Crumpylicious Blog is our collection of discoveries, encounters, insights and learnings as we go on an endless exploration and adventure known as "living". 

Crumpylicious Blog is actually named after a Chinese Sharpei dog named Crumpy who is the official mascott of this blog.

The main writer Stacy Liong is actually a shy wallflower and silent observer of life.  Born on the year of Rabbit and Aquarian with an endless enthusiasm and curiosity,  she loves spontaneity and adapts the "go-with-the-flow" concept.  She is a kid at heart who loves dogs, ice cream, board games, bump cars and roller coasters.  

Our Photos
Most of our photos and videos are taken from our viewpoint and NOT from 3rd party.  Shots are taken using 2 types of cameras:
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Last Update: February 25, 2016