Book Review: The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene

During my trip in Sagada, I saw my cousin reading this book and I found it interesting because of the authors.  I was told that it was about "fearlessness".  I thought perhaps if we read it, we could break more boundaries.  
       The 50th law was written collaboratively 50 Cent and Roberte Greene.  The book discusses about 10 concepts on fearlessness in relation to 50 Cent's life as a drug trader and a rapper:

  1. See Things For What They Are (Intense Realism)
  2. Make Everything Your Own (Self-Reliance)
  3. Turn Shit Into Sugar (Opportunism)
  4. Keep Moving (Calculated Momentum)
  5. Know When To Be Bad (Aggression)
  6. Lead From The Front (Authority)
  7. Know Your Environment From The Inside Out (Connection)
  8. Respect The Process (Mastery)
  9. Push Beyond Your Limits (Self-Belief)
  10. Confront Your Mortality (The Sublime)
I am moved by this book.  Although, I am not in agreement with drugs and violence, I was able to confirm that principles that are inherent in me but I was afraid to apply.  From this, I realized that we could raise from failures and defeats as long as we continue to believe in ourselves.  

This book also made me understand others more.  It made me realize that it is natural for our mindsets to differ.  Everyone can learn and improve their way of thinking as often as they want to.  Even though we may seem powerless or insignificant, 50 Cents' story confirms that we can steer the direction of our lives.