Pet Express Doggie Run March 26, 2011 at MOA

Although its rather late, I would like to add this entry because I'd want to keep every memory I can about my maltese puppy "Lychee" especially after hearing a sad story from Kurt.

On March 26, Kurt and I woke up really early to take her to MOA.  As we rode the jeepney from Buendia to MOA, there were also passengers with their pet dogs who are going to participate in the same
water station
Upon our arrival at around 4:30 a.m., we put on Lychee's race bib as we walked towards pet express.  It was still dark and the sun has not risen.  We then entered Pet Express and were told to go to the parking area.  As we turned the corner, there were so many participants gathered already. We were asked to register.  Then Kurt pinned his race bib too.  While waiting for the race to start, we wandered around the area and let Lychee socialize with other dogs. 

booths have yet to be prepared

Lychee got scared of our friend's dog "Annie"

1.5K race start off

everyone running with their dogs
We were having so much fun taking pictures that we didn't even realize the sun rising.  More participants came as the race was about to start.  Soon, the place became crowded as around 500 dogs and their owner filled the area.  At around 5:05 a.m., the 5k set off and then after quite some time, 3k and then finally it was Kurt and Lychee's 1.5K race.
Lining up to claim the loots
Kurt making friends

Hanging out at the stage before the program awarding started
As Kurt and Lychee reached the finish line, we collected the loot bag and began lining up with the numerous stalls that gave away freebies.  One of the best stalls was the one that gave a free squeaky rubber bone when your dog performs a trick.  We had to ask Lychee to do her favorite trick sit-up to earn it.   We also got some pet food and a calendar.

Lychee siting up while lining up for the photobooth
After that, we went to the photo booth just outside pet express to avail the free photo from the photo booth.  The line was quite long that it took some time before we finally got our photo with Lychee taken.  We even missed the first part of the raffle. 
Kurt and Lychee at the stage claiming their prize*
*Photo borrowed from

When we arrived at the stage area, the raffle was almost finished.  They were about to call the grand winner for the PS3 and the Rockband.  The host made it more exciting by giving clues.  First he announced that it was 3 digits.  Then he said it ended with number "7".  There were a lot of disappointed sounds made by the crowd.  He then finally called out "157".  Kurt and I was quite shocked.  He gave me his loot bag as he and Lychee went up the stage.  The host even said he looked like a rocker with his long hair.  Then they called someone to help Kurt carry the Rockband down the stage.
Waiting with out friends us they line up for their photo
As we were carrying the Rockband to find our friend to see if we could hitch a ride, we were approved by an employee saying that the Rockband also came with a PS3.  We were shocked but we did not make it look apparent.  They ask for our contact details so that they can inform us when we could pick it up. 

We then found our friends by the photobooth area.  As they saw us carrying the rockband, they were surprised too.  They didn't think it was us.  So we asked them if we could catch a ride and they agreed.  We then waited for them to take a picture and went home. 

Kurt and Lychee's Race Result
I'm glad that our friend brought it up to us and invited us to join.  It was so worth it.  It was our first fun run too.  We will probably join more events like this.  Lychee was so happy.  I'm also proud of her results.  I've never seen her run that fast before.  She was so adorable. 

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