comes home because people look at him with out most respect and admiration.  He's outlook for work changed from being an obligation into passion.

Engelbert Strauss has a complete line of work clothes from footwear to work & safety.  You'd be amazed that they offer a lot of color variations too!  I have to admit, I'm hooked.  I can just view the site all day and imagine my man wearing all those stylish work clothes.

NSO Delivery is So Fast and Easy!

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I've heard a lot of raving about the quick delivery service of Teleserv.  But, it was only last week when I got invited for a breakfast at Harvest by  Teleserv that I got to know more about their service.

With NSO Delivery, you can spare yourself from the hassles of travel, traffic and processing time.  All you need to do is to dial (02) 737-1111 or log on to   NSO Delivery  hotlines are available 24/7 and they can deliver Nationwide within 2-3 days.  In case of delay, follow up by dialing  (02) 737-1112. NSO Birth Certificate Delivery offers delivery for NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate and CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage.  Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates and Death Certificates costs 330 php and CENOMARs or Certificate of No Marriage costs 430 php per copy.  Paying is easy as it can be done at any Metrobank branches, Bancnet ATM, or Bayad Center outlets Nationwide.

What are the necessary requirements for an NSO?

  • If the requestor is the owner of the Birth Certificate
    • valid ID with picture
  • If the requestor is not the owner,
    • valid ID with picture of him  
    • valid ID with picture of the owner
    • Authorization Letter
What are the necessary requirements for Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate and CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage?

  • Present a valid ID with picture of the requestor
Hope this helps!  I hope to try this too especially since I can't stand the immense heat this summer. =D

Suzuki Nex 115: Level Up with Suzuki's Nex 115

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Suzuki seeks to bring the scooter field to the next level with the aesthetics and fuel economy that Suzuki Nex 115 has to offer.

Suzuki Next Millionaire Game Winner
During the game, we got to know the specs of Suzuki Nex 115 one by one.
Six Cycle Mind
Suzuki Team and Six Cycle Mind
Suzuki Nex 115
Suzuki Philippines President Satoshi Uchida demonstrates
at how sporty looking and comfortable the Suzuki Nex 115 can be.

Suzuki Nex 115 is packed with the roller-type rocker arm, the first Asean scooter which enables the scooter to have a solid intake and exhaust of gasoline.  It has a BS Type carburetor with Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) that helps reduce fuel consumption as it prevents over supply of gasoline from the carburetor.  The newly designed CVT are both lightweight and compact which also help fuel economy without lowering acceleration and performance.  The compact and lightweight Magneto that has a smaller and lighter internal components also helps in lowering fuel consumption.

 4.5 liter under seat compartment
Suzuki Nex 115 comes with a low 735mm seat height for easier bike handling and control which makes it good for beginners.  It has a spacious 4.5 liter under seat compartment wherein you can store your belongings and more importantly rain coats.  It has an comfortable foot board.  It was a newly designed frame that gives riders a more stable ride.

Test Driving Session
With the Suzuki Nex 115 head turning aesthetics, sleek headlights, easy to read and very visible speedometer, it is sure to bring your experience to the next level.  It is reasonably priced at 60, 900 php and comes in Pearl Flash, Green, Pear Sakura Pink and Brilliant White Color.  

Full Suzuki Nex 115 Specifications

  • Engine Type: 4-stroke, 1 cylinder, air-cooled
  • Valve System: SOCH, 2 Valve
  • Bore x Stroke: 51.0 mm x 55.2mm
  • Displacement (in cm8): 112.7cc
  • Maximum Horse Power: 6.9K w/ 8800 RPM
  • Fuel System: 9.4
  • Ignition System: CDI
  • Starter System: Electric and Kick
  • Transmission: CVT/V-Belt
  • Suspension:
    • Front: Telesopic, Coil Spring, Oil Damped
    • Rear: Swingarn Type, Coil Spring, Oil Damped
  • Brake: 
    • Front: Disc
    • Rear: Drum
  • Tires:
    • Front: 70/90 -14m/c 34 P
    • Rear: 80/90  -14m/c 45 P
  • Wheels: Cast
  • Fuel Tank (L): 3.5
  • Battery: MF
  • Headlight (Wattage): 12V 32W/32W x 1
  • Overall Length (mm): 1,850
  • Overall Width (mm): 665
  • Wheelbase (mm): 1,235
  • Ground Clearance (mm): 135
  • Seat Height (mm): 735
  • Curd Mass (kg): 87
  • Under Seat Compartment: 4.5

Other Suzuki Motorcycles

Suzuki general manager of motorcycle sales and marketing Mr. Eiji Kobayashi is confident that the Nex 115 will further reinforce the "Bakit Di Ka Pa NakaMotor?" campaign.