Limited Release "Manny Pacquiao" Nike Trainer 1.3 Max Lottery

Last April 27, 2011, Kurt and I went to Nike Park at Bonifacio High Street to participate in Nike's limited release of the "Manny Pacquiao" Nike Trainer 1.3 Max.   Nike announced that 50 pairs will be distributed during the event.  Upon first glance at the bold looking pair of shoes, it showed the proud Philippine Flag with its majestic royal blue and scarlet red  color and the letters "MP" in  golden yellow.  The pair of shoes not only looks good but it is also equipped with Nike's flywire and Max Air Technologies and had cooling mesh zones that also suited for warm weather climates.  A pair is retailed at 7,995 php.

When we arrived at the venue at around 5:30 p.m., our attention was drawn by the Manny Pacquiao merchandise displayed at the store windows.  As we entered, we saw the Limited Edition "Manny Pacquiao" Nike Trainer 1.3 Max being highlighted as the main attraction and displayed at the center.  We then noticed a group of people surrounding the person distributing the raffle ticket.  The crowd was a mix of all ages even mothers and groups of elementary students.  We approached the person and asked for a stub for each one of us.  We quickly filled them up and dropped them at the black boxes labelled according to shoe sizes: 6, 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5 and 12.   Upon dropping our stubs, we were told to come back for the lottery at 7 p.m.

     We came back at 6:45 p.m.  During these last minutes, they ran out of raffle stubs and were distributing papers to be filled up instead.  Soon,  around 300 people began to fill the ground floor of Nike Park.  We could tell that some of them were proud of Manny Pacquiao fans because they were already wearing "Manny Pacquiao" stuffs.  At exactly 7 p.m., the boxes were carried to the staircase landing were two personnels announced the beginning of the lottery draw.  They first begun by stating the stocks available according to the appropriate sizes.  We couldn't recall all number of stocks for each size but we are certain sizes 9 and 9.5 had 10 pairs of stocks each, size 11 had 5 pairs and size 12 only had 3 pairs.  They also announced that names of the winners will only be called three times.  Otherwise, they forfeit their chance.

       he lottery began from the smallest size.  The crowd cheered as each winner were called and rejoiced more when they found out the winners were absentees.  Around 20 names were not present when called.
Like the rest of the crowd, we were eager to hear our names to be called.

    To be honest, we thought that the shoes would be given away for FREE since we read about it in (NOTE: we read the update too late...)  To add to the confusion, we asked some people who told us that it was for free.  We also remembered a bunch of grade schoolers filling in the stubs so we assumed it was really for free..  But as names were being called, I went to the counter and saw all the winners paying for the shoes.  I also noticed that some were also unaware that the shoes were for sale so they sold their shoes upon claiming.  The lucky buyers were happy for it.

       When size 11 was to be given away, my name was called.  I was given my stub back so that I can present it to the counter for claiming and payment.  I immediately approached Kurt and asked if he was sure that he wanted to purchase.  Then a man overhearing us said "The shoes are given for free right? You just have to go to the counter to claim it." We went to the counter and found out that is was indeed for sale and not for FREE.  In addition, we were told me that the shoe is a limited release: 50 pairs to be distributed in the Philippines and 100 other pairs to the other parts of the world.  Seizing the opportunity, we decided to buy it.  We then placed ourselves the end of the long line.  The line was quite long since aside from the winners, many were also purchasing "Manny Pacquiao" merchandises.    When we went out after our purchase,  we saw the other winners happily carrying their limited edition "Manny Pacquiao" Nike Trainer 1.3 Max.

       Overall, the event was quite successful.  It was very organized and well thought of.  We were informed that before the lottery system was implemented, people used to camp out just to buy a pair.

      To those who missed the chance with the lottery, you still have chance to purchase your own "Manny Pacquiao"s Nike Trainer 1.3 Max from Nike Stores on May 6, 2011, the day before Manny Pacquiao's fight with Shane Mosley.