Comparison Between the New Alcatel OT-807D and OT-806D

We have been happy users of Alcatels OT-806D.  It was affordable (only 4,999 php) with both active dual sim capacity, touchscreen and QWERTY keypads and WiFi Capabilities.

Alcatel OT-807D

Alcatel OT-806D

Recently, Alcatel has launched its next model OT-807D (5,099 php).  Of course, it caught my attention and quickly research if it was worth the upgrade.  The price difference should be less than a thousand.  We feel relieved that there is not much difference.  Everything is the same even the design and weight except the:
  1. Color/s (OT-807D: Chrome vs. OT-806D: Black, Indigo Grey and Bronze)
  2. Memory (OT-807D: 70MB vs.  OT-806D: 80MB)
  3. SMS Capacity (OT-807D: up to 1,000 vs. OT-806D: up to 700).  
In conclusion, we think that this model based on the price and functionality will just replace the old model not intended for upgrades.  If you intend to buy a new phone, get the OT-807D but if you already have the OT-806D just stick with it for awhile.