Cello's Doughnuts & Dips at Taft Ave Malate

It was a hot summer day.  We were deciding on our merienda.   Since everyone was home, my family asked me to buy our favorite Cello's Cheese Flavored Doughnut.

We arrived at the Cello's at around 4 p.m. in the afternoon.  The place was terribly hot.  The door was opened so we knew that the air conditioning was turned off perhaps because it was semestral break for the nearby schools.  We noticed that two stand fans were turned on one facing the employee taking notes and the other for the customers area.  As we went to the counter, we noticed that even the employees were dripping in sweat in their orange uniform.

We then ordered our favorite Cello's Cheese Flavored Doughnut (15 cocktail doughnuts were worth 185 php).  This is their best flavor.  We found their other flavors too sweet but this one is just right.  Also we were not aware of any other establishment offering cheese flavored doughnuts.  Although I do recall that Go Nuts Donuts used to sell cheese flavored donuts before at Fort, their main branch, people used to line up for those but they don't have them anymore.  What about you? What's your favorite doughnut flavor?

We were asked to wait 20 minutes because they would have to bake them.  Due to the intense heat of the place, we left first.  When we returned our donuts were ready.

When we came home, we ate it immediately.  The donuts were soft and tasty.  It was not too sweet.  The cheese was a great compliment.  We really love it!

Overall, the doughnuts were perfect as usual.  You can expect us to keep coming back for them.  Although, I'd understand that it wasn't their peak season so it was good to conserve energy but seeing sweaty staffs made the place look a bit unhygienic.