Globe Love Bus FREE Ride to the Metro Manila Malls and Globe Love Boat

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So, it's finally summer and I bet most of us plans to have fun under the sun. Whether you intend to stroll along the mall, head over to the beach or trek the mountains for some cool breeze, you better check out what Globe has to offer to its Prepaid Subscribers this summer!

The Globe Prepaid Love Bus and the Love Boat will bring Globe Prepaid Subscribers to their favorite summer destinations for free!  Because like a trip to your favorite summer hang out, Globe makes your journey to your own promos fun and hassle-free with *143#.  Just press *143# then call and you can navigate through their menu for FREE.  Choose from Globes prepaid promos such as unlimited call, text and surf promo (Unli All Trio), all network promo (All Net Combo) and my favorite is the immortal promo.

Globe Prepair Love Bus

Metro Manila
Go mall hopping with the Globe Prepaid Love Bus.  There will be Globe Boarding areas in four major  Metro Manila malls where you can ride the Globe Prepaid Love Bus from Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM for an entire month.  This is available for Globe Prepaid Subscribers until the age of 24 years old.

I was so lucky to get to test ride the Globe Prepaid Love Bus.  The seats covers are customized and since they are new, its clean right?

The bus ride is not your ordinary bus ride.  There is a fun host, games and loads of prizes.


The Globe Prepaid Love Bus will have two provincial destinations: Batangas and La Union.  They offer two Departure dates: April 4 and April 5 at 10 AM and two Return Dates: April 8 and 9 at 1 PM. The best part is, even post paid subscribers can join this!

How to Register

Simply go to and click the pink love bus icon.  Choose book and fill the necessary details.  I've already booked our trip to La Union.  Based on our experience, you will receive a confirmation SMS within 24 hours.

Globe Prepaid Love Boat

Globe has chartered 40 Globe Prepaid Love Boats from April 13 to 15 to take you from the Caticlan to Boracay for FREE upon showing that you own a Globe Prepaid SIM.  This requires no registration whatesoever.

Well, happy summer everyone! =D

FREE tickets to Lorax as the Climate Change Commission Launches Video Ad

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If you can recall, we did a review on the movie "The Lorax" (see previous entry).  Two weeks ago, the Climate Change Commission gave out FREE premiere tickets to the movie "The Lorax" at SM North Edsa because the movie is relevant TODAY especially in the Philippines.  The Philippine Ecosystems have changed more rapidly due to deforestation, pollution, urban congestion, marine and coastal degradation and loss of biodiversity.

I'm sure we've felt the consequences.  We always been keen to updates on death tolls in the news whenever we hear of landslides and floods.  But, did we ever do our part to prevent them from happening again?  Last year, my classmates and I went to Calatagan, Batangas as part of our social involvement for our Corporate Social Responsibility Class and it saddens me to find out that there is whitening of the coral reefs.  It means that most of the coral reefs are dying and it's too late to save them. =(  I hope we can still do something for the rest.

Secretary Mary Ann Lucille Sering reminds us that "Trees are very important in the country's roadmap in the battle against climate change, they clean the air while at the same time serving as carbon sinks."  I agree with her.  Which is why I wonder why the government has allowed the mining plans that will take place in Palawan.  It is one of the beautiful forests that the Philippines has left and yet it will be destroyed and the contamination will spread throughout the lands of Mindanao and more.

Last November 2011, the NCCAP was approved by President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III.  It has seven thematic priorities which includes the Ecosystem and Environmental stability.  Environmental sustainability means maintaining healthy and stable ecosystems which is a necessity amidst climate change.

Secretary Sering adds "adapting to climate change requires the action of everyone.  We need to have everyone informed of what they can do to save the environment, and in the long run, the future generations.  We have to act now if we want our children to have genuine trees in their time."   If you recall, we have previously shared our tree planting (see previous entry) and coastal cleanup (see previous entry) experience.  It's been very fulfilling for us so I encourage everyone to act now too! =D

In cooperation with the United States Agency for International Development (USAid), the Climate Change Commission aims to share the morale of the story to the young and old as they launch the video ad during "The Lorax" premiere.  We, together with the winners in the Climate Change Commission facebook and twitter account got to preview the new video ad that will be shown in all SM and Ayala cinemas for one whole year.
Watch Ilaw Sa Isla Ad Campaign

According to Secretary Sering, "our video will show that people from all walks of life should be involved in addressing climate change.  Small actions count big, and collectively they can make an impact.  It's not too late.  We still have genuine trees around us.  Climate change is here and we need to adapt.  Let's take care of the environment and we will be more climate-resilient in the future."
Watch RE Troopers Ad Campaign

Movie Review: The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games is reported to be one of the most anticipated movie for the year 2012.  It is based on a novel written by Suzanne Collins.  The story is based on the perspective of Katniss Everdeen starred by Jennifer Lawrence.

