Dole Philippines' Banana Morning Motto Contest

It's part of my routine to purchase Dole Bananas from the nearest 7-11 convenient store before I go for my morning runs.  It's the perfect energy booster!

A banana has many vitamins and minerals that an average person needs like potassium, dietary fiber, sugar, vitamin C, iron, phosphorus and vitamin b6.  It helps me  have healthy bowels, cardiovascular health and improved blood pressure.  It also protects from stokes, ulcers and helps reduce water retention.  Aside from that, a banana has a natural chemical called tryptophan that contains proteins that helps relax the mind ad make you feel happier.  This works for me.  A good morning is the start of a great day.  Try it out for yourself too! =)

Speaking of Dole Bananas, there's an on-going Dole Philippines' Banana Morning Motto Contest.   Promo runs from Aug 5 – Sept 4, 2011.  Here's my entry.=)
Please vote for me here =)

Here are the mechanics:
Step 1: Like the Dole Fresh Philippines fan page
Step 2: Click on the Banana Morning Motto Application on the left tab
of the page
Step 3: Simply upload a photo of your morning motto written on a DOLE® Cavendish Banana (make sure you’ve got the Dole sticker in place).
Step 4: Share your photos with your friends to get votes and increase your chances of winning.  

For more information check out Dole FAQ page

So join now and get a chance to win their weekly prizes such as 10 sessions of Zumba classes or Executive Massage from The Spa!