RUN for FUN LUNG ~ Awesome Free Run at CCP with Miss Earth Candidates

A friend inform me of a low profile FREE fun run called "Run for Fun Lung".  (I have no idea where she saw it but I glad she did!)  It is an advocacy for "Healthy lungs away from smoke" because today is "The World No Tobacco Day".  Here are the details:

When: May 29, 2011
Time: 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.
Venue: CCP Grounds, Pasay City

We were told that only the first 1,500 early registrants are able to avail of the FREE singlet while the rest can still walk-in and be given a race bib.  We were not able to register early but because we really support the campaign Kurt and I went there to participate.  

We arrived the venue at around 4 a.m.  There were tents for the baggage counter, early registrants, late registrants, walk-ins, organizers and Facebook and email registrants.  There were also portalets which were clean with water and napkins too.  During that time, it was still dark and there were a few registrants.  However, we spent around 30 minutes on the "Facebook and email registrants" because the aged woman in charge was confused already.  The people ahead of us were 18 in total and the next one who got in between us were 8.  She had to attend to their singlets and list down the bibs.

Early Registrants Tents
Inside Early Registrants Tents
Attendant Distributing Shirts
Boxes of Singlets
Baggage Counter

The colors of singlets available were pink, dark blue, blue green, jade green, pink, yellow and white.  I chose pink while Kurt chose his dark blue singlet.  We signed up for 5k but we only found our before the start of the race did we find out that our blue race bibs were for 3k.   While waiting for the race to start, we looked at the boards were the route was posted.
3K Route

5K Route
10K Route
Before the race started, the emcee introduced the organizers and they gave their speeches.  A runner priest also talked about his brother who died from cancer because of smoking.  He said that they currently have an on-going case against Philip Morris.  Then he recited a prayer for the cause.

Prayer During Sun Rise
Now for the side track, nothing much to see here.  Of course I'm kidding!=p The Miss Earth Candidates were introduced to the stage and Miss Fil. USA East Coast gave her short speech.   (see separate photoblog entry for more photos)

Two women from Slimmers World Adriatico branch were called for the warm up exercises.  They showed the steps (see video below) while the Miss Earth Candidates supported as back up dancers.  Some people danced, some wanted to dance but were ashamed and others were happily watching the dance. The same procedure was done for the stretching exercise.  The crowd especially the men applaud and cheered the beautiful and sexy ladies.  (Kurt said he just found it funny that people were ashamed to dance and the trainers reaction to it that's why he had a wide smile all over his face until the end of the program=D)

When the race started, I was glad to have picked 3k because I was not in my best condition.  I could not identify which part near my stomach became painful.  I also found it hard to catch my breathe that I became dizzy.  It was just like when I started my training.  I never understood why though.  Do you?
10K Start Off
       Kurt finished when the timer was at around 14 minutes while I finished at around 30 minutes.  Upon reaching the finish line, the 3K line was long.  The organizers had to collect our stubs with numbers matching our race bibs one at a time.  Perhaps, they will use that to identify our rankings since there were no time chips.

The race was well organized.  There were race marshals in neon yellow green Tech shirts that guided every corners and traffics every intersection.  There were also way points.  There were fast-refilling water stations.  Straw loops were given per round in different colors each.  Although, the route involved cars passing through, it was not much of a hindrance because of the marshals assistance.

Water stations
Intersection with Marshals and Way Points
Straw Loops Being Distributed to 5K runners
After the race, there was a Unilab bus for a FREE body examination.  There were several sponsor booths but only the "Livercaire Plus" booth gave away FREEbies such as ice cold mineral water, ice cold wet face towels with menthol and "Livercare Livercaire Plus" samples.  Two thumbs up for them!=) I'm not sure what the other booths were but there were runners sitting at their area.  The registration booth also gave away the extra pink and yellow singlets which ran out quickly.  The organizers booth gave away FREE foldable fans.
Unilab Bus Early Parking
Unilab Bus After Run

Lungcaire Plus Booth
Lungcaire Plus Booth Distributing Bottled Water and Wet Towel with Menthol
Other Sponsor Booths

Extra Singlets Being Distributed

There was a mascot roaming around having pictures with the kids.  A guy in Zorro costume and holding a flag was also present.  The Miss Earth Candidates had a few pictures with the 3k Finishers and then left.

There were donation boxes at the organizers box so Kurt and I decided to donate.  Because the event was organized and they had a good cause.  We donated 50 php each and were surprised when we were given Slimmer's World 1,500 php gift certificates for it.

Donation Boxes for the Advocacy Campaign
Slimmers GC Token for Donating
We were so tired that we did not wait for the winners to be announced.  It was already 7:30 a.m. which means we were there for almost 4 hours already.  We went home satisfied.  It felt that instead of supporting, we were mutually benefited too.

Due to excessive photos please check our Photos on Run for Fun Lung Photoblog Entry (see separate entry)

Update: Results are out at