Take Out at ChickChat Affordable Singaporean Casual Dining Fast Food

Last night, my family spent some time shopping at SM Manila.  They noticed this new restaurant and decided to try it out.  It's named "Chick Chat".  They called me and asked me what I wanted to order and I told them to just surprise me.

Chick chat's take out packaging was pretty nice.  They had this white paper bag.  The food were placed in boxes.  They brought home a Cereal Chicken (worth 99 php) and Singapore Chicken Rice Box (worth 79 php) and their left over of the Crispy Jacket Fries.

The Cereal Chicken with the sauce and rice was placed in a rectangular box.  As I opened the rice, it was fragrant and shiny.   As I took a bite at the Cereal Chicken, it was crunchy and tasty.  It was like a crispy fried chicken but covered with oatmeal.  The chicken meat was tender and juicy.  It goes well with the sauce too.  When I ate it with the rice, it was so delicious I had to taste it again only by itself.  It had a taste of chicken broth.  But there was something else.  Perhaps it was pandan leaves and some type of oil.

The Singapore Chicken Rice was placed in a typical chinese take out box.  I had slices of chicken and some lettuces and tomatoes.   As indicated by the color, it was soy based.  It was delicious.  It even tasted better than the Cereal Chicken.  It also came in the same fragrant rice.

The Crispy Jacket Fries were like normal fries except it had meat floss (ma ho in chinese).  I liked it! Perhaps because I've loved eating meat floss since I was a kid. 

Overall, the meal was great.  It was delicious and very affordable too.  It was even cheaper than most fast foods.  Their concept were good.  Their dishes were unique and the rice that goes with every meal was superb.  We will probably dine here and try out other dishes in the future.  Hope they continue to produce more dishes so we could have more choices.

2nd floor of SM Manila, right across SM Appliance Center