Movie Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love. (+ some reflections)

Last Night, I got to watch the advance screening of  "Crazy, Stupid, Love." movie in Rockwell Cinema 2 with my little sister.  We had FREE ice cream courtesy of Nestle.  There were also some games and prizes from the sponsors before the show.  But everyone was looking forward to just watching the movie.

Tickets courtesy of PEX

There has been a lot of romantic comedies these days that are full of big shot stars but lack uniqueness in plots.  So we had the impression that this will be another one of those.  BUT we were WRONG!  This movie is probably one of the best romantic comedies I've watched.  Seriously, this is one romantic comedy your boyfriends (except if its Kurt) would even enjoy.
It's not a cliche romantic comedy.  It has a plot of its own and good one too.  Its a good blend of entertainment.  There are tear-jerking moments and a lot of good and hilarious jokes.  The humor is unexpected and surprisingly funny.   There was not a boring scene in the entire film.  There is also a message in the story which I really appreciated.  The message,of course, is well encapsulated in the title itself.
I liked the combination of the casts.  Steve Carell, as expected, is a superb comedian.  I've liked Ryan Gosling since he starred in as Noah in one of my favorite movies, The Notebook.  He's a real woman-charmer that's for sure.  Together, these two brought the show to life.

Overall, I loved the movie! The casts did well in their role.  I like the presentation and how it was made.  It was perfect!  You should watch it.=)  There's a good lesson to it too.

After watching this movie, Kurt will probably tease me for watching movies like this because he thinks romance is just a sham sold to women to hope for something that doesn't exist.  Is it?  For a long time, I've stopped watching and believing in these things.  But by watching this movie, it made me rethink and reconsider.