Critics have given the movie a high credit rating.  But, I was really disappointed by my high expectations.
I can't dismiss the similarity of the plot with the world famous Japanese Film "Battle Royale" released back in 2000.  But, contrary to Battle Royale, the movie is leaning towards the female audiences.  Yes, you'd hear the girls' oohs and ahhhs across the movie theatre as the two main casts Katniss and Peeta Mallark played by Josh Hutcherson display their affections with each other.  Therefore, the blood, gore and violence that Battle Royale is known for is disposed off as the story is filled with light drama and emotional scenes.  I was actually surprised that despite the plot setting,  there's not much action and suspense in the movie.  The movie also did not focus on the political and satirical views shown in the book.

The casts did well in playing their roles.  But, the portrayal of Peeta Mallark could have been improved.  The production and effects of the movie was awesome.  However, despite the length of the movie, I still feel that the movie lacks depth which is why I'd say it is only good and not as great as everyone has claimed it to be.
Watch The Hunger Games!

Movie Review : Dr. Seuss The Lorax Imax 3D

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Dr. Seuss "The Lorax" movie starred by Danny DeVito, Zac Efron and Taylor Swift is the 2nd movie adaption of the popular book created by Theodor Seuss Geisel

The undeniable kid friendly interpretation of  the creators of Despicable Me will definitely make everyone understand what's happening to our world and how we're just taking things we have right now for granted especially the kids nowadays. The Imax 3D version isn't a must but still is a nice bonus if you love watching 3D then you'll enjoy this since the entire movie is in 3D.

The movie itself was great.  It made a lot of the audiences emotional even me (Good things there's 3D glasses), it delivered some of the message Dr. Seuss wanted to show. The sad part about it was the fact that the story was a little bit off from the actual book.  If they named this movie differently, it would've been better. But,  unfortunately they didn't.

On an unbiased point of view, the movie is worth watching. The character's are witty, the songs were great and there's a moral to the story. Now if you're a Dr. Seuss lover, this movie might be a little bit offensive since they altered a lot of things from the book so this might not be to your liking.  But, I still say give it a try and appreciate it as it is.

P.S. The weird part about the movie was the fact that everyone expected Zac Efron and Taylor Swift to sing together but the odd thing was they were the two who didn't sing at all.

Watch The Lorax Now!

FREE Android Game Big Bug Buster by Spotcat Studio

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Spotcat Studio releases its very first android game called "Big Bug Buster".  Its a cool shoot em up game with great songs and cool graphics.  The best part is that its a FREE game available for download at the Android Market.  

Watch Big Bug Buster Trailer

The game is currently on its beta launch phase.  But, it already has 30 levels campaign mode and 30 with 30 unique bosses to keep you challenged.

Big Bug Buster is an epic adventure tale about the sudden appearance of giant bug invaders from unknown reasons.  The two siblings will depart from each other and will rise as a rising hero/heroine who would face his/her greatest childhood fear of bugs.

I've played it with my Samsung Galaxy Tab and I was impressed by the smoothness of the controls.  It was really responsive you can lead your character towards any part of the screen.  The songs and the HD graphics is really engaging.  I played this for hours before deciding to share this with you.

big bug buster
Home Screen
big bug buster
As hinted by the trailer, the characters are really cute.

big bug buster
You can choose which support unit to equip.  Since, I didn't have Agon Crystals at first, I was restricted to use the basic support unit.

big bug buster
Earning Agon Crystals is easy and FREE too.  I intend to earn more soon.  But, first let me show you the game.

big bug buster
So upon equipping my support unit, I proceeded to the endless mode.

big bug buster
The life points is very visible at the top left.  The point bar is located the the top center.  The game has a pause button on the top right.  There are four types of special powers which you can use anytime by just pressing it.  The shots are endless so you only need to navigate your character for directions to evade the bugs and to reach for the special power items.

big bug buster
The fire power is the pretty useful.  It can beat up big bugs in a snap.

big bug buster
The big bugs gets tougher and tougher as the game goes on.  There have their own shots too. =p

big bug buster
The results shows your current score and your total score.  It's pretty cool.  Try this game and I'm sure you'll love it too!

