Happy Lemon At Promenade Greenhills

A lot of friends have been raving about a Hongkong Franchise called "Happy Lemon".  My sister has been teasing me for months to treat her for a drink at Happy Lemon.  So one day while we were at the area, I texted her.

We arrived at Happy Lemon at around 7:00 p.m.  Despite the modernistic and cozy interiors, the place was noisy and crowded.  It didn't look as an enticing place to chill and hang out.  We got ourselves on the line and ordered for take out instead.  My sister and I chose their famous Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese (90 php Large).  Kurt wanted something unique so he got the Lemon Honey with Seaweed Jelly (80 php Large).  I decided I might as well treat the whole family so I got three more drinks: Lemon Yogurt with Aloe (80 php Regular), Roasted Milk Tea with Black Pearl Sago (80 php Regular) and Lemon Peppermint with Nata de Coco (70 php Regular).

The orders appeared on the screen and I was asked to check it.  They took my name and upon issuance of the receipt my name appeared on the screen.  We sat down and waited until my name was called at the counter.  
Lemon Honey with Seaweed Jelly (left) and Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese (right)
We were all thirsty so we drank our orders after exiting the place.  The Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese had a foamy salty cream cheese on top.  I found it too milky for my taste.  I prefer tasting the flavor of the tea more.  It was a new twist worth trying but not something I'd crave over.  Kurt was satisfied with his Lemon Honey with Seaweed Jelly.  He said it was ordinary lemonade but the seaweed jelly was a new experience.  

Lemon Yogurt w/ Aloe (left), Lemon Peppermint / Nata de Coco (mid),Roasted Milk Tea w/ Black Pearl Sago (right)
Upon arriving home, we were able to taste the other varieties we ordered.  Everyone thought the Roasted Milk Tea with Black Pearl Sago was nothing special.  Their Sago was the small kind similar to the small pearls of Bubble Tea.  The Lemon Yogurt with aloe was pretty good.  Its a lemonade with a tinge of yogurty taste and square bits of aloe.  The Lemon Peppermint with Nata De Coco was the best among all we ordered.  It was light and refreshing.  It was also unique.  

Lemon Shaped Table?
Overall, the experience was okay.  The taste was good but nothing I'd crave over.  The twist didn't have that much impact on me.  The price was a bit pricey.  Although the price was below 100 php.  The serving size was small.  At first I wondered why the price difference between the Regular and Large was just 10 php but then I noticed that the plastic cups didn't have that much of a difference.  The interiors were nice.  The chairs and tables were modern and the seats were cozy and comfortable.  But its not an ideal place to work, study or simply read a book because it is too crowded.  

Happy Lemon
G/F The Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan, Metro Manila