The Chicken Rice Shop at Robinsons Place

We noticed a newly opened restaurant called "The Chicken Rice Shop" at Robinsons Midtown so we decided to try it.  As we entered, the staffs greeted us.  It had a casual dining set up.
chicken rice shopchicken rice shop

chicken rice shopchicken rice shop
As we glanced at their menu, we noticed that they offered a mixture of Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine.  Because of their name, we presumed that chicken and chicken rice is their specialty.  We couldn't decide which type of chicken to order so we resorted to their set menu.  We choose the Family Delight (968 php).
chicken rice shop

The Family Delight includes:
  1. Roasted Quarter Chicken (You get to choose whether Hainanese, Roasted or Braised) 
  2. Half portion of Honey BBQ Chicken
  3. 4 Chicken Rice (but they ran out of these and only I was able to have one)
  4. 4 pcs. Nyonya Pai Tee
  5. Ipoh Bean Sprouts
  6. Towfoo with Oyster Sauce
  7. 4 Soup
  8. 4 Iced Tea
chicken rice shop
Roasted Quarter Chicken
The Roasted Quarter Chicken was tender.  The taste was mild.  The sauce supplements its flavor and add to its juiciness.
chicken rice shop
Honey BBQ Chicken
The Honey BBQ Chicken was the best dish for the night.  It was fragrant and slightly sweet.  It was appetizing to eat together with the Chicken Rice.

chicken rice shop
Nyonya Pai Tee

The Nyonya Pai Tee is julienned carrots and turnips (I think) placed in crispy cups.  It has a chili dip along with it.  
chicken rice shop
Ipoh Bean Sprouts
chicken rice shop
Towfoo with Oyster Sauce

chicken rice shop
While eating, we were tempted by their Ais Belanda (98 php) so we ordered one.   It was delicious! I could never have imagined that guyabano and peanut would taste so well together.  I love it!  For a long time now, I always thought there was no other shaved ice dessert here in Manila at par with the shaved ice at Lugang Cafe. (see separate entry)  Well, this dessert is a good competitor!  The texture and the flavor is perfect.  I could even visit the store just to have one of these.  Try it out and let me know what you think.=)

chicken rice shop
Ais Belanda
Chicken Rice Shop
Padre Faura Wing, Robinson's Place