Kido Master Burger from Kido Manga Robinson's Place Ermita

Tonight, I didn't feel like going out to shop with my family and stayed at home instead.  They brought me home my dinner from Kido Manga.  Although we have always passed by the place, it was our first time to try it.

They bought me the Kido Master Burger (worth 99 php).  At first glance, it had lettuces, tomatoes, mustard-yellow sauce and the beef pattie.  As I took my first bite, I discovered that their patties were cooked charbroiled.  It was similar to Wham's burger except that their sauce tasted great.  As I ate more, I realized that my pattie was a bit burned.  It tasted more like coal than beef.  Too bad because their beef was pretty good.  If only it wasn't overcooked, it would have been a great burger with the soft and tasty buns, meaty pattie, awesome sauce and veggies. 

Overall, the meal was okay.  It was very affordable but I was a bit disappointed because it was burnt.  My family said their burgers were a bit burnt too.  But we all agreed the their sauces tasted great.  It deserves another chance so we will probably visit it again and try out their other dishes.

Kido Manga Restaurant
Level 4 Robinson's Place
Pedro Gil cor. Adriatico
Ermita, Manila
(02) 525-4847