Movie Review: Cowboy and Aliens (plus Hidden Spoilers)

By the sound of the title "Cowboys and Aliens", I had the impression that this movie wants to be different from all the other alien films out there.  At first it may sound ridiculous.  But if you think about it aren't aliens fictional in the first place?  I was eager to find out whether they could pull it off or not so I just had to watch it.
cowboys and aliens
The movie can be best enjoyed by keeping your mind open and using your imagination.  If you put a blind eye and on some of the illogical scenes and plot holes, the movie can be fun and entertaining.  But being directed by Jon Favreau, I was disappointed by the plot.

Some illogical scenes in white ink:
  • When aliens die, don't their weapons drop off?  
  • If the alien woman can withstand fire, why not an explosion?
  • Why didn't they just use explosives to fight the aliens?
Since the plot not that spectacular and unique as it seems, it required good actors to play their roles.   Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford fit their roles well.  I'd imagine the movie becoming worse if they didn't play their part.

cowboys and aliens
There was a lot of action in this movie but I'd say it was not enough to make the movie exciting.  A lot of gunshots were made but of course, we want to see something more than that. The effects were good but it was too exttravagant and unnceesary for the movie plot.  I appreciated that there were bits of humor, romance and drama mixed in. The presentation of the alien was not that different from other movies but it was okay.
Spoiler alert in white ink: I'd like to note that the indians were discredited in this movie.=p
Overall,  I'd say its a so-so movie.  It's okay to watch to pass some time or if you're curious on how the movie goes.  It is passable but not impressive.