Movie Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

When we were little, we used to watch Captain America in cartoons.  As I grew older, Captain America became less appealing to me as more interesting cartoon superheroes were being promoted.  

Until this movie, I've never heard of Captain America for a long time so I was really curious how this movie   "Captain America: The First Avenger" would turn out. 

It turned out that there is a deeper story to Captain America than I remembered.  Through this movie, I was able to appreciate his characteristics.  I loved how it was presented in the movie.  The pacing and development was perfect.  The effects were pretty good.  The film had a good share of action.  It also had some humor mixed it.  

Chris Evans looked really cool and charismatic in the movie.  He was a perfect portrayal of Captain America.  He looked really well in the Captain America costume.  I originally though it would be the plain and boring but it was presented in the movie as a cool upgrade from the classic form.  

As expected from a Marvel Movie, Stan Lee once again playing a cameo role and a post-credit scene.  This time Stan Lee has a one-liner dialogue.  Did you notice him at the scene?  The post-credit teaser was amazing!  I can't wait for the next marvel film!  How about you?