Masferre and Alfred's Cabin in Sagada (Day 4 Part 3)

  • Lunch at Masferre Inn & Restaurant
                  Earlier at breakfast, we choose our lunch orders and asked Masferre crew to prepare them for us at 12:30 p.m.  Due to our prolonged caving, we arrived at Masferre at 1:40 p.m. They were expecting us and our food were immediately served.  We were all ate a lot because we were hungry and the food tasted great.  In fact, we were starving that I forgot to take some pictures.  I ordered their recommended Lechon Kawali and Vegetable Soup.  It was great.  The texture was different from all others I've tasted.  I It was very crunchy, tender and not oily.  the vegetable soup had brocolli in it.  Their bangus was cooked like tuyo despite looking like daing.  I also liked their chicken curry.  The fried chicken was okay and nothing special.  The cheeseburger with fries is also good.  Unlike other restaurants, they served white rice.  They were also selling imported chocolate bars like sneakers displayed along their counter.  

  • Fresh Blueberry muffins
After our lunch, we refreshed ourselves and check if there were  any other activities we could do.  To our dismay the River Rafting was not available due to the summer heat rivers water level was quite low.  We were advised to go see the hanging coffins instead but my relatives had already seen that during their first visit in Sagada so we decided to shop again.  We bought blueberry muffins (worth 15 php) from "Gabay Fruit Wines".  It was freshly baked and very delicious.  It was filled with their locally picked blueberries.  All the blueberry muffins I've tasted before were topped with canned blueberries so it was artificially too sweet.  This muffin had a natural sweet and mildly tangy taste which made it perfect.  
  • Salt and Pepper Souvenir Shop

We discovered a shop where old shirt designs were sold for only 100 php unlike the original price of 160 - 250 php.  So we bought we few  shirts and ref magnets to bring home as souvenirs.
  • Dinner at Alfred's Cabin
After the cave, my aunts and uncle have been resting that they did not notice the time.  It was already around 7 p.m. when they decided to have our dinner reserved but like the rest of the restaurants they were already closed due to the holy week rush  they were all tired and had to close up earlier than usual.  Luckily,  Alfred's Cabin was still open.  We ordered their house specialty: Buttered Chicken (worth 120 php) , sauted mixed vegetable (worth 90 php), pancit canton (worth 100 php), vegetable fried rice and mountain tea (20 php).  I noticed they don't serve organic red rice but white rice .
Vegetable Fried Rice

House Specialty: Buttered Chicken

The buttered chicken was too strong for my taste but my cousins loved it.  I liked the vegetable because of the sweet and natural taste.  The pancit canton was ordinary.  The mountain tea tasted the same as all others served in Sagada

  • Massage
After dinner, some of us had our massage.  It was a service offered by the rest house at 250 php an hour.  It was a combination of shiatsu and reflexology.  Some of the pressure points were incorrect.  It also felt weird since our massagers were talking with one another in their own dialect.  They also had long nails which felt prickly weird.  Overall, the massage helped suited my muscle pains for the following days to come.