Miss Earth Philippines 2017 Candidates Visits Yoshinoya Glorietta

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If you ask me what my favorite fast food chain is, no doubt it is Yoshinoya.  Not only do they serve the best beef bowls since 1899 (at the Nihonbashi Fish Market in Tokyo), they also support good causes such as the Miss Earth Philippines Campaign

yoshinoya miss earth glorietta
Just like the previous years, Yoshinoya welcomes Miss Earth Philippines Candidates to visit its branch.  I had the chance to meet and greet them at the  Yoshinoya Glorietta Branch.

The Miss Earth Philippines 2017 Candidates are young but their ideas on how to save our environment is big and impactful.  When I was at that age, I am ashamed to say that all I cared for was fun and games.  Thus, the Miss Earth Philippines is really an effective environmental awareness initiative because with so many things going on in our lives, we tend to forget what matters the most - to take care of our environment.  I hope you get to visit Yoshinoya during the Miss Earth Philippines 2017 because they speak with their ideals with so much passion that I find it moving.  I really hope that their plans will succeed.  Indeed, they have the youth, wisdom, beauty and dedication to set them in action.  I truly believe that if all of us would just open our eyes, care and be involved, we can do anything.  Yoshinoya and Miss Earth Philippines is a match that sparks our awareness, I hope we also do our part to support.

yoshinoya beef stew
I also discovered that Yoshinoya now has a new menu item called Beef Stew.  It's a good alternative to their Beef Gyudon if you prefer to have chunky and savory beef cubes.

Thanks Yoshinoya for an affordable and satisfying meal.  This full-course Japanese meal fits my everyday budget!