To Butter Who Melted Our Hearts... (Pet Obituaries)

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2018...  We lost Mochi... and we also lost Butter.   
Butter left us just a few days before New Year and a few days before her birthday.

Butter has always been sickly.  She was going on and off Sharpei fever.  But, even when she was ill and weak, she wold try her best to be disciplined and sweet.

On most days, Butter would sleep the pain away.  The only hint would be the tears in her eyes.

On her last days, her legs were to wobbly for her to stand and go out.  She couldn't eat.  We had her admitted at St. Loius Veterinary Clinic in Banawe.

The night before she died, I had slightly dozed off on the commute on the way home.  When I saw her!  She was looking at me intently with her meaningful puppy dog  eyes through the glass sliding door of my terrace as if calling me to let her in.

Immediately, I sent a message to the family to ask the vet for update but there was none.  The next day after lunch, we called to update and visit her but the vet said she was dying.  We rushed over there but it was too late.

It was a shocking moment.  I wonder if she felt we abandoned her.  Like Kiwi and Mochi, I made the same mistake of not being there on the last breaths... I pray that she will always know that we love her.

It was a long holiday.  Pet Valley was able to pick her up for cremation but could not schedule her wake.    The only way we could bid goodbye is only through prayers.  I hope it suffice...   Farewell Butter.  May you rest well with Kiwi and Mochi