Lenddo is Helping to Improve Filipino Lives

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I'm sure everyone has had a tough time where they are short of cash for an important ordeal.  Where do you go for some quick cash?  You know that backs are out of the question because they have a long approval scheme.  Will you take a chance and approach the ambiguous loan companies which are handing out flyers near your work place or will you go online and join Lenddo to get your loan within one business day?

What is Lenddo
"Lenddo is the world's first credit scoring service that uses your online social network to assess credit.  It help community members use their online reputation to access financial services, which in turn fosters economic development, and a better standard of living."  It provides loans for pecific purposes such as Education, Medical Emergencies, Home Improvement and Career-Based Relocation.

How Can I Get A Loan at Lenddo?
To get a small business loan at Lenddo, simply signing up with all the required information and link as many social media profiles as possible.  You're loan will be deposited to your bank account within one business day.

How Do I Increase My Lenddo Score?
  • Provide more information about yourself
  • Build a wider community and trusted network on Lenddo
  • Complete an online class on financial responsibility
  • Repay your loans on time
How Much Can I Loan?
You can loan at a minimum amount of 2,000 php and a maximum of 43,000 php.  Lenddo let's you decide on what Lenddo Loan options you want.  

Lenddo is helping to improve Filipino Lives through its service.  I've long been looking for an easy place where I can get a quick loan and pay it back in a scheme which I opted.  I'm so glad I found Lenddo.  I find it convenient that it has a loan calculator that computes your monthly payment.  Thus, you are ready to pay a fixed amount with no hidden charges.  I was quite hesitant at first, until I visit there fan page for money advise and read a lot of recommendations and good feedbacks about them.

Prom dresses for that special night out

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For thousands of years people have made a special effort to dress up for extra special events.

In the USA, the tradition developed of holding a special ball to celebrate young people reaching the end of high school. This was called the Prom Ball and young women attending these would make an effort to dress up in something that was both beautiful and a fashion statement - with perhaps a certain emphasis on formality irrespective of the style chosen.

Today, that tradition has spread and diversified. There is now a vast range of prom dresses that are made to cover just about any social event and they are no longer restricted simply to use at school parties.

They may be suitable for just about any situation where you wish to make a positive statement to show that you are taking the event and more importantly, yourself, seriously. They also incorporate styles that may sometimes otherwise be called cocktail dresses, evening dresses or party frocks etc.

Of course, over time fashions have changed in just about every dimension imaginable. What is comparatively unusual today though is that at special dressy events, styles and fashions of almost any time are acceptable - be they ultra modern or retro.

What that means is that you are free to choose the style that fits your personality and figure rather than feeling you need to conform to a prevailing fashion norm.

If you are looking, you may find beautiful prom dresses for 2012 at Zalando and other online stores.

These great dressy traditions are not just restricted to women. Men are also expected to make an effort and even if black tie would be unduly formal for many events, it is still possible to find a range of extremely smart men's fashions that will superbly complement the dresses and accessories of the women involved.

Going out for a special event is, by definition, not something that most of us do regularly. When we do get the opportunity to do so, it is nice to make that extra special effort and having the right type of prom dress might be part of that.

Contrary to what you may imagine, it does not have to cost a fortune and it just might help you make your evening one that will stay with you forever as a fond memory.

So there is no need for any further delay - start checking out prom dresses for the seasons ahead!

World Glaucoma Week: Don't Let Glaucoma Darken Your Life

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I'll be honest.  I am the type of person who has the enthusiasm to learn what technical terms mean.  I have a medical student for a sister.  But, whenever she explains things to me, I would tell her... "Can you explain those in layman's term?"  

Dr. Veloso patiently explains Glaucoma to us
Dr. Covar explains further
Thus, for many years, I have ignored medical campaigns which are already out there to warn us.  However, the other day, I was moved by the World Glaucoma Week presentation initiated by the Philippine Glaucoma Society along with Allergan. Allergan seeks not only to educate and inform the patients but also to help them to understand their options and decide their own treatment alongside their doctors.  On the other hand, the Philippine Glaucoma Society  aims to increase awareness of the disease in the community, healthcare system, policy-making bodies and among the patients.  It is their goal that "No Filipino Shall Go Blind from Glaucoma".  This is inline with the worldwide goal for glaucoma "Don't Let Glaucoma Darken Your Life."

What is Glaucoma?
Glaucoma is a type of blindness by permanent paralysis.  It is the Philippine's leading causes of bilateral irreversible blindness.  The scary fact about Glaucoma is that it has NO cure and shows no signs in the early stage nor painful symptoms.  It just slowly and gradually impairs your vision. 

