Hot Young Designers Gearing -Up for their First Collection

I've never been fashionable but I've always admired the fashion and creativity of others.  I am often attracted by the  fresh outputs of young and talented fashion designers like the Hot Young Designers contestants.

The contest just barely started.  They are so fortunate to have had their first photoshoot handled by HD Make Up Studio and Academy Team, experts in hi-definition (HD) make up and airbrush in the Philippines.  The team was headed by the co-founders Jeave Gabiana and Christephanie Chua-Sing.  Let me tell you some cool facts about the team that I discovered.

I used to think most CPA's like me geeky so I was quite surprised by the background of Jeave Gabiana.  Apparently, he was a CPA who spent more than 20 years in the corporate world in the Philippine and Abroad before he founded Basement Academy and became one of the very few in the Philippines who obtained a Diploma Course from Vidal Sassoon Academy in L.A.  He has also completed the Diploma in Beauty and High Fashion Makeup at the Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood and Professional Airbrush Course from LCE School of Art and Design in Singapore.

Equally, impressive was Christephanie Chua-Sing who completed her makeup studies at Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood and Professional Airbrush Course from LCE School of Art and Design in Singapore.   Not only that, she is also dual bachelor's degrees in Accountancy and Computer Management.

The third person in the team was Mic Alava, a student of both Jeave and Christephanie.

The designers and the HYD team were given tipsby these professionals on skin care and on the right make up to use appropriate to their styles.

The photographer of the shoot was fashion photographer Christine Day Lorico. Her fabulous photos tell you various stories. She has done work for newspapers and magazines in the metro.

The photos from the shoot give you an idea of what to expect from each designer. Expect light
and “flowy” designs from Jackie Abueg, a glam rock collection from Marc Blanco, a colorful and feminine collection from Bailey Dava, hip and funky designs from Klart Lim and a comfortable yet opulent collection from Renan Pacson.

After a successful photo shoot, the Hot Young Designers Fashion Face Off 2011 Designer Contestants started producing their first collection. The first of the three collections will be launched this October1,2011 at a specially designed eCommerce site for this online competition (

Co-presenter for the Fashion Face Off 2011 is Yabang Pinoy and Major Sponsors are
Giordano, HD Make Up Studio and Academy, Le Bistro Vert, Ever Bilena, Suesh, Lory’s Hair Cream, Baubles, Bangles and Beads, Sheryl Vicente, Strip, Browhaus, Sari-Sari Sounds, DragonPay and Xend. Minor Sponsors are Evita Peroni and Glagla.

I'll propbably keep a close watch over this contest so just check us out for more updates.