Beating the Heat This Summer with our Home-Made Halo-Halo Recipe

I'm the type of person who usually feels cold in a regular type of day.  But this summer is really hot that I have to turn on the airconditioning or stay next to the air cooler.  

Just to cool of we bought halo-halo ingredients from the nearest supermarket and made our very own halo-halo.   The good thing about halo-halo is you can never go wrong.  Just put some shaved ice, evaporated milk, sugar (if you want to though I don't put any) and your desired toppings.
For our halo-halo, we decided to put:
  • gulaman (jelly)
  • sago (pearls)
  • ube (yam) - puts the purple color and adds unique flavor
  • Nata de Coco (coconut jelly) - I love this the most! I love the chewy sensation it gives
  • pinipig - adds crunchiness
  • leche flan - adds sweetness
  • minatamis na saging (sweetened bananas) - adds sweetness
  • Kaong - I don't really like this...
  • melon
  • black beans
  • white beans
It turned out good.  It was very refreshing and sweet.  Sometimes, its cheaper and fun to make a halo-halo at home. You get to mix and match your own way and put the right quantity you want.  How about you?  Do you make one at home too?