Glaucoma Statistics
  • Glaucoma is the 2nd leading cause of irreversible blindness in the world
  • A study in the United States estimates that 70 million people worldwide have glaucoma 
  • In the Philippines, glaucoma is the 3rd leading cause of blindness in both eyes and is the leading cause of irreversible blindness of both eyes.
Why is Glaucoma Serious?
Glaucoma causes irreversible damage to your optic nerves that connect to your brain and causes your vision to shrink.

What can early detection do?
Early detection and treatment is essential in controlling it and preventing it to from damaging the optic nerve further which leads to total blindness.  Once the damage is done, your sight can no longer be restored.  Persons diagnosed with  Glaucoma are required to follow up with their physicians for the rest of our lives.  It involves regular examinations and treatments (i.e. eye drops, laser surgery and conventional surgery).

When am I at risk of Glaucoma?
Glaucoma can afflict any person or age, health, gender or race.  But, according to studies it has often inflicted on those of:
  • Age: over 45
  • Family history of glaucoma
  • Myopia or hyperopia
  • Asian descent 
  • History of eye trauma or surgery
  • High Eye Pressure
  • Chronic Steroid use
  • Diabetes Mellitus

What are the symptons of Glaucoma?
There is generally no symptoms of Glaucoma especially for Open angle & some closed angle types.  However, a few Acute Angle Closure type patients have shown these symptoms:
  •  Blurry vision
  •  Eye pain
  •  Redness
  •  Headache
  •  Nausea and vomiting
  •  Rainbow colored halos around lights
What do you need to do?
  • Regular eye exams (500-1,000 php) with an ophthalmologist/eye doctor who will check your eye pressure and may recommend you to do a Glaucoma Screening (6,000 - 10,000 php) if needed
  • If vision is blurry, or if with eye pain, see an ophthalmologist/eye doctor right awa
So, join and support the World Glaucoma Week Don't Let Glaucoma Darken Your Life.

For Filipinos, the Philippine Glaucoma Society and Allergan has initiated a FREE glaucoma screening this March 12-16, 2012 so contact your local eye doctors now for more information!

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax Showing in IMAX 3D this March 16 at SM Southmall

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When I was a girl, one thing I used to do before I sleep at night is to read some of our children's book.  Although we had all types of books ranging from fairy tales to science books, I always enjoyed reading stories.  One of my favorite collections was those by Dr. Seuss.  

As a child, I always loved Dr. Seuss' books because each of them differ from another.  Some of the books are very simple such as Wacky Wednesday which is just read for fun and counting.  But, there are also books like "The Lorax" which had a deep expression and interpretation.  It is about a forest creature who shares the enduring power of hope.  

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax Showing in IMAX 3D
When I heard Dr. Seuss' The Lorax will be showing in IMAX 3D, I was so excited.  The story will be given much life in IMAX 3D.  The animated adventure follows the journey of a 12-year-old as he searches for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams.  To find it he must discover the story of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect his world.  This film will surely be a hit with its all-star casts: Danny DeVito, Ed Helms, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift and Betty White.

So, see you at the IMAX Southmall =)

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is the third feature created by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment (Despicable Me, Hop). 

IMAX SM Southmall is located at 3rd Level SM Southmall Alabang-Zapote Rd. in Las PiƱas City.  For information on tickets and show times, please call 806.6782 or 806.6888 or visit the website at www.IMAX SM

Philippine Internet Congress and Expo

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I'm looking forward to the upcoming Philippine Internet Congress and Expo this coming March 9 to 11, 2012.  I have observed that the World's Youngest Billionaires either got their wealth from inheritance or from a booming internet business.  In our generation, technology especially the internet is now the key to success.  Studies have shown that companies are now allocating more budget on social media rather than advertising.  Big Brands like Coca-cola, Amazon, Target and more all have high social media presence that attributes to their success.

The Philippine Internet Congress and Expo will not only feature the latests trends, services and products in the market.  But, it will also feature the celebrated personalities and industry leaders who will share their insights, stories for success, security tips, essential information and other business solutions.  Don't let your business fall behind, grab this opportunity to help a progressive path in less than 30 days.

List of Speakers:

  • Jack Madrid - Country Manager for the Philippines of
  • Ralph Wunsch - Founder of
  • Manny Fernando - President of IMMAP and MegaMobile
  • Neph Denosta - Assistant Vice President of Sun Cellular
  • Jim Ayson - Senior Manager for Partner Management of SMART       Communications
  • Janet Toral - Founder of Philippine Internet Commerce Society and digitalFilipino
  • Hans Montenegro - Country Manager for NorthgateArinso,
  • JV Rufino - Director for Mobile of Philippine Daily Inquirer
  • Mon Lizardo - Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Homer Nievera - Director for Sponsorships and Partnerships of
  • Zes Martinez - AVP-New Product Development of MEC Networks
  • Shaun Olarte - President of Web Solutions, Inc.
  • Lloyd Luna - President of Lloyd Luna Communication
  • Chino Rodriguez - Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Jaime Garchitorena - President of EduPro
  • Joel Carbonilla - Assistant Vice President for Marketing of MEC Networks

List of Topics:
  • Business Solution on Mobile
  • The Futureof e-Commerce: Bringing Your Dream Business to Life
  • The Facebook Generation: The Impact of Social Media in Global Transformation
  • Protecting Your Business: What You Should Know About Hacking
  • Online Reputation Management; Internet Recruitment
  • IP Solutions for your Business (Cloud Storage, Data Management & Protection, Video Intelligence, IP Telephony and Firewall)
  • Survival of the Fittest in the Internet Age; Building Community Through Blogging
  • The Mobile Apps Experience: A Philippine Perspective
  • Online News and Information
  • Maximizing Exposure Through Discount Vouchers
  • Services Through e-Government
  • Integrating Digital into Your Business (How to integrate all the topics taken up)
As an online seller, I am very interested about "'The Futureof e-Commerce: Bringing Your Dream Business to Life" and "Integrating Digital into Your Business (How to integrate all the topics taken up)".  Of course, I want to be updated with the latest trends and technology so I can apply it in my business operations.  More importantly as an online seller, bloggers and internet user, I find it a necessity to listen to "Protecting Your Business: What You Should Know About Hacking".  Hacking is no joke.  I have a friend who got his blogs, facebook account, multiply and bank accounts hacked at the same time.  It is probably one of my fears as an internet user.  I also want to know more about "The Mobile Apps Experience: A Philippine Perspective" because my brother is a programmer and founder of a mobile app company called Spotcat Studio.  I want to impart with him the knowledge that I will learn from the event.   How about you?  I'm sure you'll find a lot of topics interesting too.

During you visit don't forget to check out world class technology, internet and mobile applications, latest gadgets, data management tools, software and programs, online recruitment system, business solution, cloud storage, data management, video intelligence, IP Telephony and Firewall, social media management, discount vouchers, internet security, blogging, and other absorbingly interesting and immensely useful ramifications of internet development that can be useful in your endeavors.

Whether your a businessman, entrepreneur, corporate person, IT professional, internet marketing
freelancer, blogger, Facebook user or simply an internet enthusiasts, the Philippine Internet Congress and Expo is for you.

With the theme “Getting Up to Speed on World Class Technology”, this major event is organized by Powermax Consulting Group, in cooperation with PLDT, Philippine Daily Inquirer,,,, 88DB, Advertising Associates, Net25, Job Market,,,, Mediablast, Creativoices,,, Megasardines,, Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology,, Dinsmor Promo,
Gloria Jao & Associates, The Positive Steps, Business Mirror, Radio Partners, Jam 88.3, Wave 89.1, Magic 89.9, 99.5rt, 103.5 MaxFM, Metrobank, Citibank, Greymatter Unlimited, Island Cove, Gameclub, etc.

To reserve a seat in the conference, please call Kaye or Randolf at 470-1055, 470-1057 or 0905-3364486 or you may visit or

Water Helps You Lose Weight

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Water Helps You Lose Weight – Fact or Fiction?

New research is claming that water helps people lose weight. Even though this research may be hard to believe, the evidence is startling and provides plenty of motivation to drink up! Water in and of itself is healthy because after all, a large percentage of an adult human’s body is made of water. How much water, you may be wondering? Well, 50 to 65% of your body is made out of water, to be precise. Water keeps us alive, but it also gives you many healthy benefits.

Water Helps Prevent You from Wanting to Eat More

Curve your appetite with water. The fact of the matter is that the more water you drink, the less your appetite will be. This doesn’t mean starve yourself. But if you’re trying to stay away from snacks or eat less, your body may not be hungry even though you think you’re hungry. Instead, your body may be telling you that you’re thirsty! So instead of eating more food, drink more water because it will act as an appetite suppressant.

Water Tones the Muscles

Muscles are in constant need of water so that they can replenish themselves after a hard workout. If you’re not bringing a water bottle to the gym or drinking a lot of water afterwards, don’t forget to hydrate your body! You won’t see any increase in muscles if you’re not drinking enough water. Up your intake in water, lift weights, and you should see a big difference (quite literally,) sooner rather than later.

If you Feel Tired and Sluggish, Drink Water!

Water not only breaks down fat and builds muscles, but it also gives you energy throughout the day. If you’re not drinking enough water, this may mean that you’re feeling tired and grumpy, am I right? Take the time to take a break during work and play and drink plenty of water.

These Facts Help Me Lose Weight How?

You’re probably wondering what all of these random facts have to do with losing weight, am I correct? Well, in summary, all of these factors play a huge part in your overall health and taking care of your body. If you’re not taking care of your body and providing it with the right nutrients and water, then the bad news is that you’re not going to lose weight.

Water helps the liver metabolize fat, but it needs plenty of water to make this happen. Otherwise the fat is stored and there’s a possibility of gaining weight. So stop forgetting to drink water. Drink your water and reap the benefits. Your body will become stronger, happier, and thinner, depending on your daily nutrition and how well you’re taking care of yourself on a daily basis.

Sierra is a blogger and is currently on a quest to become healthier.  She’s drinking lots of water and takes supplements such as glucosamine chondroitin, which helps prevent joint pain after exercising.

PIFBEX 2012 and HORECA 2012 At the PICC Forum this March 1 - 4, 2012

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The 5th Edition PIFBEX (Philippine International Food and Beverage Expo) will be held in Manila this March 1 - 4, 2012 at the PICC Forum. Most of us have different preferences in attending expos but perhaps this might be an exception, after all it's all about food.

Food lovers, entrepreneurs, students or just your typically average john/jane you're all invited. PIFBEX will be showcasing schools to teach you how to cook, delicacies and snacks you haven't seen or tried yet, business franchise opportunities and also ideas to create your very own business.

They're also introducing HORECA(Hotel and Restaurant, Cafe and Caterers) as well which can help you conceptualize and visualize a few more possible business ideas which is a great bonus.

You can register online and get a free admission at or you can also be a walk-in but there's a fee they also have a dress code so try not wear things that would cause a scene.

The event also has a few live entertainment like live cooking battles, cooking demos and other things. I was able to get a picture of the one who won the best home-made Adobo but was unable to actually see the actual product and as you can see she was quite surprised, really wished I was there a bit earlier to see the actual food.

You'll also get to see a lot of filipino favorites like sisig, tapa, longganisa and more...

and there are also teas and cakes

Hopefully you guys can come and check this event out as well.

Biogesic and John Lloyd Cruz Partnership on its 6th Year

|
When I was invited to attend a "Thank Giving Lunch with John Lloyd Cruz" at Annebel's in Tomas Morato, I couldn't say no because I was very eager to see John Lloyd Cruz in person.  Who wouldn't right?  All his movies ends up being a blockbuster.  It's no surprise that "Unofficially Yours" is also a Box Office Hit.
john lloyd cruz

As a teen, I used to watch "Gimik" and "Tabing Ilog" where John Lloyd Cruz as a young actor first appeared.  Back then, who would've imagined that he would be hailed as Box Office King.  We all know that being a Box Office King doesn't involve only looks and talent.  It also takes a lot of hard work.

john lloyd cruz

It made me wonder how he is able to keep up with all the work requirements he has.  During the Thanks Giving Lunch, I was surprised to find our that John Lloyd is a very humble person with a sense of humor too.  He shared to us that despite his perfect appearance when we watch him in films, he is only a person just like us.  He sometimes feel tired and stressed too.  He also admits that headaches and fevers are unavoidable which is why he partnered with Biogesic which is as effective as he is.

john lloyd cruz

He happily signed his 6th year contract with Biogesic.  When it was announced, I was like...Wow! Six years na pala yun! =p

john lloyd cruz

He gave thankful words to Biogesic for renewing his contract with them.  For six long years even before his rise to Box Office Kinghood, he has relied upon Biogesic which is effective against headaches and fevers and safe to take on an empty stomach.  Together, both John Lloyd Cruz and Biogesic are effective in doing their job.

What I learned from John Lloyd Cruz during the event was that, its's okay to be an ordinary person with weaknesses as long as we strive hard to conquer them.  Some people give up or back out from a little headache but not John Lloyd Cruz.